My brother's EUROTRIP

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two weeks ago, my bro called from Dublin and told everyone except me that he'll be on vacation in Rhode Island, Greece....He's all over Europe ey?! And I'm stuck with asian countries... I'll probably try somewhere else in the US or Canada sometime soon...a surprise trip would be nice...hehe

I envy him a lot since he is enjoying every bit of it, I on the other hand have attachments with my bed, pillows and blanket...sheesh!

Aside from being a millionaire or more, I guess he's the lucky one....I only got the looks obviously...hahaha so I think this trip of his is fair enough right? ^_^


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well what do you I venture into the world of RAN....

My bestfriend introduced me to this one...its free of course! and we probably will spend a little more time playing this game than talking.... talk about de javu on college days...geeze... I remember going home at 3 am in the morning then goin back to school at 7am...which gladly means I dont get sleep! I've been playing hours and hours today... now i dont even know if im gonna get snooze at my desk...sheeze! i hope i could..even for mah break!

A warrior till the end....

Friday, October 12, 2007 was not a nice game... it was a setup...that is my opinion....

I have seen about 8 events in this game that was officiated by UAAP referees poorly... this is not a good thing...but let's just say "NO TO BRIBERY" next time.... I mean if they find that offensive then they probably are guilty right?

I hate them for not playing fair... I hate them for even bragging about their win...when they know themselves that they paid for it.... haven't they learned anything on their suspension? All they are are rubbish...

We never lost the game...we played it... we played it fair.... we never paid for it.... I had my parents go to that game and they have the same view as I did... so in my case, UE should have won.... well in my point of view...we really did...

I am a warrior... my mom's an dad's a warrior too.... I will forever look forward to punishing these people.... and let them feel the wrath of the true UE Red Warriors!
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Ortigas Avenue LIVE!

Well, by the time you guys read this article off my will see Ortigas Avenue live!
Got this off a website that shows real time videos, but its a nice thing to note that this actually is not the sole one. There are lots of it around the world...kinda neat right?

I think this would be useful for people traveling the area or for those who plan a new EDSA 4... that's if you plan to do so "IM NOT SUGGESTING THAT DIMWIT!" its just nice to know that this can be done. Maybe someday soon it'll be much clearer and bigger... its just nice to look at when you are doing nothing.... it makes you feel you are goin outside even if your'e not! =P
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You wanna know your japanese name? CLICK AND REPLY!! =P

Make each letter of your name in English
then substitute it with the Japanese sound to
the right of the letter.

A- ka
B- tu
C- mi
D- te
E- ku
F- lu
G- ji
H- ri
I- ki
J- zu
K- me
L- ta
M- rin
N- to
P- no
Q- ke
R- shi
S- ari
U- do
V- ru
X- na
Y- fu
Z- zi

JAPAN! Nyahahah!!!
Halatang walang magawa!! I saw this article while googling! ENJOY!!!
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I only fall inlove sometimes....and I wanna do it right...'s been about almost 2 months when I found someone to love..who loves me back unconditionally... Yes ladies and germs... I'm officially in love....
This really special... finding ways to make her happy, and contented with what we have...that is all I ask for.....that is what I'm sooooo trying my best to do.... to make me....and my girl happy.....

Joanna.. I wanna marry her...just not now... I'm keepin her...and loving her....

She completes me...for the times that I lost some things along the way... for the times that I got hurt because I fell in love too much...then they all left me to rot... she picked up the pieces for me... and made me whole....

I am in love... and Id like to do it keep this love.... I wanna give it all to her... She deserves it...she deserves me... I love her coz she really completes me... ^_^
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UE's winning streak

De La Salle University came within 3.5 seconds of ending the streak but University of the East was destined to remain invincible!

After giving UE a new lease on life in overtime, the Warriors dominated the Green Archers in the five-minute extension to complete a rare 14-0 sweep of the UAAP basketball eliminations with a 92-84 win at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City Thursday.
This is what I expected...but mah lord not OVERTIME!!! Sheeze! Brian Ilad stormed from the bench and punched Fampulme on the head...what a FAG! what a cheapshot! I hope your mother learns manners like you did!

I'm so proud of my alma mater! I'm so proud of the throng of warriors that life and limb would support our college team... I'm excited to be part of the red tribe!!...I thought in the years that we haven't touched ground on finals we would never really acheive THIS MUCH...this in itself is a feat! The mighty warriors from the EAST are hungry for the long awaited championship!
I will be here watchin yah!

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I am a WARRIOR! I fight not for glory or fame, For they are momentary. I fight for those who can't. I fight for Justice. I fight for the oppressed and the down trodden. And if I should lose my life for these just causes, then I have no regrets, For I serve to protect the innocent. It matters not where or when, For evil knows no boundaries. Be it fire, flood, or the threat of tyranny, I will not flee. Justice is my weapon. Faith is my shield. Hope is my armor. Cry not at my passing, For it was my Honor to fight for you. Shed not tears of sorrow, But tears of joy, For now, I stand with God.

I was born of a Father and Mother who hails from the bloodline that speaks this truth (since he was a part of WARRIORS Men's Basketball and Mom on the other hand was a graduate and also did teach YDT when Highschool was still around) the warrior within me is not of a big joke.

Now back to reality, the University of the East Red Warriors again made history! They have conquered and now have completed the expected CLEAN SWEEP of the UAAP eliminations! I have never been so proud! I watched the game and boy it was indeed a sweet victory! I'm glad I also am a product of UE...geeze! Im gonna tell you stories about it the whole month so just wait for it...I was there and I was a witness to the brawl that occured in the first quarter. Im gonna put that guy into his grave! Whatta sore loser! Whatta cheap shot! We won over La Salle 92-84...IN YOUR FACE!!!
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