The Femme Magician Behind Skin Magical

Thursday, July 30, 2020

In the Philippines, there has been a resurgence of entrepreneurs dealing all their business online. From food, clothes, technology, and beauty products, they have made smart ingenuous ways to earn despite suffering economic constraints brought about by the pandemic.

This isn't new territory to Ms. Ghie Pangilinan, head honcho of successful beauty brand Skin Magical. She had her humble beginnings as an online seller. She started making business off of selling toys, bags, dresses, shirts and even gadgets. She had her share of detractors, saying she wouldn't succeed and mouthed her for being an unruly vagabond during college which she uses as inspiration, to hopefully prove her critics wrong.

Initially, she tried to woo her friends and family to try it by messaging them on social media, but she was a bit disheartened as none of them replied. She made a daily account of her own experience of it on Facebook, they saw how she glowed and inquiries came pouring in. She admits she had to stay up late just to answer inquiries. Her story wasn't any different, but it was her truth that got it sold. She also did it regularly, on a daily basis. She's worked so hard to make her line of skin care products and took it off from there, that was 7 years ago. Now, she's got more than 200 distributors and over 50,000 resellers nationwide, of which some are even abroad. 

She quips "If you are a housewife and an online seller, you should be very proud of yourself. You should be proud that you are working hard for the sake of your family. Everyone should work hard to achieve those dreams and we all can succeed. Online selling is for everyone.”

This is why she now shares her experience to home entrepreneurs. She's appeared in Karen Davila's show "May Puhunan" and sought to empower other women, that they too could rise to the challenge and succeed. These may be extraordinary times, but that's no excuse to not make your business flourish. She has taken these challenges, and made it. Now even those old friends of her ask about her business, and how it has continued to do remarkable marketing victories til now. 

If you want to know more, check out and be one of their online sellers. Then share your own story of success too. Time to make your own magic!


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