ONE DREAMY DAY with FRANCINE DIAZ: Fragrance Launch with BENCH

Saturday, October 21, 2023

It's been a while since we've covered a Bench event, and this comes at a very opportune time especially with one of the brightest stars in ABSCBN Francine Diaz launches her very own EDT scents today at the Trinoma main events center.

The first one is called Royal Dream, all filled with citrus notes and sweetness, Francine gives you something that would make you feel like a princess with one spritz of it. The second one is called Spring Day which is more of a floral scent which makes you feel like you're rolling around in a bed of flowers that's fresh and a tad grassy. Both of these are quite loved by Francine and Bench is making it with quality, lovely but still affordable in 60 ml bottles that you can carry around. If you are the kind that meets a lot of people, or have sudden schedule changes, you can smell sweet the whole day by merely putting a spritz or two on your clothes, skin and wrist areas. You're going to be loved even more people especially if you love Francine from her different projects like "Kadenang Ginto", her recent hosting stint at "It's Your Lucky Day" and beyond!

For those who don't know, Francine has been with Bench for 3 or more years now and has also graced different Bench Fashion Week shows throughout her career. She's gorgeous, beautiful but still has a lot of things to do in the coming years, and with this new fragrance, fans would be able to get a glimpse, smell of Chin, then use it everyday. 

This special event called "One Dreamy Day" at Trinoma Mall has been well attended by celebrity and ABSCBN friends, Bench executives (including Sir Ben Chan), her fans and by the media. Here's a glimpse of what happened during the program. 

This is our video coverage of the event sans some music changes, we got pretty much everything!

In the event, they also had a montage of Francine's younger photos, and the layout of what she did for Bench. She can dance, she can sing, she can act and host. Francine also too time to do a short interview with host Marlo Mortel. Albeit not posting much on IG, she makes it a point to do it when she feels like it, she lives authentic and says she does it to connect with her fans intimately. She adds "I am grateful because even if I am so busy with work, they prioritize my mental health and even help me finish school. I still can't make up my mind about the course but I want to be a surgeon, to be in business management, or things I want to do. I can't survive without family and my friends, they give me inspiration and guide me with whatever I do today. I recently got a necklace, it's special because of the way it was given to me. When I'm nervous I hold it and feel I have someone with me on days I have anxiety."

She adds "I thought it was just easy to choose scents, but I later found out there was a lot to choose from. I created memories about it first before choosing what we have here. It's elements that I love about different perfumes which are now combined here. Spring Day has strawberry, citrus and vanilla. I know I have followers who are still at school, so if you want your crush to take a look at you, this is recommended. I sprayed this on myself and even if I was about to sleep, I could still Royal Dream on the other hand is very fruity, it has Bergamot, Vanilla and Whipped Cream. I sometimes mix it and they complement well when I smell it."

She also mentions "I was surprised to hear from my friends from "It's Your Lucky Day", I build my confidence in hosting with them. I thought it was not going to be good in that, but I hear they like it. Thank you for that!"

Royal Dram and Spring Day will be available at all Bench Stores nationwide. Make sure to drop by the nearest one because from the looks of it, it'll run out fast!


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