The Time To Go Cashless Is NOW

Friday, July 10, 2020

If you’re still holding physical money for your transactions, you must know how dirty it is on a microscope... because chances are, you wouldn’t like what you’ll see.

But fret not, PayMaya is so convenient, secure and easy to apply for. If you have a smartphone, just go through the registration process and use my code so you can get 100 pesos to start off your cashless journey. 

Having PayMaya made me pay for my Smart Mobile Phone, PLDT, and sending cash to other people, businesses easy. Aside from that, I’ve had several instances where they even got me CASHBACK of 100% in buying grocery, medicines and other products. You can have the chance to have that too because their cashback offers 5%, 50% or 100%. Now don’t take my word for it, go register now and get my code so you’ll see how good it is.

Go cashless with PayMaya!


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