Dimples Romana Launches Own Skincare Line DREAMCAKE

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Dimples Romana is a very talented actress, business woman, a very dedicated Mom and go to brand ambassador for anything under the sun. Her undeniable charm, sunny disposition and unblemished character make her a viable choice to encompass different ages, all throughout the years.

Dimples says "Thank you so much for coming to my launch, this is a love letter for me. My dream team is here, we also worked with people from Korea and we all love anything formulated there. I'm a sweet tooth, and this is why we crave for cake all day. It's a dessert, but want what I crave be personified in this brand. I have been representing a lot of brands in the past, but I'm turning 38 in a few weeks which is why I want to leave a legacy. This is the fruit of what I've learned over time, I always have that craving to be youthful, glowing, amazing, a goal for all of us. I rarely wear makeup, and having undergone lasik, I couldn't wear anything so I wore only Dreamcake today. They were very open to things I want to do, this is a passion project. I am hands on, but it's really a good team behind it. At this point in my life, this is what I want to leave, slow and steady for the skin we want to have."

Gian Gonzales the Creative Director of Dreamcake says "We want this to be accessible to everyone through skinbydreamcake.com, Shopee and Lazada. It's like 4 products in one, we are selling it for 1,200 but will do 999 as introductory price for both."

Dimples adds "This is very personal for me, having you here means a lot. Formulating these, I can't wait for all of you to try it. Dreamcake is a dream come true for me, I hope you give in to the cravings. I know the struggle of people with different skin types, I went through that and manage it well now."

Here's our video coverage on the Q&A with the media 

Dreamcake Skin Glaze First Essence revitalizes skin, reduce fine lines and dark spots. This is  KFDA and FDA approved. This is a multi purpose skin glaze, works like a toner but does a lot. This is for men, women and all genders.

Dreamcake Face and Body Icing on the other hand maintains moisture, brightens and reduces fine lines to give you that natural looking glow. This is your all in one dream collection, you might as well take advantage of it. They suggest this to be applied after cleanse and toners to prep your skin for other things, glaze first then icing.

Congratulations Ms. Dimples and to everyone at Team Dreamcake! They've got lots of plans in the pipeline (I've heard lots!) so stay tuned!


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