Still Making Milestones: The FIGARO Coffee Group

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The pandemic must have been hard for businesses and it did stay true with the Figaro Cofee Group. A few months ago, we were in the midst of their executives to see where their group is heading especially this 2024. The event was graced by Mr. Justin Liu the group's Chairman, Ms. Divine Cabuloy their CEO/President, Mr. Mike Barret their COO/EVP and Mr. Petronio Español III the Figaro Group's CFO.

Still Bullishly Expanding

During the pandemic, they have had really hard times as restaurants were either forced to close or not allowed to have dine in customers sans protocols implemented by the government. Though they have coffee shops, Chinese and other brands, their Angel's Pizza was a hit. It was so much of a hit that they had to absorb employees from different corporations who went in the verge of closing down and get them to work in their new branches. The pizza delivery industry sector went huge, and their flavor and food innovations proved positively good during those years. Today, the FIGARO Coffee Group owns 60 Figaro Coffee stores, 116 Angel's Pizza outlets, over 10 Tien Ma restaurants, and 6 Cafe Portofino branches nationwide. That's over 192 all in all, and they are strategically expanding outside the metro in places like Laguna, Pampanga, Rizal, Cebu, Pangasinan, Leyte, Bohol and Davao. They are thinking of more regions next year, and this expansion comes with careful planning and coordination so no quality would be sacrificed in any of their stores.

Financially Strong, Making Milestones

Their Chairman Justin Liu personally explained their recent milestones in terms of finances in the Figaro Group. Their 75% increase in revenues alone had our jaw dropped and they attribute it to the aggressive expansion projects they made outside Metro Manila. Aside from that, a 6% increase in existing stores has helped achieve great sales figures as compared to 2022, that's over Php 2.44 Billion albeit a decline in gross margins back in June which they attribute to inflation and expensive raw materials. Net income came at a whopping Php 462.6 Million because of their wise mitigation in costs and increase in volume (since they did expand stores), undoubtedly a really good reason to celebrate.

They also added the new Creamy Spinach Sushi Bake to the menu a few months ago. With it, is the highly successful Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza. They also launched the "Sama Sama Sa Angel's Pizza" jingle which I'm sure will add to the really good marketing ploys they launched. They also had a few more viands in their other brands plus Oat based drinks which will make the nutty success in their coffee brands.

This is just the start, and I felt there will be more stores for Angel's Pizza in the Visayas and Mindanao region in the coming months. Figaro really weathered through a storm, survived it, and is flourishing! 

Congratulations FIGARO Group!


Xiaomi Holds Xiaomi Pop Run 2023 at Bridgetowne in QC

Sunday, October 29, 2023

It was certainly a great morning to have a few of my blog friends and different health enthusiasts join the XIAOMI POP RUN 2023 which was held last October 28th at the Bridgetown grounds in Quezon City. I'm quite familiar to the place because when I had a blue collar job my previous corp opened an office nearby. There were a lot of people from nearby corps who joined in plus some of Xiomi's very own employees, friends and family who participated in this event.

Around 5am, warm ups were done first by instructors to make sure we had blood rushing through our veins before the actual 3K and 10K runs. This is the first Xiaomi Pop Run event being held in the country and it has been a tradition in other parts of the world, it was a glad addition to the already big runs happening elsewhere (they were being done simultaneously in several cities around the world and Manila just got it). This all started in China via the Orange Run in 2018 which was well attended by Xiaomi fans.

When the race started, the 10K Run was done first. I thought it was going to be relatively easy, but no, the run had some several pros in them. There were also a lot of participants that had their Xiaomi Bands with them, which was also a good thing as they were launching the latest one the Xiaomi Band 8.

I wore one too, the White version while there were other runners that had the Black. The night before, I wore it to monitor my sleep (and saw I only had an hour in it lol #badboy). The Xiaomi Band 8 had other features to monitor the distance they ran, the time, heart rate, even blood oxygen levels (which I did during the pandemic often). There's also a way to monitor the route because it had GPS capabilities, so when the race started, they switched it to that as well. What I liked most about the Xiaomi Band 8 is the really clear 1.62 inch AMOLED display and the long lasting batteries it had (which promised 16 days, and I have yet to charge it since I've worn it that day). I also had the opportunity to take photos with several Sparkle teens and Sparkle artists as well who joined the 3K Xiaomi Pop Run, particularly Will Ashley,  Keisha Serna, James Graham, Abdul Raman, Ella Cristofani, Jade Tecson, Aidan Veneracion, Tanya Ramos, Lianne Valentin, and Raheel Bhyria. They were a fun bunch!


Winners were given a brand new Xiaomi 13T smartphone a Xiaomi Smart Band 8 depending on the distance and time. The other sponsors like Redbull, Viu, Salonpas and Fitbar made sure lucky participants were given prizes through the on the spot raffles before the event ended. They also thanked their partners at Bridgetowne Destination Estate and Robinsons for doing the same. They also promised more things to come in the next Xiaomi Pop Run, yes there will be one next year! If you want to know more, make sure to follow Xiaomi Philippines social channels and their official website. See you then!


MYMP Releases "Di Mo Lang Alam" Under PolyEast Records

I've been an MYMP fan for a couple of years now. I'm not afraid to admit, I'm obsessed with the acoustic and heartbreaking songs they dished out in past albums, and hearing they're releasing a new single made my MYMP heat quite happy. For starters, they've got sisters Juliet Bahala and Ethyl Bahala singing for the band. This means it's a whole new plethora of music that they're going to do as it won't sound the same if they only had one vocalist. They're already awesome individually and since they're singing together, it's something different which Chin Alcantara welcomes. He says much of their music revolves around the singer, and the recent single they released called "Di Mo Lang Alam" had a more pop hopeful love song vibe. We met them at the SUPERSAM branch here in Scout Tobias in Quezon City.

Juliet is a very spirited songwriter, and she's got more songs in the pipeline which they plan to release in the near future, to hopefully complete an album. They have been working hard after renewing ties with PolyEast Records. The new music will certainly earn them another generation of fans, while hopefully not alienating those who love the previous songs they released. This is what Chin believes is his responsibility as a Producer, and I think he's done a remarkable work with this.

Here's our interview with the band last night, please enjoy!

"Di Mo Lang Alam" was something that has spurred from imagination, funny that it came from a day she forced herself to write. Juliet asserts that much of the upcoming songs they plan to release would be something relatable, with efforts to concentrate on what people go through at a certain stage in their lives. It's also about vulnerability, to allow yourself to muster up the courage to tell the one you love how you feel and the sacrifices you did for them. The band also has plans to make songs in English to cater to those who are outside the country and prefer it in that language. They also don't have concert goals yet, but much of the success they've achieved in the past few years have always been that way, and hopefully, the same happens in the next couple of months.  

They do have plans to make a music video for the new single, but for the meantime, you can go to the MYMP Facebook page to know more about where they are regularly performing. The single is now out on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music and other streaming platforms where available. You can also head on to the official PolyEast Records social channels to see where MYMP's music is going, because as far as what I've seen last night during their gig, it's going to be awesome!

@kumagcow MYMP Vocalists Juliet and Ethyl Bahala Performs Always Forever at Supersam Scout Tobias #TikTokHalloween #halloween2023 #music #mymp #tiktoktainment ♬ original sound - John Bueno

 Here's a little more chat about the time we talked about the health issues that Juliet went through and have been able to overcome,


I'd like to take this bit to thank the men and women from PolyEast Records and the MYMP management who hooked us up so we could talk to them. Again, thank you!

(Their performance are now all posted on my TikTok account, follow @kumagcow there too please!)


Book A Hotel, Create Content and Earn with TRAVEREEL

Friday, October 27, 2023

Spent a few hours with the people from the travel industry and a couple media outlets as they launched TRAVEREEL in the Philippines. It's a social media and booking app all in one. It can even get you to earn by sharing your experience, earning through the bookings that others make too.

Travereel's Founder Ricky Sy says "I'm a tech-preneur. We could be seeing a revolution happen in the next few years. When we make travel plans, I make my kids pitch ideas and see for ourselves where that is, ask the other users which seem a little stalkerish. It's a new way of booking, you get to also share your experience when you travel and get perks in the process. We hope you get to try it too."

Vicky Rada Travereel COO adds "This is in the best position to capture a new generation of travelers. Globally, travel has already surpassed the percentages in the last three years (prior to pandemic). The millennials and zoomers are still the leading travelers, and they also spent even more time doing it. They also are digital savvy, and very active posting in social media. They also value convenience and even go through travel agencies. More people in between means more expenses, we're trying to solve that here."

15 year old Maddigan Sy says "Gen Z prefers video, instant gratification, and decisions are partly from social media. Online travel apps make it convenient for the travel hungry Gen Z's and it continues to grow year on year."

Debby Nevata the travereel CEO says "For us to validate this idea, we need to target the travelers, hotels and the content creators. Doing consumer research, we have noted there is a need to have targeted and relevant content, privacy, security, clickable links and a sign up procedure that is seamless and free. Travereel is a new booking experience that revolutionizes the way you book, meet, create content and earn as a user. You also discover and meet like minded people in the app, with the aim of helping travelers from all over the world to decide where to go next! This is an online travel agency, where you can book, with flexible payment terms, and a chance to earn from the content you share. The app currently have 3 Million partner hotels."

Lizard Global CEO Terrence Ridder talks more about it and says "We need to go somewhere, and there are so many apps out there. This makes you welcome, help you feel the true hotel experience especially if you are into scenic trips. If you are demanding, you want to see it right away. Registration should be fast, no fuss, know what the app does and its purpose. You can also use a voucher as a welcome gift, and follow people who are also into destinations you love (including those in your bucket list). This social aspect makes it tangible, you can book through it too, and share the experience with friends as well. Those things you record with the beautiful views, amenities, would come into good use. It's all user generated, validated and keep track what users are doing to keep the app updated."

Deepak Kumar of Paymongo shared information about their payment system and adds "Transactions online should be safe and secure, it allows businesses to accept from various payment methods online. We heavily invest in the technology and now include e wallets, online banks, also work with disbursements and capitals. It is convenient and smooth, easy to transfer and sync plus use conveniently on websites through secured channels. We are your partner against hackers and fraudsters. We have machine learning engine and do fight fraudsters in real time. We also have one dashboard, so the platform is easy to manage payments, disbursement and your transactions in one place."

They also allow Travel Now Pay Later options through BillEase. According to Kurt Molina, their consumer app helps  you pay it through credit limes especially if you don't have a credit card yet. There are over 4 Million users on their platform and you can use the Buy Now Pay Later options to avail services like travel so you don't go through financial strain right away. It's one of the mode of payments available at the travereel app." 

travereel is indeed a new booking experience which you can do today. Go download it on Google Play or iOS and see what wonders your wanderlust can do! 


Scenes from GMA's SPARKLE SPELL 2023

If you've been seeing them all over social media, here's a glimpse on what happened last October 22 at the SPARKLE SPELL, the heavily anticipated and star studded Halloween party of Sparkle GMA Artist Center. Donned in their Halloween costumes, they went to a grand venue called XYLO at the Palace in BGC.

Mind you, each individual GMA star actually thought about what they wanted to wear, getting to fulfill their Halloween fantasies for one night, much to the amusement of their peers, GMA executives and the media. They all got to the Black Carpet where hosts Martin Javier, Shuvee Etrata, Migs Almendras and gorgeous Janeena Chan were tasked to ask about what they wore in detail that evening. This was all broadcasted in Sparkle's social channels such as TikTok, Facebook and on YouTube. It was the talk of the town, and got Sparkle Spell 2023 in the day's trending topics as fan groups also cheered on their favorite stars that night.

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without seeing Sparkle's brightest like 5 Breakups and a Romance star Alden Richards. For those, who are BarDa fans, they came in their best Anime and GOT characters, pretty good to see them in one place (be sure to also watch their show!). Aside from them, your favorites Julie Anne San Jose (who just came back from Israel OMG), Kyline Alcantara, Voltes V's Jamie  Ysabel Ortega and good looking Miguel Tanfelix (Mad Hatter) plus the sexy and sultry Sanya Lopez who just went in the venue and had fun with their co-stars.

Much of them who really made an effort didn't go empty handed as various awards were given to them. I AM Worldwide gave Miguel Tanfelix and Jillian Ward (aside from the Urban Smile Most Spooktacular Smile Award) the I AMazing Looks of the Night. Sanya got Juju Glow's Enchantingly Fresh Star of the Night, while Kyline Alcantara got the O Wow! Outfit from food brand Oishi (and yes she looked awesome!). Teen loveteam Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay had a Barbie and Ken themed costume, which got them TikTok's Crowd Favorites. Miguel and Ysabel took the Fabulously Scary Costumes of the Night award with their Alice in Wonderland themed costumes, it was a fitting Voltes V Legacy reunion out there too. Real life lovers Rayver Cruz and Julie Anne San Jose did a Scooby Doo number, it was fun to se Fred and Daphne personified (if you grew up watching the series, they did good!).

Using his muscles to good use, Derric Monasterio got into character and did Achilles, complete with a shield, sword, leather and a live horse OMG, which also won him Black Carpet Stunner Award that night. That was super deserved!

Giving multiple Stars of the Night awards to Barbie Forteza, Liezel Lopez, Martin Del Rosario, Joaquin Domagoso, and the incomparable Sassa Gurl was just a lovely gesture, they did the work with the outfits they made and yes, with a socially relevant statement on some of them, it was all so impressive! Voltes V Legacy stars Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano and Raphael Landicho planned well wearing the Alice in Wonderland themed outfits, making them a fitting winner for the Sparkle Stars of the Night Award. They did their research well, and seriously did crazy good!

This event wouldn't be possible without the help of the countless presenters and sponsors like Oishi, Juju glow, Caltrate, Urban Smiles, IAM Worldwide, Avignon Clinic, JLA Seafoods, Sweet Comfort Events Management (who coordinated the actual event), TikTok Philippines, the fabulous Gideon Hermosa and his team from the House of Hermosa, Niceprint Photos (where these shots came from). They also send their thanks to Air Asia, Cebuana Lhullier, Clinique, Premier Drip, Kemans, Merlion Entertainment and Philip Stein, everyone who made Sparkle Spell 2023 a resounding success!

Thanks for letting us see SPARKLE SPELL this 2023! :) This was really so much fun! So, which one was your favorite?


Dimples Romana Launches Own Skincare Line DREAMCAKE

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Dimples Romana is a very talented actress, business woman, a very dedicated Mom and go to brand ambassador for anything under the sun. Her undeniable charm, sunny disposition and unblemished character make her a viable choice to encompass different ages, all throughout the years.

Dimples says "Thank you so much for coming to my launch, this is a love letter for me. My dream team is here, we also worked with people from Korea and we all love anything formulated there. I'm a sweet tooth, and this is why we crave for cake all day. It's a dessert, but want what I crave be personified in this brand. I have been representing a lot of brands in the past, but I'm turning 38 in a few weeks which is why I want to leave a legacy. This is the fruit of what I've learned over time, I always have that craving to be youthful, glowing, amazing, a goal for all of us. I rarely wear makeup, and having undergone lasik, I couldn't wear anything so I wore only Dreamcake today. They were very open to things I want to do, this is a passion project. I am hands on, but it's really a good team behind it. At this point in my life, this is what I want to leave, slow and steady for the skin we want to have."

Gian Gonzales the Creative Director of Dreamcake says "We want this to be accessible to everyone through, Shopee and Lazada. It's like 4 products in one, we are selling it for 1,200 but will do 999 as introductory price for both."

Dimples adds "This is very personal for me, having you here means a lot. Formulating these, I can't wait for all of you to try it. Dreamcake is a dream come true for me, I hope you give in to the cravings. I know the struggle of people with different skin types, I went through that and manage it well now."

Here's our video coverage on the Q&A with the media 

Dreamcake Skin Glaze First Essence revitalizes skin, reduce fine lines and dark spots. This is  KFDA and FDA approved. This is a multi purpose skin glaze, works like a toner but does a lot. This is for men, women and all genders.

Dreamcake Face and Body Icing on the other hand maintains moisture, brightens and reduces fine lines to give you that natural looking glow. This is your all in one dream collection, you might as well take advantage of it. They suggest this to be applied after cleanse and toners to prep your skin for other things, glaze first then icing.

Congratulations Ms. Dimples and to everyone at Team Dreamcake! They've got lots of plans in the pipeline (I've heard lots!) so stay tuned!


URATEX Breaks Guinness World Record on their 55th Anniversary!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Well loved local and international sleep brand Uratex just a Guinness World Record for the longest and largest Human Mattress Domino. This feat has been initially set by folks from Brazil way back 2019 wherein 2,019 individuals did it. Uratex is celebrating their 55th Anniversary and what better way to do that but by breaking a world record, and so it begins at the SMX Convention Center.

This was attempted and verified on October 22, 2023. The Uratex Philippines President and CEO Ms. Naty Cheng was there together with over 2,355 people holding up the same number of Single Mattresses measuring 36 x 75 inches each to form the longest human mattress dominoes. Guinness World Record representative Mai McMillan from Japan assessed the feat if they get to break the record in 20 minutes and so they did.

They also did a huge surprise for attendees when they brought out the "A Very Good Girl" star Kathryn Bernardo. We all love her, and being here surely gave world record breakers extra encouragement to do the feat, and the confirmation says it all.

The Guinness World Record attempt was dedicated to the 4,000 Uratex employees and volunteers who helped pave the way to do this. They got the certificate right after and it was accepted by DJ Bigboy Cheng. The mattresses will not go to wasted as they will all be donated to over 55 local charities especially those who are in need of beds to house the homeless, seniors, the differently abled and kids which is a worthy cause to support for their 55th anniversary. Congratulations to everyone who made this attempt a successful one and helped put mattresses on beds, but also brought pride and honor to the Philippines as we hold this record for the world to see.


The WiZ Smart Lighting Launch with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Saturday, October 21, 2023

It was great evening to see people take interest in making their homes smart, while we also look and marvel at the beauty of it's endorser Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. Together with Signify, they launched new products from Wiz Smart Lighting, a thing that supports over 16 Million colors and work with the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung. Your existing smart home networks would be glad that you don't have to remove everything and start from scratch.

Aside from the products, they also introduced the latest update to the WiZ App which now has WiZ SpaceSenseTM which makes sure you don't get those automation functions get lost in translation or fail to function if you've got Siri, Alexa or Google Home working in your home.

Ms. Pia Wurtzbach actully tried them all in order to give a consumer's POV on how to work with Signify's various products. They're the best in the market, they were previously called Philips Lighting. with these new WiZ Smart Connected Lighting products, it's going to be easy putting up smart home devices especially if you're into themed rooms, spaces, because yes, lighting  makes the difference. They're quite serious about it, with a strong commitment, they want this to be part of every Filipino household.

Pia says "I know how it is best to use something reliable and trustworthy, and with WiZ Smart Lighting products, I could customize the look of different rooms in my home. I actually plan to do that in the near future because WiZ Lighting Products include bulbs to portable light and accessories. It's also automated and supports the universal standard for it. It'll be easy to learn how to do it."

The app can be also downloaded on Apple or Google Play, or even used via motion sensors. Imagine the possibilities when you get it to be part of your home! 


ONE DREAMY DAY with FRANCINE DIAZ: Fragrance Launch with BENCH

It's been a while since we've covered a Bench event, and this comes at a very opportune time especially with one of the brightest stars in ABSCBN Francine Diaz launches her very own EDT scents today at the Trinoma main events center.

The first one is called Royal Dream, all filled with citrus notes and sweetness, Francine gives you something that would make you feel like a princess with one spritz of it. The second one is called Spring Day which is more of a floral scent which makes you feel like you're rolling around in a bed of flowers that's fresh and a tad grassy. Both of these are quite loved by Francine and Bench is making it with quality, lovely but still affordable in 60 ml bottles that you can carry around. If you are the kind that meets a lot of people, or have sudden schedule changes, you can smell sweet the whole day by merely putting a spritz or two on your clothes, skin and wrist areas. You're going to be loved even more people especially if you love Francine from her different projects like "Kadenang Ginto", her recent hosting stint at "It's Your Lucky Day" and beyond!

For those who don't know, Francine has been with Bench for 3 or more years now and has also graced different Bench Fashion Week shows throughout her career. She's gorgeous, beautiful but still has a lot of things to do in the coming years, and with this new fragrance, fans would be able to get a glimpse, smell of Chin, then use it everyday. 

This special event called "One Dreamy Day" at Trinoma Mall has been well attended by celebrity and ABSCBN friends, Bench executives (including Sir Ben Chan), her fans and by the media. Here's a glimpse of what happened during the program. 

This is our video coverage of the event sans some music changes, we got pretty much everything!

In the event, they also had a montage of Francine's younger photos, and the layout of what she did for Bench. She can dance, she can sing, she can act and host. Francine also too time to do a short interview with host Marlo Mortel. Albeit not posting much on IG, she makes it a point to do it when she feels like it, she lives authentic and says she does it to connect with her fans intimately. She adds "I am grateful because even if I am so busy with work, they prioritize my mental health and even help me finish school. I still can't make up my mind about the course but I want to be a surgeon, to be in business management, or things I want to do. I can't survive without family and my friends, they give me inspiration and guide me with whatever I do today. I recently got a necklace, it's special because of the way it was given to me. When I'm nervous I hold it and feel I have someone with me on days I have anxiety."

She adds "I thought it was just easy to choose scents, but I later found out there was a lot to choose from. I created memories about it first before choosing what we have here. It's elements that I love about different perfumes which are now combined here. Spring Day has strawberry, citrus and vanilla. I know I have followers who are still at school, so if you want your crush to take a look at you, this is recommended. I sprayed this on myself and even if I was about to sleep, I could still Royal Dream on the other hand is very fruity, it has Bergamot, Vanilla and Whipped Cream. I sometimes mix it and they complement well when I smell it."

She also mentions "I was surprised to hear from my friends from "It's Your Lucky Day", I build my confidence in hosting with them. I thought it was not going to be good in that, but I hear they like it. Thank you for that!"

Royal Dram and Spring Day will be available at all Bench Stores nationwide. Make sure to drop by the nearest one because from the looks of it, it'll run out fast!



Friday, October 20, 2023


You've probably come across that fun jingle and commercial where Sarah Geronimo informs you about CHOICE on LAZADA. The leading online shopping platform to a colorful event at Studio 300 in Makati City.

But really, what is CHOICE? It's new channel, a place where you can pick 3 items on the list and pay for it for only 99 pesos. If you're looking for a deal or just want something to give your friends, family or even officemates for the holidays, wouldn't this be a great idea?

Tons of people were there, including LazAffiliates, influencers, bloggers to enjoy the afternoon. They had several games, billiards and bowling lanes reserved so we could throw a ball or two for fun. Then they had us choose 3 items on a section where people usually would pay a huge amount, and because it's on CHOICE, these best sellers only cost 99 on a normal day. This only happens on Lazada, and nothing on that.

There's more where that came from! Go download the app and get the deals you deserve! Because yes, you've got the CHOICE!


STR8 Holds GAME ON Event at SM Megamall

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Str8 is a new fragrance brand that originated in Greece. They manufacture fragrances (deo spray), deodorants, shower gels and more. They launched in the Philippines today at SM Megamall's Event Center in Mandaluyong City. In the event, we were challenged to do a few games like 3D swords, race cars, Valorant, Mobile Legends among some of the best streamers and online personalities this side of town.


Ms. Hazel Lee the Str8 Brand Comptroller says "We want you to exude success and be relentless live and in the virtual world. To empower you, your go to fragrance is Str8, the game is on!"


The scent is pretty much straight forward, it's got no floral notes, mostly musky and leather. It also comes in EDT form which is encased in a tin with velvet like container inside. They also have one that is a deo spray, much like in liquid form and smells quite the same. The deo spray on the other hand feels cool to the skin, and I think the scent from all of these pretty much gives you much confidence because you know you smell good.

This is exclusive for Watsons and SM, but it's also available in Shopee and Lazada for those who want to purchase them online. Congratulations to STR8 Philippines for a very successful launch!


Half A Million At Stake in Avida's South Park District Mural Competition

The headline must have gotten your attention, because YES it is true that there's a Php 500,000 cash prize that is up for grabs at the Avida South Park District Mural Competition. If you're an art aficionado 18 years and up or a person that's full of creativitiy and have the ability to put it into a huge canvas such as South Park District, then this is the competition for you. You also need to form a minimum of 9 members to help you with it. The theme this year is "Part City, Part Nature, Pure South". It's quite fitting to see that immortalized on ground as Avida always had that mix of urban + nature element that everyone dreams of having. And if you see that in South Park District's landscape, it'll certainly be a sight to behold!

According to Ms. Tess Tatco the Avida Land Marketing Head "We want South Park District to be a destination and become a venue to showcase how talented Filipinos are. The winning mural will be displayed at a highly visible area in the space and we hope visitors would all appreciate it by visiting the property. They could see it in Alabang, Muntinlupa first hand."

For those who don't know, South Park District sits in a 6.6 hectare property that is properly planned within the vicinity of Avida Towers Altura, Central Park, South Park Center Mall and the busy South Park Corporate Center. It's got several Reginald Yuson art installations already, but your murals could be the best addition to it. You may submit digital copies of it first via before November 3, 2023. You may read the fine print here!

Hope this gets you the drive to make it all happen! Good luck!


TV5 and PBA Partners Up with A2Z For More Basketball Action

When they say that they're changing the landscape of television, they sure mean to do it. Recent pronouncements from TV5 indicate huge changes especially about their airing of PBA Games in the channel. They partnered up with A2Z to become their newest free to air avenue especially for locations covered by them.

This certainly was the fruit of the successful staging to the FIBA Basketball World Cup in the country, plus the win of Gilas Pilipinas in both SEA Games and Asian Games (remember that historic Gold?). Now Filipino sports fans will have choice where to watch their home grown professional basketball teams when games start.

This is after all the 48th year of PBA, and the goal is to bring the PBA Games to even MORE homes as possible. This ensures that not only will there be access to games at TV5, but more of the LIVE broadcast of PBA Games in this new free to air channel. After all, they're the Philippines premier basketball league. Zoe Broadcasting VP and GM Rene Gonzales notes of this exciting venture and took delight on the variety they could do with the programming which is now in their court. Having PBA as part of their lineup surely will open up a lot of possibilities for the channel and what they could do in the near future. It will all start on November 5th, and will be broadcasted every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday thereafter. They are also in the workds to do something for the PBA D League and 3x3 where the Philippines is strong.

Meanwhile, you can still enjoy the games on Cignal TV and Cignal Play. You now have options!


Lara Maigue and Gian Magdangal for "The Greatest Duets goes BROADWAY"

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

ian Magdangal and Lara Maigue have been certainly turning heads with their various covers on YouTube. My personal favorite is their version of "Last Night of the World" from popular musical Miss Saigon (which will be staged in Manila soon btw). Before they turned into lovers, they've been good friends and just went over that line with good intentions.

Lara is a very talented classical singer (a Soprano) educated from UP College of Music, and has gone in different places across the globe to promote Filipino talent and music. Gian on the other hand has been seen in the musical theater arena, always takes lead roles for obvious reasons. Both are actors, performers in live and on television shows too.  On November 10, they'll be performing at the Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan City. They properly call the show "The Greatest Duets goes BROADWAY" which is produced by GL Productions (their own production company). The premise is to take you to best Broadway musicals through the songs they personally hand picked to do duets with. I wouldn't want to pre-empt, but as far as skills go, these two are practically the most equipped to do that on stage and this intimate venue. As Gian states in previous interviews, one reason he got hooked with Lara is her natural ability to mesmerize anyone who would hear her sing. He on the other hand has exceptional singing and acting prowess, which he puts to good use.

According to Lara "It's the first time we are working on something together and it is a way to showcase our love for Broadway. My dream used to be with a full orchestra in Carnegie Hall, while he wanted to do it in The Sphere in Las Vegas. The new generation should know how relevant music is now. The magic of collaborating, we love seeing that. We are fans of Broadway musicals, it was a natural idea to come up with and we want people to enjoy it with us."

Gian adds "The first challenge is to do both hats as producer and performer. The team, the business, it's just the start and we plan to do something big next year. We want to make work happen, a lot of give and take, it's a part of learning together. "

"Our goal is to package this as two individuals doing shows, and perhaps, just showcase all duets. There are going to be few solos but it's seamlessly going to be a duet too so you are not going to be umay from it."

Tickets are sold at Teatrino Promenade via 09175130909 or GL Productions via 09663890156 or Go get them now as I'm sure it'll run out fast!