Jason and Melai Spotted 10/29/2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hmmm.. You guys probably know that I've been trying to find latest photos of Jason and Isay for the longest time. Last one wasn't mine and twas a couple BTS shots of their prenup. I haven't seen them for a long time and I was so sad. Honestly it's okay with me because i'm sure they've seen a LOT of people... They've got millions of fans but I was so happy to have met them again a while ago. 

Jason didn't recognize me but for me that's okay. Isay had to remind him who i was and i figured i had to re-introduce myself. Maybe i figured they have met so many media people in their lifetime and I'm just a cute blogger hahahaha

I was so happy to see them in the ABSCBN lobby when I got down of the elevator. I immediately snapped a few shots and felt that was rude of me... Naexcite yata ako hahaha... But really when I saw them I immediately turned into a fan. I wondered why are they here? Do they have a new show? Are they doing something new? I got no answers lol pero okay lang :) just seeing them was enough for me. :)

Isay was so nice. She said she remembered me hayyy... Look at her holding her tummy. I am so happy for these two. Hopefully we can talk a bit more soon about their baby and plans after the wedding. I hope i can get to cover that too. Hay :( so I'm just sharing these latest photos with you guys so you know how they look like now. Yun lang po hehe. Do you remember the first time you've seen them? When was it? What did you do!? :)


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