OPPO Starts 2024 with OPPO Pad Air

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Looks like our friends from OPPO are starting the year fresh with the new OPPO Pad Air. It's their newest tablet made with entertainment and productivity in mind, plus way more storage than usual. I'm going to give you more reasons to have it.

Tablets certainly have been useful for so many things. Watching movies, streaming videos, and putting in a lot of work for office or creatives. The bigger display gives it more flexibility because you can see things even more than the usual smartphones we carry around. The OPPO Pad Air gives you a balance of both work and play. It also doesn't shortchange you on processing power, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chip, 8 CPU Cores, and an AI System Booster 2.1, you can make work quite smooth and add social media, movies, and a little gaming when you want to get less stressed. 

If it ain't enough there's also space for a 512 GB sd card for more storage if your internal one doesn't cut it. Battery life is amazing with its 7100mAh which can last you the whole work day. You can also do 18W fast charging and not wait too long when you need to go out with it. It's also light, designed slim, easy on the eyes with the 2K HD Eye Care it does when you take it out of the box.

They also made it affordable, so make sure you wait for updates at their website oppo.com.ph or their social channels when it gets out on February 1st. I'll update you soon about it!


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