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Monday, July 20, 2020

Hi cellmates! How's life being at home for quarantine? I know it's hard so I'm teaching you how to make things easy. You see, I always order food online and today is one of those days.

My fam and I was craving for Siopao and yes, the one we're looking for is Kowloon House which is quite near my place in West Avenue. They were totally closed during the past few months and when they got back in business, I immediately had to have my Jumbo Pao, several Bola Bola Pao, Asado Pao, Sausage Pao and Beef Siomai. Of course, I also had to have the hotsauce with it.

To get it, I had to use my Grab food app and use my virtual PayMaya card to pay for it. It makes your purchases online secure and yes, you can even use PayMaya QR if you plan to do take outs by scanning QR codes in store. This time though I wanted to be ultra safe, and paid for Grab Pay credits using my PayMaya, after a few flicks of a finger, the order was placed and the driver went on his way. He informed me he was on the way after a few minutes, I had my Siopao on my doorstep in no time at all!

Aside from that, you can easily donate to causes like this one for COVID19 patients and frontliners. All you gotta do is download it, load up, connect your bank even, and pay for it the cashless way via PayMaya. You can use my code KUMAGCOWPYMY so you can get more out of it! :)

Let me know your PayMaya story!


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