UE's winning streak

Friday, October 12, 2007

De La Salle University came within 3.5 seconds of ending the streak but University of the East was destined to remain invincible!

After giving UE a new lease on life in overtime, the Warriors dominated the Green Archers in the five-minute extension to complete a rare 14-0 sweep of the UAAP basketball eliminations with a 92-84 win at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City Thursday.
This is what I expected...but mah lord not OVERTIME!!! Sheeze! Brian Ilad stormed from the bench and punched Fampulme on the head...what a FAG! what a cheapshot! I hope your mother learns manners like you did!

I'm so proud of my alma mater! I'm so proud of the throng of warriors that life and limb would support our college team... I'm excited to be part of the red tribe!!...I thought in the years that we haven't touched ground on finals we would never really acheive THIS MUCH...this in itself is a feat! The mighty warriors from the EAST are hungry for the long awaited championship!
I will be here watchin yah!

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