The Smart Bro Live and Loud Concert!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy that I got the chance to meet people behind Smart a couple of weeks ago. It's time that I tell you this awesome experience when I covered the Smart Bro Live and Loud Concert. Honestly, I was already startled just by looking at the lineup of bands that was set to perform that evening. This was above and beyond the coolest way to spend an awesome night with friends and music lovers. Big thanks to Smart Bro who made this all possible! Then they started!

Opening the show was Save Me Hollywood. They're composed of some guys from Chicosci and Typecast fronted by Juliann Savard who's a former MYX VJ. They did their singles that are more on the Filipino rock, pop, punk and alternative genre. Pretty good.

While the concert was happening, Smart Bro and Smart Corporation had come out with very special offers and rates to patrons who were there that evening.

They even got booths that showcase the latest Internet connection kits, phone units and fun ones like this Instagram inspired one that prints out everything you hashtag with SmartLiveandLoud that evening.

They even got better speeds on these gizmos. I also had to connect to one of these because my data plan with the OTHER network was like hell. Now it was easy for me to tweet and inform my friends elsewhere where the party was!

Oh and if they couldn't go there, this whole concert was streamed LIVE ON YOUTUBE! This is the country's first LIVE INTERACTIVE CONCERT and judging by the throng of people viewing the concert alone, it was awesome!

Then SLAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM it was time for a band oozing with machismo. It's FRANCO!

I didn't know I'd like this band THIS much. Their tunes Touch the Sky and Better Days was awesome!

Internet Action Star Ramon Bautista provided comic relief and romance as he made his moves with Carla D of Magic 89.9! He was hilarious I tell you!

See what I mean??? Hahaha!

Then the crowd went wild when this guy was introduced. Rico Blanco!

There was no doubt that he was a total concert performer! He even wore his fancy get up - alter ego when he performed his hits that evening like Yugto and some Rivermaya songs. Sweet!

His sound is getting more and more into the classic rock ones. He's got something going on for sure.

Then, pretty Barbie Almalbis went on stage and did some of her acoustic hits. I love the "TABING ILOG" theme. :)

Then my idol came along. Thank the gods of Olympus it's Ely Buendia!

Everybody was eagerly awaiting this part, Ely Buendia gave above and beyond what I expected! He's so good I would have stayed forever there no joke! Grabe! LOL

Things like these do not happen without a reason. It's because Smart Bro knows how to throw a party, a concert and stream it worldwide! I loved every bit of this LIVE AND LOUD concert. It's pretty clear why they are the better network. Make sure you are there the next time they throw something BIGGER BETTER and STRONGER soon!

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