Have You Seen Changes in GRAB Lately?

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Every Filipino riding Grab must be feeling a little lucky lately. With the company offering true wallet friendly features, smart ones get the GrabCar Saver, GrabFood Saver Delivery, and for the hungry ones, GrabFood Saver Meals. They also have subscription plans such as GrabUnlimited and Grab Ride Saver which I often use going to events and places here in the metro.  

GrabCar Saver

GrabCar Saver has been implemented recently. In it, you get 15 percent cheaper rates in booking a standard Grab Car. For now, it is being done Metro Manila and in Pampanga (Central Luzon). Pretty soon, it'll be done in all Grab areas, though you'll have to note, you will have to wait a little while longer. You can also use GrabShare and use it to be with another passenger. This is useful for those who are not really in a hurry and you'll get even cheaper rates with it. You can get 30 percent savings from it, which is quite nice for those who are watching their transportation spending these days.

GrabFood Saver

It's been offered for quite some time now in the Grab Superapp. If you're fond of ordering from restuarants and establishments, this gives you the option of enjoying your food and have it delivered with the Saver option. Fees will certainly be less than usual, I do this when I have lots of time in between meals and I even do it when I have guests coming a little late than usual. I just order ahead of time so it could reach my location perfectly. These are great prices especially if you love gatherings. Imagine only 15 pesos? That's a steal.

With the rates already low, get the GrabUnlimited for major discounts on GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabCar. You can opt to get the annual plan instead since it'll cost you even lower. I have the Grab Ride Saver though as it slashes 10 percent for 60 rides, I use it all and pay only 99 pesos for it. Quite nice if you ride Grab Cars regularly. Grab certainly is changing the way we ride each day, for that, I'm quite thankful for the perks I get when I avail them. They're really good at it.


Xiaomi Launches New Phones, Does Fun Activities, Concerts at Redmi Note 13 Iconic Park

Fun activities, snacks, and showcase of phones happened last January 27 and 28 at Mall of Asia's SM By the Bay where phone brand Xiaomi put up the Redmi Note 13 Iconic Park. It was a way for them to experience the new phones physically in pop up booths they put up at the venue. They also had fun activities like pole catching, arcade machines, and even nachos for the crowd prior to the arrival of several celebrities that have used the new Redmi Note 13 series on the first day.

GMA's Gabbi Garcia (aside from being pretty) went on stage and joined content creators to explain each of the phones and talk about where and when they can use it in their daily life. Since they were all there, Xiaomi fans were also treated to a full blown concert in the evening with Kyle Echarri, JK Labajo and even the whole team ECHO who did good in MOBA games when they represented the country in international competitions. They also made use of the products capability to play games and talked about their personal experiences in using the new Redmi Note 13 series in scrims they did on their personal time.

Aside from the photo centric Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, they also had Darren Espanto do use the Redmi Watch 4 together with some Xiaomi fans in an indoor cycling event nearby. The phone and their other models are now availbale in online stores, Lazada, TikTok, Shopee and authorized Xiaomi shops nationwide!

If you want to know more, just visit their social channels and the Xiaomi Philippines Facebook page since they update it with the latest news about the brand and the new handsets.

Congratulations Xiaomi! Had so much fun that afternoon!


RABIYA MATEO's Secret to Gorgeous Looking Hair

Monday, January 29, 2024

Filipina beauty queens have always been regarded as the best in the world. They've been feared in major pageants, not just because of their physical attributes, but their wit, intelligence, their capability to exude positivity, empowerment, grace, and heart. It's this whole package that makes them shine.

No doubt, our Filipinas really take care of themselves and in this world where the wind, harmful rays of the sun and everyday elements surely would prove challenging to do that. This is the same with our crowning glory. 2020 Binibining Pilipinas Universe Rabiya Mateo shared her secret on how to make sure you don't overlook details like these. She speaks from experience, and loving her hair came early on even at home.   

She believes in investing in it, like having LifeStrong Marketing Incorporated's Hairfix before she goes out. They have a line of products which you can use to DIY and take care of your hair easily. It does wonders from the roots to the tips. They also have hair color which Rabiya Mateo swears by. She prefers the Silvery Ash since it can give her usually jet black hair a different look. It gives her that EXTRA confidence when going out and yes, even her beauty queen friends do the same.   

Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez uses the Hairfix Professional Line Collagen + Peptide which keeps her hair healthy and strands thick even when she gets it styled quite often. Miss Eco Teen Philippines 2023 Francine   Reyes on the other hand uses Hairfix’s Professional Line Protein + Vitamin C which keeps her hair stright and tangle free. Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2023 Michelle Arceo and current Miss Elite 2022 First Runner-Up Shanon Tampon uses the  Hairfix Multiplex Serum which nourishes their hair, and leaves it in great condition everyday.

Rabiya says "Taking care of my hair brings me lots of self confidence. I feel fiercer, bolder and full of pride facing the crowd when I represented the country. Taking care of it makes me feel I am taking care of myself."  

If you want to know more about Hairfix, check out their social channels by searching HairfixPH on IG and X. Visit their official sites Hairfix.com.ph and Lifestrong.com.ph to know more how YOU can be like Rabiya and the ladies.


Your Future Beach Home: Hamilo Coast Pico Terraces

Things are certainly busy and traffic has been at an all time high especially over the holidays. Ever thought about getting your own home away from the city? I bet you would love to have sand on your feet, a huge coastline you could walk on during sunset and a few hours of listening to crashing waves, changing your mood like a vacation... but you actually live there. Well, that can happen to you at Pico Terraces, Hamilo Coast's latest development at Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas.

It's a quaint residential community, carefully planned by Costa Del Hamilo Inc. under SM Prime. They made this especially for those who think about their mental health, and overall well being because Pico Terraces can certainly do wonders for that. They've got available units at the second building, and those who currently reside there love the positive impact it has been able to give while being there. The property spans 2.3 hectares, lots of room to walk around and appreciate mountain views, outdoor spaces and nature.

Pico Terraces also has lots of amenities like pools, cabanas, clubhouse, places where kids could roam around and play, several nature trails, outdoor fitness spaces, and barbecue areas. These are all dedicated to Pico Terraces home owners, a treat for those who want to live comfortably. Their units come in 1-3 bedroom arrangements, to fit different family sizes, with large windows and ventilation to make the space brighter and fresher. If you get a unit, you also get to be a member of Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club and get the perks that go with it.

Pico Terraces certainly would be a good future beach home, if you fancy or get the urge to live here, get more information from the Hamilo Coast FB page or hamilocoast.com.


OPPO Starts 2024 with OPPO Pad Air

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Looks like our friends from OPPO are starting the year fresh with the new OPPO Pad Air. It's their newest tablet made with entertainment and productivity in mind, plus way more storage than usual. I'm going to give you more reasons to have it.

Tablets certainly have been useful for so many things. Watching movies, streaming videos, and putting in a lot of work for office or creatives. The bigger display gives it more flexibility because you can see things even more than the usual smartphones we carry around. The OPPO Pad Air gives you a balance of both work and play. It also doesn't shortchange you on processing power, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chip, 8 CPU Cores, and an AI System Booster 2.1, you can make work quite smooth and add social media, movies, and a little gaming when you want to get less stressed. 

If it ain't enough there's also space for a 512 GB sd card for more storage if your internal one doesn't cut it. Battery life is amazing with its 7100mAh which can last you the whole work day. You can also do 18W fast charging and not wait too long when you need to go out with it. It's also light, designed slim, easy on the eyes with the 2K HD Eye Care it does when you take it out of the box.

They also made it affordable, so make sure you wait for updates at their website oppo.com.ph or their social channels when it gets out on February 1st. I'll update you soon about it!


Bistro Group Opens SARAP Bistro Filipino and Xi Nen Hot Pot at MY SOUTH HALL


After a long time, it was certainly nice to journey down south and have a good meal at My South Hall, Bistro Group's line of concept restaurants at Conrad S'Maison. Got to eat there a few times, and each time, I'd try to order something new because it houses Fish & Co., El Pollo Loco, Modern Shang WCKD, and cult hit Randy's Donuts. 

They had something new up their sleeve when I got there a few days ago. The first is called SARAP Bistro Filipino and the other is Xi Nen Hot Pot. These are two new brands they've conceptualized for My South Hall to add to the already great selections that they had. This is quite fun for restaurateurs since you can pretty much test the waters if people love the new dishes. I had my eyes on a few especially the Filipino dishes from SARAP because even if some were traditionally prepared, it felt new for me.

SARAP Bistro Filipino specializes on Filipino comfort food, the classics and those that were made with a twist. They are served family style so you can order a few to get a taste of the new viands. I like those with sauces that I can smother over hot Garlicky Rice. What's special about MY SOUTH HALL is that you can order from other restaurants without going too far because they are in one place. SARAP Bistro Filipino had Sinigang, Bopis (which doesn't taste organy), Fried Tawilis (eat it while it's hot!), Lumpia (they make a mean one) and Ginataang Kuhol.   

Xi Nen Hot Pot serves Taiwanese inspired hotpot dishes. You just need to choose our protein and they'll cook it for you on the table (yes you don't have to cook!) which is quite different than usual hotpot restaurants. Their broth can be adjusted to taste as they'll give you sauces to adjust the flavor, and since I did like it a bit more intense, I put in the whole plate in because I like it savory. Here's what it looks like on video a few days ago.

See, there's more where this came from and if you're a person who couldn't choose where to eat or what to have for lunch or dinner, this place is perfect! 

This is again located at the Conrad S. Maison. Walk to the far right at the back (when facing Mall of Asia) and look for the MY SOUTH HALL sign. Ask the friendly hostess to have you seated as there are instances it gets quite busy during those peak hours. Take home desserts, drinks and donuts before going home, you're going to love it!


DONNY Proves Actors Bloodline: GG (Good Game) The Movie Out in Theaters Today!

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Just got out of the cinema after the premiere night of GG (Good Game), the movie starring Donny Pangilinan. It's a film about eSports, but right off the bat they made the presence of drama felt in this movie by Director Prime Cruz. The film also stars his Mom Ms. Maricel Laxa, Baron Geisler, Johannes Isler, Igi Boy Flores, Gold Aceron and a throng of gaming and streaming personalities too.

To tell you honestly, I was looking forward to see this during the Metro Manila Film Festival but fate had other plans. Now that it's going to be released this January 24th, but something tells me it is going to be big because a LOT folks were at the rails of SM Megamall's Cinema 2 when I arrived, I was even early in fact. For me, that was the measure for how excited folks are (and hopefully translate to box office success) and I think with Star Cinema distributing this particular movie in the country, they'll be successful putting this in around 198 cinemas today (if I heard it right during Donny's interview). 

The movie will start to get you to think about the dynamics of the family, and the pressures of studies, the expectations of some, and spending time for passion. The film has excellent production value, they got Metasports create "Requiem", a 5x5 FPS game for the PC. 

The color grading, the stitching of the plot, and the reveal of the twists, was given a lot of time to mature before letting it all out. Can't say much, but one thing for sure happened during the screening... I felt the urge to say that the apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree. This is certainly an acting challenge for Donny, and having Ms. Maricel Laxa as his Mom in the film must have certain expectations (for most people, to be on the level of his Mom). He didn't disappoint, because from where I was sitting in the balcony, there were several people already crying from simply understanding the trials they were going through. Boy had so much emotions bottled up especially towards the end of the film.


They made this for a whole year, so you could see how it wasn't rushed post prod. I've seen films joining festivals in the past that felt clumsy, unfinished, and had so much loose ends. They don't have that, and I hope you see how a LOT of people worked tirelessly to put these together despite being an indie film... and how they did production work personally to make sure you get your money's worth when it hits cinemas. 

Here's a glimpse of the red carpet premiere, please enjoy!


 I've played a lot of games, I'm sure some of you do too. You don't even have to be a gamer to understand the film, because yes, it breathes family, love and camaraderie. It's best to bring family, friends and peers to get your movie fix. Watch GG (Good Game) The Movie, out now on theaters!


Finalists for Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival Bared

Monday, January 22, 2024

After the several successful series shown on The Puregold Channel, here goes one of the country's biggest supermarket chains championing Filipino films once again with the first ever Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival. 

They have scoured the country for the most talented storytellers and picked over 31 finalists which they presented today at the Artson Events Place in Quezon City.

Ms. Ivy says "To everyone who's doing films, a pleasant morning. We are so proud to have you here today. The wonderful stories you sent now have faces with them. The festival is a platform for Puregold to make sure film will be passed on to generations to come. This goes beyond production, but igniting change and making dreams come true. We are your ally, to be part of the development of Filipino cinema. You are the stories of Puregold now and tomorrow."

Introduced to the press were Jenievive B. Adame who did "Smokey Journey" from STI College Cubao, Ma. Rafaela Mae Abucejo who made "Saan Ako Pinaglihi?" from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Alexa Moneii Agaloos who made "Ka Benjie" also from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Kent Michael Cadungog who did "Text FIND DAD and Send to 2366" from the University of the Philippines, John Pistol L. Carmen of "Repeater si Peter" from Bicol University, Chrisha Eseo Cataag who did "Hallway Scholar" representing the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng San Pablo, Patricia W. Dalluay who made "Lola, Lola, Paano ba 'Yan?" from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Joanah Pearl Demonteverde who made "Kang Pagpuli Ko" from University of the Philippines - Visayas, Joshua Andrey A. Doce who did "I Am Mutya And I Thank You!" from Bicol State College of Applied Science and Technology, Neil M. Espino "Sa Hindi Paghahangad from De La Salle Lipa, Terrence Gale Femandez "Kaibigan ko si Batman from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Daniel Gil who did "Distansya" from Ateneo de Davao University, Alexandra Lapid who did  "Queng Apag" from Mapua University, Reutsche Colle Rigurosa Lima who did "Till ni Lola" from University of San Carlos, Dizelle C. Masilungan who made "Kung Nag-aatubill" from the pontifical University of Santo Tomas, Jose Mikyl Medina who did "Lutong Bahay" from De La Salle University, Ronjay-C Mendiola of "Last Shift" from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Mark Terence Molave who did "Paano po gumawa ng collage college?" also from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Jhunel Ruth A. Monterde who did "Si Mary May Crush Kay Tess" from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, Doxford D. Perlas who did "Naduea Eoman Si Brownie (Brownie's Lost Again!)" from University of the Philippines - Visayas, Andrea S. Ponce of PUP - Sta. Mesa who made "Layag sa Pangarap", Edz Haniel Teñido Purificacion who did "Dzai Dzai Dzai Delilah" from Mapúa Malayan Colleges in Laguna, John Wilbert Llever Sucaldito who did "Tambal nga Sabaw" from Far Eastern University, Tyrone Lean J. Taotao who made "Abandoned Lullabies" from Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Mesa, Marian Jayce R. Tiongzon who made "May Kulay Rosas Ba Sa Bahaghari?" from University of the Philippines - Visayas.

6 full length films are also included like Kurt Soberano's "Under the Piaya Moon", Eugene Torres' "One Day League: Dead Mother, Dead All", Sigrid Bernardo's "Pushcart Tales", Raynier Brizuela's "Boys at the Back", Joel Ferrer's "Road to Happy" and Carlo Obispo's "A Lab Story". Puregold gave them 2.5M pesos each full length film as grants while 100 thousand pesos went to the short film entries.

These were chosen by film directors Jeffrey Jethurian and Victor Villanueva, Puregold Senior Manager Ivy Hayagan-Piedad, Lyle Gonzales of Republic Creative, and Festival Director Chris Cahilig.

If you want to watch the films, the premiere will be done at the Gateway Cinemas from March 15 to 17. There will also be several regional screenings plus short films shown on The Puregold Channel on YT, their social channels FB and TikTok.


4th IMPACT Welcomes Fresh Start: Releases New Album


When I heard Mylene, Almira, Irene and Celina was out to release an album, my 4th IMPACT fan heart was so happy! After their successful stint in X FACTOR UK Season 12 which catapulted them to worldwide fame, they're still looking for that spark to start off their own, original music, and a journey made of the same dreams they started with years back. Th launch happened at SM North Edsa Skydome in Quezon City, The Philippines.

The album only has 5 songs, but well worth every minute it plays when you stream online or spin on CD where available. Singles include "Distorted", "All at Once", "Round and Round", "February", and "Hate That Girl".

In 2023, announcement of their departure from their previous management shocked a few, but instead of drowning in the past, the girls went down hard as independent artists and did all the legwork needed to make this happen. They spent time working with the best of the best in the industry, same people who made music for Jennifer Lopez, and popular KPOP artists. 

Although there were a lot of sad anecdotes and realizations mentioned in the press conference (where they all kept it real), they had each other, their Mom and Dad to make sure they wouldn't give up the dream to represent the country in the international music scene - and still get to where they want to be. Since the debut single has been released in the US last year, they want to test the waters with these songs and see what resonates more with their audience. This also personifies their deep perseverance, something they're mighty proud came naturally as sisters. Even their management of tasks felt like everyone was volunteering and fit their skills like a glove.

Here's our video coverage of the press conference this evening

They rightfully dedicated this new album to the DREAMERS (their fan group) as they made them realize how they made 4th IMPACT inspired all these years (instead of them being the inspiration). Their faith in the 4 ladies made them hold on to that dream no matter what hardships they encounter.

I liked that in the end, Irene told the press how they knew that this isn't a continuation of what they've been doing in the past, but a true start because as far as artists are concerned, they definitely deserve to have that opportunity. They're hard working, still think about folks, and each other. They've been in so many roads, taken lots of detours, but is still hungry to be where they deserve to be. 

Up there, with the stars!


HONOR Opens SM Center Angono Experience Store

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Headed out east at SM Center Angono in Rizal this afternoon. Top phone brand HONOR is opening their newest experience store which soft opened last October in this side of the metro.

This is at the level 2 of SM Center Angono's Cyberzone, and consequently, the claiming of the viral HONOR X9b 5G phone for those who pre-ordered is today too. Lines have been really long because this particular model is their toughest phone to date. People have pre-ordered last week and got freebies of Honor gift packages that contain an umbrella, a portable fan, and an earphone from the same brand. That's over 4000++ pesos worth of free stuff just because they ordered from HONOR ahead of the pack!

During the store event, executives from Honor, their PR and Marketing people also joined in the festivities and gave away a brand new HONOR X9b 5G unit through games too!

So if you are looking for a new phone, go visit HONOR authorized stores nationwide and get yourself the new HONOR X9b 5G. Love it like the ones from HONOR's SM Center Angono branch :)


Sofia Copolla Masterpiece PRISCILLA To Be Shown in PH Theaters on the 31st!

Friday, January 19, 2024

Just got out of the cinemas this evening after watching Priscilla, the movie starring Jacob Elordi and Cailee Spaeny. This centered on the life and love of Priscilla and the iconic entertainer/actor Elvis Presley. Set in West Germany, she gets invited to be in their home for a party, which started it all.

She was very young, but it was an Elvis appearance (heck he always get the girls from the start), they got close and she daydreamed about him all the time. 

This setup would have been shunned in 2024 (hello cancel culture and grooming), and I bet it would have been worse if people knew about it during those days too. They talked much about what life was like in the US. He dreamed and missed Graceland, talked lengthily what it was like to go back there. He's grown a bit homesick after being stationed for years in Germany. Priscilla then became smitten.

So was he.

After a few months, Elvis went back to the US and she thought that was the end of the relationship. A call came one day, and arrangements were made to have her flown to home soil... and she stayed with him for quite some time to finish her studies.

Life looked perfect, but one could see how their lifestyle was certainly different. While they were together, life was laid with substance abuse and Vegas fun. It felt like no one could stop them.

Then came reality. The popularity, the stardom, the differences, the time away, the women, the continued abuse, being controlling, which started questions about living in it. Is love really enough? Is she really living the dream or is she living a lie?!

Yes, her life would have been a dream for a lot of women. On the surface, it certainly looked like it was good. In reality, there were a lot of things that didn't feel quite normal. If you were in her shoes, you would ask if it was still worth being together. Her journey, their relationship, her desires, this will all be told in-depth in the movie.

This is a soft burn, written and directed by the award winning Sofia Copolla. This will be shown in theaters come January 31st nationwide and is released in the Philippines by CreaZion Studios Inc. (same people who got The Childe which stars Kim Seon-Ho and When Evil Lurks in 2023) represented by their EVP Real Florido. You may follow their social channels by searching CreaZion Studios or visit their official website creazionstudios.com for more about this.

For fans of the rock and roll icon Elvis, Priscilla and Liza Marie, you would definitely want to see this with fresh eyes as this will be in the point of view of the wife. The 60's and 70's was certainly different, totally americana... and I experienced that in Priscilla. Make sure you watch it!


Travelers, Get Ready for PTAA's 9th International Travel Trade Expo 2024!

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Travel Tour Expo 2024 is happening this year with the theme "The World Within Reach".

Ms. Patria Chiong the TTE Chairperson says "With the help of our sponsors DOT, Unionbank and media partners, the Travel and Tour Expo is happening this year. People are raring to travel, with places that work with their budget, ease of travel and the DOT's "Love Philippines " campaign, PTAA is here to make sure people can make memories in the country. We are confident to exceed the goals of the DOT, people are raring to go out and restrictions are lifted. We are giving travelers choices, it just boils down to budget and in the TTE we've got that. From 3 to 5 star hotels, tour packages, special trips, we can offer to different needs of passengers and customers. We are looking forward to the future, way beyond this event and there's really no way to go but up! I would say it would be up by 20-25 percent (a ballpark figure). The ASEAN, Israel, Taiwan is going to be popular as they are Visa Free."

There will be 4 halls occupied and it has been sold out to travel boards, agents, and businesses. One side will be delegated to business to business markets and exhibitors, and all these will be open to the public on February 2 and 3. 

Sellers will include international offers for Australia, Balkan, China, Dubai, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, the US and Vietnam. 

As of now they have over 68 sellers and 220 registered buyers in the event. Gates will open 10am on the first day, and 9:30 am on the second day. The TTE secretariat wants to emphasize that we all need to help the DOT succeed as this will be a public and private sector cooperation. The Bayanihan spirit still exists. So see you at SMX 2F Function rooms because this will be big! Unionbank card holders will also get perks especially on the opening day plus some eGC's up for grabs.

There will also be raffle draws, prizes, surprises, entertainment numbers, and an auction for trips so make sure you bring your budget on the day!


PHILIPPINES Win Big at Acer's Asia Pacific Predator League 2024

From a gamer spectator such as me, I always knew the Philippines would fare well in the recent regional competition, Acer's Predator League 2024. At the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City Philippines, fans flocked to this venue to watch DOTA 2 and Valorant country representatives (in Asia Pacific) as they battle it out to see who's best in this region.

There were over 26 world class teams who were raring to do their best in the 2 day event. The prelims was fun albeit being a bit uneasy for some teams because they had only one match to qualify for the next round. It certainly wasn't easy to adjust that fast but those who did took advantage of the format and won their respective rounds. It was also fun to also talk to the eSports athletes before they went into the actual match, here's some of them on video!

The international eSports teams also talked about their experience doing the tournament here in Manila. They did expect matches would be hard since some of them are Tier 1 franchise teams, and a lot of them wanted to experience what it feels like being in a match with them. Although some of them lost their matches, they learned a lot in the process and promise to be back with an even greater team soon.

Aside from that, executives from different regions went on to tell us how it's been actually very beneficial to run these events in their respective countries. To say the least, business has been good and they are planning to do the regional Predator League in Malaysia next year. They also want to do it bigger and better in the coming years as they find big value in knowing how name recall plays in the gaming industry and that's exactly why they're number 1 in the market!

PABLO was super good!

The Asia Pacific Predator League was also the best in entertainment. World class Filipino performers showed up and got us partying at the start, between games and in the finale. On day 1 alone, I got my dose of Valorant fare as Ylona Garcia who sang "Entertain Me" when NEON was launched as a character, oh how I love her! Aside from that, Urbanddub, Al James and Donny Pangilinan joined in the fun plus a full Valorant game with SB19 and other Acer influencers made the evening extra epic! Asia's Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo also ended the day with her performance, people were at awe! 

Day 2 had Josh Cullen, bands Sandwich and Spongecola, Pablo (who did a new single on stage) and KZ Tandingan give us the absolute best in Philippine talents, it was like a full blown concert with the games on the finale day.

And in the end, it was a sweet day for the Philippines as Team Secret won the Valorant championship and Blacklist International Rivalry won the DOTA2 championship. Both teams from the Philippines won 65,000 dollars and their own Predator Shield. Initially, BOOM Esports was actually favored to challenge Team Secret, but Japan's FAV Gaming surprised them all. They got 20,000 dollars together with Execration (for DOTA2), and BOOM Esports + Team Flash got 3rd Place with a 7,500 pot each. Team Aster and IHC Esports got the same for DOTA2. Intel MVP awards went to Jeremy “Jremy” Cabrera (for Valorant) and Marc Polo “Raven”Fausto (for DOTA2), getting a prize of 10,000 dollars too.

If you're up to it, some of the performances are already up on my TikTok account so just search @kumagcow there, and some of the country interviews were done live on my FB page (just search kumagcow) as it's all there!