4th IMPACT Welcomes Fresh Start: Releases New Album

Monday, January 22, 2024


When I heard Mylene, Almira, Irene and Celina was out to release an album, my 4th IMPACT fan heart was so happy! After their successful stint in X FACTOR UK Season 12 which catapulted them to worldwide fame, they're still looking for that spark to start off their own, original music, and a journey made of the same dreams they started with years back. Th launch happened at SM North Edsa Skydome in Quezon City, The Philippines.

The album only has 5 songs, but well worth every minute it plays when you stream online or spin on CD where available. Singles include "Distorted", "All at Once", "Round and Round", "February", and "Hate That Girl".

In 2023, announcement of their departure from their previous management shocked a few, but instead of drowning in the past, the girls went down hard as independent artists and did all the legwork needed to make this happen. They spent time working with the best of the best in the industry, same people who made music for Jennifer Lopez, and popular KPOP artists. 

Although there were a lot of sad anecdotes and realizations mentioned in the press conference (where they all kept it real), they had each other, their Mom and Dad to make sure they wouldn't give up the dream to represent the country in the international music scene - and still get to where they want to be. Since the debut single has been released in the US last year, they want to test the waters with these songs and see what resonates more with their audience. This also personifies their deep perseverance, something they're mighty proud came naturally as sisters. Even their management of tasks felt like everyone was volunteering and fit their skills like a glove.

Here's our video coverage of the press conference this evening

They rightfully dedicated this new album to the DREAMERS (their fan group) as they made them realize how they made 4th IMPACT inspired all these years (instead of them being the inspiration). Their faith in the 4 ladies made them hold on to that dream no matter what hardships they encounter.

I liked that in the end, Irene told the press how they knew that this isn't a continuation of what they've been doing in the past, but a true start because as far as artists are concerned, they definitely deserve to have that opportunity. They're hard working, still think about folks, and each other. They've been in so many roads, taken lots of detours, but is still hungry to be where they deserve to be. 

Up there, with the stars!


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