URATEX Breaks Guinness World Record on their 55th Anniversary!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Well loved local and international sleep brand Uratex just a Guinness World Record for the longest and largest Human Mattress Domino. This feat has been initially set by folks from Brazil way back 2019 wherein 2,019 individuals did it. Uratex is celebrating their 55th Anniversary and what better way to do that but by breaking a world record, and so it begins at the SMX Convention Center.

This was attempted and verified on October 22, 2023. The Uratex Philippines President and CEO Ms. Naty Cheng was there together with over 2,355 people holding up the same number of Single Mattresses measuring 36 x 75 inches each to form the longest human mattress dominoes. Guinness World Record representative Mai McMillan from Japan assessed the feat if they get to break the record in 20 minutes and so they did.

They also did a huge surprise for attendees when they brought out the "A Very Good Girl" star Kathryn Bernardo. We all love her, and being here surely gave world record breakers extra encouragement to do the feat, and the confirmation says it all.

The Guinness World Record attempt was dedicated to the 4,000 Uratex employees and volunteers who helped pave the way to do this. They got the certificate right after and it was accepted by DJ Bigboy Cheng. The mattresses will not go to wasted as they will all be donated to over 55 local charities especially those who are in need of beds to house the homeless, seniors, the differently abled and kids which is a worthy cause to support for their 55th anniversary. Congratulations to everyone who made this attempt a successful one and helped put mattresses on beds, but also brought pride and honor to the Philippines as we hold this record for the world to see.


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