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Friday, October 27, 2023

Spent a few hours with the people from the travel industry and a couple media outlets as they launched TRAVEREEL in the Philippines. It's a social media and booking app all in one. It can even get you to earn by sharing your experience, earning through the bookings that others make too.

Travereel's Founder Ricky Sy says "I'm a tech-preneur. We could be seeing a revolution happen in the next few years. When we make travel plans, I make my kids pitch ideas and see for ourselves where that is, ask the other users which seem a little stalkerish. It's a new way of booking, you get to also share your experience when you travel and get perks in the process. We hope you get to try it too."

Vicky Rada Travereel COO adds "This is in the best position to capture a new generation of travelers. Globally, travel has already surpassed the percentages in the last three years (prior to pandemic). The millennials and zoomers are still the leading travelers, and they also spent even more time doing it. They also are digital savvy, and very active posting in social media. They also value convenience and even go through travel agencies. More people in between means more expenses, we're trying to solve that here."

15 year old Maddigan Sy says "Gen Z prefers video, instant gratification, and decisions are partly from social media. Online travel apps make it convenient for the travel hungry Gen Z's and it continues to grow year on year."

Debby Nevata the travereel CEO says "For us to validate this idea, we need to target the travelers, hotels and the content creators. Doing consumer research, we have noted there is a need to have targeted and relevant content, privacy, security, clickable links and a sign up procedure that is seamless and free. Travereel is a new booking experience that revolutionizes the way you book, meet, create content and earn as a user. You also discover and meet like minded people in the app, with the aim of helping travelers from all over the world to decide where to go next! This is an online travel agency, where you can book, with flexible payment terms, and a chance to earn from the content you share. The app currently have 3 Million partner hotels."

Lizard Global CEO Terrence Ridder talks more about it and says "We need to go somewhere, and there are so many apps out there. This makes you welcome, help you feel the true hotel experience especially if you are into scenic trips. If you are demanding, you want to see it right away. Registration should be fast, no fuss, know what the app does and its purpose. You can also use a voucher as a welcome gift, and follow people who are also into destinations you love (including those in your bucket list). This social aspect makes it tangible, you can book through it too, and share the experience with friends as well. Those things you record with the beautiful views, amenities, would come into good use. It's all user generated, validated and keep track what users are doing to keep the app updated."

Deepak Kumar of Paymongo shared information about their payment system and adds "Transactions online should be safe and secure, it allows businesses to accept from various payment methods online. We heavily invest in the technology and now include e wallets, online banks, also work with disbursements and capitals. It is convenient and smooth, easy to transfer and sync plus use conveniently on websites through secured channels. We are your partner against hackers and fraudsters. We have machine learning engine and do fight fraudsters in real time. We also have one dashboard, so the platform is easy to manage payments, disbursement and your transactions in one place."

They also allow Travel Now Pay Later options through BillEase. According to Kurt Molina, their consumer app helps  you pay it through credit limes especially if you don't have a credit card yet. There are over 4 Million users on their platform and you can use the Buy Now Pay Later options to avail services like travel so you don't go through financial strain right away. It's one of the mode of payments available at the travereel app." 

travereel is indeed a new booking experience which you can do today. Go download it on Google Play or iOS and see what wonders your wanderlust can do! 


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