MCA Music Brings Gin Blossoms Live in Eastwood City!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Epic! That's one word to describe this day!

I have been a 90's kid and this particular band is so representative of that. Gin Blossoms was my muse when times were rough and my emo days ended. I couldn't believe they were just outside my office and I got to take videos of them performing. Ahh you can't imagine how much fun I had when I got so close to the stage and see them in real life. 

They've got a new "Best of Gin Blossoms" album out in the Philippines and you guys should definitely grab one now. You'll hear the songs in the video above plus a lot of other hits from their other albums. Don't get left behind! Available now on all your favorite record bars nationwide!

Thank you so much to MCA Music for letting us hitch a ride on this great concert a few nights ago. You guys are awesome!


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