TIMMY CRUZ is BACK: Sharing Her Gift

Friday, October 06, 2023

Ever wondered what happened to the bubble gum pop,  iconic Timmy Cruz? It's been years since we've all last heard from her, with good reason. She took a long deserved vacation, a break from all the stress, to concentrate on healing, inner peace and deeper self care.

She was working on a series set in a hospital, where she got the idea to have herself checked. She did it quite regularly, but this time, it was different. Doctors brought news about her condition, here's her story:

While she was on her path to doing deeper self care, she practiced meditation and concentrated on their family business. While in one of her sessions, she shared her songs among those who attended it and people asked if songs she sang (during meditation sessions) was already out there. She said no but didn't know she was talking to someone from FlipMusic Records. Aside from that, her whole family was always egging her to go back to show business and singing. After getting healed, and years of waiting during the pandemic, she felt it was but right to share her gift to even more people. She also hoped that people learn something about her story, then decided to go back to the industry she loves. She needed a little help on the management side and sought the help of Artist Circle under Rams David.

Ms. Timmy says "The title of the song is ALL I WANT IS YOU. I wrote this song together with a couple of others I sang earlier. It is my first try in composing songs, as I couldn't call myself a real artist if I only interpret other people's songs. I felt something was lacking, so I asked the Lord to help me. During a teleserye shoot, I was with Ogie Alcasid, so I bluntly asked him to help me how to write songs. He just said.. you can do it! You just have to emote, then try several times. I took his advice and now have FlipMusic to release it on digital. Now I have over 28 on Spotify and other platforms. All I Want Is You is my 29th. I also came up to Jose Mari Chan, he didn't recognize me because I now have gray hair. I told him I'm following his footsteps of writing Christmas songs. He just told me to keep on composing. I always send it to him and ask about it. I learned a lot during this process, I really learned to listen."

She added "I am here to do good things. If it's not, then I'm not going to be part of that. When I had a long break, I didn't really use make up. That's a 7 year break from it sans the mascara that I use every once in a while. This is how I look like naturally, so I enjoy and accept it. I cut my hair so as to not use much energy. I'd rather have it be used by my body to heal. I used to always keep watch my hair color and even go to salons at night for continuity sake. It took me a year to get used to it."

And by any standards, her new look would probably land her roles. You could liken it to Miranda Priestly or put it down so she could portray a Mom (a little too young to be a Grandma) so imagine the things she can do now that she's back in showbiz. This is just the start, and if you're already feeling the Christmas season, you can pre order her single that's coming out on the 6th of December. We all heard it and it's like standards, think Michael Buble but her version. It's on all digital platforms, and yes, we could make it into a playlist for that special day.

I'm quite happy to see where she's going. I've got her performance on my TikTok account @kumagcow so head on there if you want to see more of Ms. Timmy Cruz. Thank you to her management Artist Circle for letting us interview Ms. Timmy. Hope to see her in new shows soon!


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