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Monday, July 20, 2020

If you haven't seen it yet, you're gonna love this deal on Shopee.

I bought my current non smart TV in a local mall which cost me around 12-13K because it just fits the budget and my current TV frame at home. Back then, it also needed payment for delivery and I didn't have any choice because our van was being used by my Dad whom I love dearly. We were buying this for him as well so as to not spoil the surprise, I had to pay extra for a TV that could not even go online. Today, I think it needs to be replaced and yes, I am so glad to have been able to see Smart TV sets be on sale and part of the 8.8 Flash Sales on popular shopping app Shopee. Just look at this one from ACE Philippines O_O

ACE Philippines at the Shopee Mall


It's the best deal I've seen so far and the reviews of previous consumers are stellar. Colors are vivid, the Smart TV function works as advertised and it would be easy to do web work for creators like me if I had this around my room, our entertainment area or even stuck to a wall in my shower. They even offer FREE brackets for it if you purchase one today. Although honestly, these sets run out fast because ACE Philippines give them so much value for money. You can get the 32 Inch Smart TV here:

ACE 32" Slim LED TV Black LED-808 DN4


So hurry and download the Shopee app now on the App Store or Google Play. Check it out here!


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