Louise de los Reyes' 21st Birthday!

Friday, October 04, 2013

It was a night to remember (just go ahead and ask Steven, Rocco and Enzo hehe)! This was Louise de los Reyes' 21st birthday held at the posh Prive Luxury Club in Fort Bonifacio. I can barely remember her ABSCBN stint but when she did shows for GMA she truly has become a remarkable actress, good product endorser and a lovely daughter to her parents. She had nothing but nice words to say as GMA Artist Center made arrangements for this lovely party. She even had her own fashion show to start this celebration! So let's cut this story short and take a look at the show =)

I love this model most. I think I've shot her in the Crissa Jeans show years ago. Her name is Nikita McElroy (@kirara_manawari on Twitter) but she doesn't like replying on Twitter I guess. She's got a gorgeous face, and carries herself well on the runway. 

I like her, she's got a few angles that looked like Beyonce Knowles. 

Anyway, they saved the best for last... being a fashion fanatic herself, this is one of her dreams... She wanted to celebrate with something this grand! So without further ado... Ladies and gentlemen, the birthday celebrant herself Ms. Louise de los Reyes!

She's gorgeous! Perfect for the finale of the show!

Then after that, she went ahead and thanked everyone who went to her birthday celebration. She also thanked the sponsors and the designer who made those clothes you've all seen earlier.

As you can see, she was a little teary eyed when she was doing that. I guess she was a little overwhelmed about the preparations that Artist Center made for her birthday. She also thanked her friends and family who were all there to celebrate with her.

Rico Robles also hosted the show, told a couple of anecdotes on when they worked on then Party Pilipinas.

Surprise surprise look who came along.

That's of course, Enzo Pineda... who I think is still.... ahm let's look at the next photo... =)) Joke! Of course he said a few words to the celebrant. He also thanked her family for always being supportive of them, Enzo will always have a place in Louise's heart, but really this was a surprise when he was called on stage. I don't have to elaborate do I? =)

These are the gorgeous designers with the equally gorgeous birthday celebrant Ms. Louise de los Reyes!

Then we spotted some celebrities, mostly from the Artist Center stable.

That's Steven Silva. Looking a little too red only after a few drinks =) oh this guy is really a nice chap!

This is Louise, I forgot the name of this other guy (my apologies) and of course Rocco!

Rocco is really having a grand time that evening. He's also busy filming San Pedro Calungsod and his current soap "Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas" which he's doing with Ms. Lovi Poe... but he took time out to be with his friends and Louise. Now that's a good guy no?

I'd like to thank Louise de los Reyes and GMA Artist Center for inviting us to cover this young lady's 21st birthday. I wish you all the best hun! Congratulations also on your Kakaotalk project with Alden! You are blessed because you've been good inside out! More success and a ton of love from KUMAGCOW.COM! 

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