UNIQLO Outerwear Collection: Fit for Every Mood

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Japanese retail be UNIQLO just recently released a more functional and fashionable Outerwear Collection. Fit for every mood, wether it be casual, sophisticated, sporty, comfy or essential, UNIQLO has them fit your every mood. They've got pieces that are water repellant, windproof but not hot, they've been leading tech in fabric since a few years ago. They still are creating clothes to help YOU live in comfort, still stay stylish everytime.

Reversible Parkas for all weather preparedness. One can be word when it is drizzly, light rain and still stay cool.

Pocketable UV Protection Parkas so you won't get the harmful rays of the sun when you're out there. Again, still stay looking good.

For those who don't know, UNIQLO is open now in selected malls and stores across the country. Aside from that, they've recently launched their own app which you can download on the App store of Google Play. Free shipping also for orders 2,500 and up! They connect you to stores virtually and ship so fast, I got mine the day after and it was so nice. I bet you know how it fits because you've always loved UNIQLO right?


The Femme Magician Behind Skin Magical

In the Philippines, there has been a resurgence of entrepreneurs dealing all their business online. From food, clothes, technology, and beauty products, they have made smart ingenuous ways to earn despite suffering economic constraints brought about by the pandemic.

This isn't new territory to Ms. Ghie Pangilinan, head honcho of successful beauty brand Skin Magical. She had her humble beginnings as an online seller. She started making business off of selling toys, bags, dresses, shirts and even gadgets. She had her share of detractors, saying she wouldn't succeed and mouthed her for being an unruly vagabond during college which she uses as inspiration, to hopefully prove her critics wrong.

Initially, she tried to woo her friends and family to try it by messaging them on social media, but she was a bit disheartened as none of them replied. She made a daily account of her own experience of it on Facebook, they saw how she glowed and inquiries came pouring in. She admits she had to stay up late just to answer inquiries. Her story wasn't any different, but it was her truth that got it sold. She also did it regularly, on a daily basis. She's worked so hard to make her line of skin care products and took it off from there, that was 7 years ago. Now, she's got more than 200 distributors and over 50,000 resellers nationwide, of which some are even abroad. 

She quips "If you are a housewife and an online seller, you should be very proud of yourself. You should be proud that you are working hard for the sake of your family. Everyone should work hard to achieve those dreams and we all can succeed. Online selling is for everyone.”

This is why she now shares her experience to home entrepreneurs. She's appeared in Karen Davila's show "May Puhunan" and sought to empower other women, that they too could rise to the challenge and succeed. These may be extraordinary times, but that's no excuse to not make your business flourish. She has taken these challenges, and made it. Now even those old friends of her ask about her business, and how it has continued to do remarkable marketing victories til now. 

If you want to know more, check out www.skinmagicalph.com and be one of their online sellers. Then share your own story of success too. Time to make your own magic!


Go Get Seagate SSD Drives On Shopee!

We're still in GCQ and I picked up a hobby opening up my laptop computer in the hopes to give it new life. 

I have already started fixing the old keyboard because some of the letters were just not responding. Just this weekend, I was able to finish upgrading the RAM and ordered a few of it online in Shopee. Honestly, I was just browsing one day and these products just kept appearing right when I have had the luxury of time because of quarantine. Now it looks like I'm kinda running low on storage and what better way to fix that but by getting myself a few interesting pieces from Seagate. Yes, they've got an official store in Shopee.

I am eyeing these SSD External Portable Storage!

Seagate Official Shopee Store


Seagate 500GB One Touch SSD Ultra Small USB 3.0 External Portable  


Seagate 1TB One Touch SSD Ultra Small USB 3.0 External Portable Storage (STJE1000402) 


Seagate 1TB One Touch SSD Ultra Small USB 3.0 External Portable Storage


Seagate 500GB One Touch SSD Ultra Small USB 3.0 External Portable


SSD's can perform faster, make processes done in quicker time which means more savings later on. It's definitely a great investment, easy to organize with a few months subscription of Mylio Create and edit with Adobe Cloud that comes with it. With a max data transfer of 400 MB/s putting those video and photos for your vlogs would be easy, heck that's way faster than your existing drives if I'm not mistaken. It's gonna be cheaper too if you smartly use your Shopee vouchers which you can download here. Install and shop at the comforts of your home, go to the App Store or Google Play and hurry before you miss the sale!


PH Celebrities Thank Effectiveness of Juicing

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Juicing is not that quite common in the Philippines but these days, we need all the help we can get to get sufficient nourishment, and keep our bodies healthy especially at the time of COVID19 sadly looming upon us.

The nutrients, vitamins, minerals we get from fruits and vegetables is something that has been given a lot of attention these past few months, more so because of its ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, chronic illness and even cancer. Extracting all that from them has now been essential to keep our bodies ready to fight those bad stuff, and in the Philippines, it is now possible to do that simply by ordering off Kristal Hierco-Reyes' store on IG called @pure_jus_kristal_ph or their site pure-jus.com. She's just starting, and is planning to do more things under KDJP enterprises and the Pure Jus YouTube channel.

Her amazing line of detox blends have been tried and admired by celebrities like Dingdong Dantes, LJ Reyes, John Pratts, Shaina Magdayao, and several cast members of Ang Probinsyano. Add to that the multitude of people who have sent their feedback saying they've lost weight, feel fresher, have more energy to do daily stuff because these concoctions do work. I won't be surprised they all have good skin too because of the anti oxidants these fruits and vegetables provide, they'll be better, some actually get healed in no time!

Try it out over at their social channels, it might be your best armor for dreaded diseases.


Beko Prides Itself on EverFresh+ Technology

Friday, July 24, 2020

I've been the designated tribute during the pandemic and it's a wake up call for people like me who don't frequently go to wet markets much. It's kinda like a grocery, but it's not, but they've got the freshest food items available everyday if you know where to look and how to pick them from the market. 

I am quite okay with the meat, fish and chicken, but I have a handicap in looking at vegetables especially in times I couldn't tell what it is just from the looks of it. I didn't want to ask the seller because of pride LOL. Anyway, I got a really huge fridge but it's not the most efficient in keeping vegetables, I was looking at new Euro brand Beko (which just arrived in the country) and modesty aside, they can keep the veggies fresh three times as much, a feat that I've never seen before but it must be because of the new technology they apply in their fridges now.

They call it EverFresh+ which keeps your fruits and vegetables that much longer. This is done by their crisper drawer design that maintains ideal airflow and less frost together with their NeoFrostTM dual cooling technology. It also has IonGuard and Active Fresh Blue Light tech which lessens bacteria and promote continuous photosynthesis. Imagine the savings you can get as you get these easy spoiling food items for a longer time just because you had a Beko. They also use Beko ProSmartTM Inverter Compressors to make sure you spend less energy and make it a quiet home. Go check out the BekoPH Facebook page for more information, it's all there!


Get Deals on Western Appliances via Shopee!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

I've been staying at home since the GCQ and I'm sure you're all doing the same to keep yourself and your family safe. I've also took time to clean, fix things, throw away things I don't need and felt I need to shop and replace stuff at home. Good thing there's a lovely and dependable Western Appliances store on popular online shopping app Shopee, with a few flicks of your finger, you can immediately purchase stuff just like when you're in a mall.

The trusted brands always land in their stores, and that's not different when you see their Shopee store too. Western Appliances carries Sharp Automatic Washing Machines for your dirty clothes, Kolin Airconditioning Units for your hot rooms, Haier UHD TV's to watch your favorite shows lifelike and Panasonic Inverter fridges to keep your snacks and drinks ultra cool. 

Western Appliances Official Shopee Account


Sharp ESU75GPGY 7.5kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine 


Kolin KAG100HRE4 1hp Window Type Aircon w/ Remote


Haier LE49F1000U 49" UHD Digital TV


Panasonic NRBQ241VS 8.7cuft Two Door Inverter Refrigerator


Now there's no more reason not to get your home essentials delivered to your homes, most of these appliances are also available with Free Delivery and I'm so glad you can reach them now on the Shopee app. Go download it today on the App Store or Google Play here.


Affordable ACE Smart TV's on Shopee

Monday, July 20, 2020

If you haven't seen it yet, you're gonna love this deal on Shopee.

I bought my current non smart TV in a local mall which cost me around 12-13K because it just fits the budget and my current TV frame at home. Back then, it also needed payment for delivery and I didn't have any choice because our van was being used by my Dad whom I love dearly. We were buying this for him as well so as to not spoil the surprise, I had to pay extra for a TV that could not even go online. Today, I think it needs to be replaced and yes, I am so glad to have been able to see Smart TV sets be on sale and part of the 8.8 Flash Sales on popular shopping app Shopee. Just look at this one from ACE Philippines O_O

ACE Philippines at the Shopee Mall

URL: https://shopee.ph/ace.philippines?smtt=0.0.9

It's the best deal I've seen so far and the reviews of previous consumers are stellar. Colors are vivid, the Smart TV function works as advertised and it would be easy to do web work for creators like me if I had this around my room, our entertainment area or even stuck to a wall in my shower. They even offer FREE brackets for it if you purchase one today. Although honestly, these sets run out fast because ACE Philippines give them so much value for money. You can get the 32 Inch Smart TV here:

ACE 32" Slim LED TV Black LED-808 DN4

URL: https://shopee.ph/product/71024418/1271726534?smtt=0.0.9

So hurry and download the Shopee app now on the App Store or Google Play. Check it out here!


Order Food and Pay with PayMaya

Hi cellmates! How's life being at home for quarantine? I know it's hard so I'm teaching you how to make things easy. You see, I always order food online and today is one of those days.

My fam and I was craving for Siopao and yes, the one we're looking for is Kowloon House which is quite near my place in West Avenue. They were totally closed during the past few months and when they got back in business, I immediately had to have my Jumbo Pao, several Bola Bola Pao, Asado Pao, Sausage Pao and Beef Siomai. Of course, I also had to have the hotsauce with it.

To get it, I had to use my Grab food app and use my virtual PayMaya card to pay for it. It makes your purchases online secure and yes, you can even use PayMaya QR if you plan to do take outs by scanning QR codes in store. This time though I wanted to be ultra safe, and paid for Grab Pay credits using my PayMaya, after a few flicks of a finger, the order was placed and the driver went on his way. He informed me he was on the way after a few minutes, I had my Siopao on my doorstep in no time at all!

Aside from that, you can easily donate to causes like this one for COVID19 patients and frontliners. All you gotta do is download it, load up, connect your bank even, and pay for it the cashless way via PayMaya. You can use my code KUMAGCOWPYMY so you can get more out of it! :)

Let me know your PayMaya story!


Pay Government Dues on PayMaya

Saturday, July 18, 2020

I know you're worried, you haven't paid your government dues like taxes, SSS, payment for your license at PRC, registration for DTI, PagIbig, your passport renewal at DFA, your traffic violation at MMDA, your birth certificate at NSO, your NBI permit, but never fret, PayMaya is gonna save you now.

The superhero cashless payment option now accepts these government agency transactions, making it easier for you to pay on time when you need to, without going to the government offices at the time of pandemic. Chirping away worries, your payments could reflect instantaneously or after a few days and you don't get hassled or fear catching the dreaded virus because you didn't go out from the comforts of your home.

Download the PayMaya app now on Google Play and the App Store. I've been using it for a lot of things and not just that, I even get cashbacks when I least expect it and sometimes get 100% of the money I spent. I'm not even joking!


UNIQLO Finally Opens Online Store

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Japanese LifeWear retailer UNIQLO just launched their official UNIQLO Online Store today July 16, 2020. This will change the current fashion landscape in the country as each UNIQLO item will become more accessible to a lot of consumers, bridging the connections of different branches and shops across the Philippine archipelago.

They will also have the option of store pickup, or delivery, and pay with their own credit cards, debit cards online via UNIQLO.com or by downloading the UNIQLO app on the App Store or Google Play. They currently have special offers for those who would purchase 5,000 above in a single receipt today by giving them their very own UNIQLO U Packable Bag. They also have a sale from 16 to 19 for those who love their Reversible Parkas, EZY Ankle Pants, Mercerized Cotton Dress, and Rayon Long Sleeve Blouses. Make sure you follow their social media accounts today so you get updated of same specials when it happens.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna take a look at their live event this 11am and see what they would be doing for customers during their launch, who knows, we might just get lucky with LifeWear for Men, Women, Kids and babies! 


Blocker Airborne Shield Now Available at Shopee

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Times are hard, and we're all confined in the comforts of our homes because GCQ has not been lifted yet in the metro. Our government can only do so much and we're all doing our share in keeping ourselves safe by washing our hands, wearing masks, and keeping distance from everybody else. But how safe are we really?

I've recently seen that Blocker is currently sold in Shopee. It's said to be an extra personal protective shield against airborne infections such as viruses, bacteria, mould and offensive odours. The device uses a chemical compound called Chlorine Dioxide that sanitizes the air in your immediate vicinity. You can carry it around, very lightweight, fits in your shirt pocket or attached in a handbag to keep you safe. They also encourage this to be used by kid 3 years old and up, also pregnant women, or just about anyone who goes out to get supplies for home.

The Blocker uses Chlorine dioxide, which is an effective agent against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. It is in liquid form, that eventually turns into gas which they use as disinfecting and environmental purification agent recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Japan’s Ministry of Health. If you haven't thought of adding precaution to your routine safety protocols at home, this would be a good way for you to be ready for the new normal. Download the Shopee app on the App Store or Google play here.

Check out their official store here


See how you can use the Blocker here


Because really, you can never be too safe. #NeverTooSafe


Join Toyota’s GR Supra GT Cup Asia - Philippines

Monday, July 13, 2020

Have you ever had the urge of of driving fast sometimes on the freeway, that you feel you can do good on the racetrack? What of you had the chance to do it on the world's famous racing circuits? Best of all, you’ll be doing it in Toyota's pure sports car, the GR Supra? Well now, you’ve got the chance to represent the Philippines and using your racing skills to the test. You’ll get the chance to bring honor to the country, in an international motorsport event.

It's possible, and you can do it online as Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently announced the launch of its first virtual motorsport competition, the GR Supra GT Cup Asia - Philippines. TMP is looking for champions that they can field against other countries in Asia. You can be the next racing champion!

Just register for free at the official website www.toyota.com.ph/gtcup where there are two major open categories. First is the Promotional Class for novice, casual virtual racers or enthusiasts, and second is the Sporting Class for advanced racers with previous professional virtual motorsports experience. It’s open to all Filipino citizens with a valid Philippine passport, 18yo and above that’s got a Playstation 4, able to use their own active PSN account and PS Plus subscription with the Gran Turismo Sport game.

After your registering and submitting requirements, qualified drivers will be notified on official game rules and schedules. The Top 24 from each class will race in the semi-final and the final race heats, and points will be assigned based on their finishing time. First round qualifiers will happen on July 23 and the finals will happen a week after. Then a second and third round will happen in August and September. Players from the two classes to accumulate the most points after the third round will be declared the Philippine champion and will participate in the Asian Regional Round come October.

There are two special classes open: the Celebrity and Media class which is where the third Philippine champion will come from plus the Junior class for players below 18. The GR Supra GT Cup Asia - Philippines is a motorsport program under Toyota's global Gazoo Racing brand and is being staged by TMP in partnership with Tuason Racing. This activity expands TMP's local motorsport development program which includes its premier one-make- race. Their Vios Racing Festival set to resume in 2021 whenever it's already declared safe to hold mass gatherings and public events. For more info about Toyota's activities, products, and services in the country, visit their official website at www.toyota.com.ph. Follow their accounts ToyotaMotorPhilippines (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and @ToyotaMotorPH (Twitter).

See you on the race track!