POPS FERNANDEZ Celebrates 40 Years with "ALWAYS LOVED" Concert

Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Concert Queen Pops Fernandez is going to have her 40th Anniversary concert called "Always Loved" at the Theatre at Solaire in Paranaque City. This will happen on February 9 and 10, so if you miss her, this is the time to celebrate with her!

Pops says "I actually did not expect myself to be in the business this long. I usually say 10 years is okay, but here we are, I lasted this long. There are so many things that happened to me, my life and career. I didn't enjoy it all til I got separated. It was easy for me to perform with Martin because he was there, now I realized I had to perform on my own. Although I do concerts solo, he helped me, but when I did the Captains Bar gig, I was more nervous there than when I was in bigger venues. I think that's when I told myself I could do it. I was more passionate, I thought of all the numbers, I thank him because I had to go through that professionally."

She adds "I want something light, I haven't done a movie for a long time. I did a few musical comedies that I did very comfortably. Maybe we can do something along that lines. Maybe we can do light movies first. When I was younger, I was a little impatient and looked for it, but now I think it will just come, someone out there is meant for me. I'm happy, it's just going to be a bonus. I hope it is someone I can just grow old with, to travel and see the world. Maybe when I look back, I remember Rizal Stadium. I also want to thank Fritz Infante, it's a little difficult to tell who the next concert queen is because it's really a different level of performers now. It's also performing without a script, the big entertainment value. They have to be known with their own title. I want family and friends to be there. I have lots of barkadas who I feel really love me. I have to thank my Mom for her genes, she really looks young, and she always tell me how to take care of my skin. I think I owe it to myself to feel good, I figured if I was going through something, I would still be conscious of taking care of myself. What you see now is a more fulfilled life, I still have more dreams and yes I want more, I have goals which I hope to still get at a certain age. I want to perform, be part of showbiz, I would still travel with family and explore more."

For the concert she will do a new fast song, something current, you'll also see her perform "Get it Poppin!", a song that may get appreciated by the new generation. So again, for those who would want to watch her concert, get tickets from the Ticketworld website or Solaire. See why she's still revered as the Concert Queen this 2024!


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