The Charm of a Red Wine CANON Pixma MG3570

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hey guys! It's a great day today so I'm making it even greater by letting you in on the latest CANON printers that are available in the Philippines. This is the CANON Pixma MG3570.

It's one of the best multifunction printers they have in the 3500 line. The generic driver for the series works for this model and you can either download it off their website or just use the one that came with the CD. The file is also small so you won't have any problems using the one from the site.

At first glance, I couldn't believe CANON would gamble and use a different color this time. Though common for their brand, people would usually shy away from the color RED WINE as it would pose more on the feminine side. Though it is the "uniqueness" of its color which probably would sell it off. I was so happy that they deviated away from the normal black or white palette (which by the way they have too in this model) and pretty soon, designers would have fun mixing and matching this device with existing office furniture making it one of the best looking printers in the market.

There's a warning label on the box that specifically indicates that this printer should always be used by genuine CANON Inks since it will void the warranty of your device if it gets damaged by third party ones. 

The box also contains the instructions on how to install. It's available in different languages. Plus, there's also papers to register your device so you can avail of Canon's expert professional services. It's bundled with every Pixma printer purchase. That's a neat deal since it would usually cost you a lot to get this from other tech providers. It's also got the usual data and power cable which is separated on a small box inside the pack.

This unit requires #740 Black and #741 Canon Cartridges. This one comes with the printer when you purchase it but I've seen in their catalog that there are ones in XL sizes. That's an awesome deal for those who are planning to print out huge photos.

I can't stop drooling because I LOVE THIS PRINTER! It doesn't have FAX capabilities which is kind of passe to put on things like these days. Documents should be sent through email right? Signed, scanned and emailed back. That's how we should do it. It probably had an effect also on the price because it retails at PhP 4,695.00 only. You can probably have better deals in CANON stores, all you got to do is ask and I'm sure their people can cut out a few percent off the shelf price.

Now there are pro's and cons on the buttons displayed on the Canon Pixma MG3570, without the display you wouldn't be able to manually connect to the wireless LAN without using a PC on a secured network. When I installed this printer on my laptop, it only took a few minutes. Then it prompted me to connect to the network via its own network software. It kinda copied the settings of my Wireless Zero Configuration and just asked to click the network name. The settings and all were embedded already, so that made things easy. Aside from that, it's got the A4 and 4x6 photo paper buttons so if you plan to print via Apple Airprint technology, just a few seconds and poof! You got your photos printed. I even got to do my A4 sized shots done afterwards. No hassle whatsoever!

The paper tray can extend up to the length shown above. You can pull out the part where it's got that slot on top. The catch tray also use this arm and flap for your long ones making your life easy.

Aside from the fact that it's the prettiest piece of printing technology that I have ever seen, it also boasts a huge flatbed scanner which can fit most of your office documents that don't usually work with other brands in the market. The price range is competitive and you can only expect the best from CANON.
Here's a video review I made for the CANON PIXMA MG3570. Watch this as I print some of the photos that my friend sent me. This was part of his wedding album and he chose a few that he wanted to blow up in A4 sized papers.

If that wasn't enough to convince you to get this CANON MG3570, I don't know what will!

Just look at what I got printed out! =) Isn't this neat? Absolutely great prints from a charming printer!

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