The Need for Extra Protection Against COVID

Monday, January 30, 2023

We've been all cooped up in our homes for the last 3 years but the threat of COVID-19 still exists We are blessed to have frontliners help us during the toughest times, up until now.

Medical Director Dr. Enrico Evangelista says "While we've had so much progress in the last few months, cases are still on a rise. Hopefully this won't overwhelm our health facilities and bar super spreader events. Let's not be lax, one of the things we can do is adding Covidone TS povidine iodine throat sprays so you can protect your oral cavity." 

It's an antiseptic and can kill germs. It is also safe to be taken by kids 6 and above. It's also accessible since it is an OTC product.

If you're interested, get Covidone TS in Lazada or Shopee, leading health stores nationwide. Help our frontliners ease their jobs especially when we've got so much health concerns in the country.


The Classics and New Stuff from GUESS

Sunday, January 29, 2023

People should take a second look at their closets and see if they need a revamp of their outfits. This 2023, a simple change in vibe is a must. May it be a pair of pants, a tee, a dress for that next event in the office, you need to have something to wear on those special dates.

You deserve to take care of yourself. It's time you take charge and showcase your new style and new clothes!

LBD's and More

There's always a go to dress for ladies when there's a sudden occasion. A little black dress might come in handy but of course, there's a ton of other things one could wear these days that doesn't necessarily scream basic. That's where the GUESS dress comes in. The new collection has some form fitting ones, some with feminine floral prints, sultry earth tones, chic cuts, something that would go with the fall winter season.

Comfy Activewear

After having fun during the weekends, hit the gym with something great. You need something that's light, breathable, can handle a little sweat while you do activities. GUESS Activewear would fit you nicely. It's being healthy and fit without compromising looks. Something that you can wear casually and switch into high gear when you need it. They've got something for men and women, and it wouldn't hurt if you dress up as a couple, I mean hey, it's almost hearts day!

To a Tee

The afternoons are getting pretty hot these days and you might want to have new GUESS Tees in the mix. Something that could keep you fresh, not so dressed up, but still heck of a lot stylish. It's also easily available at the GUESS website which makes it a lot accessible, easy to source especially if you've got a very busy schedule. Theirs is a bit special as it doesn't tear off easy. It's none of those crusty ones for cheap that doesn't last long.

Not Just Jeans

You've probably got jeans, but they might already be worn out. Updating this might be a smart move especially since GUESS Jeans would look good on you. It's tougher than usual, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and very comfy even if you've worn them extensively. There's always a GUESS Maong that's would fit you. You can wear it in casual occasions, especially when you're outdoors. Pair it up with a shirt, long sleeves, plaid, it's not just jeans and help to make you look classy.

If you're up to it, GUESS has free alteration services from January to December 31st. You'll be given a GUESS voucher for the service every 4K worth single purchase qualifies you for it. Just look for GUESS where available. 

I bet, at the end of the day, you'll surely thank yourself for it!



Saturday, January 28, 2023

People are extremely excited for the upcoming DIVINE DIVAS: The Ultimate Drag Experience concert that will happen on February 10, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater. The show produced by Fire and Ice Productions and Nathan Studios will headline Rupaul's Dragrace Philippines very own winner Precious Paula Nicole (who by the way is still fresh from her Dragcon UK representation of the Philippines), and equally talented RuPH-Girls Viñas Deluxe (who sings crazy) and Brigiding (a triple threat!).

It was unbelievable to see them perform during the press conference a few weeks ago and hands down, much of what I saw there was already concert worthy. Though during the interview, they promised that what they will showcase on the date will be totally different from what they've performed in bars and other events. They didn't divulge who will be their guests during that time, but we've got dibs on it today.


They just announced that Andrea Brillantes, Markki Stroem, Lady Morgana, Turing and The Golden Divas (from Golden Gays) will be their guests on the show. Rumors say that they will all be clad in drag so it'll be surely exciting to see how Andrea and Markki will be executing it on stage.

Aside from that, Lady Morgana is loved by all. Turing on the other hand will probably do more of her dance numbers which drag race fans around the world actually love. So if you haven't gotten tickets yet, go get them at TICKETNET online or call their number 89115555. Ticket prices range from 800 to 6500, you'll surely love the show!


Beautéderm Opens Corporate Headquarters and Beauté Beanery in Pampanga

It must have been her great dream to to one day, cement her brand and put her business in one roof hence the new Beautéderm Corporate Headquarters in Angeles City, Pampanga. Ms. Rei Ramos Anicoche Tan and the Beautéderm team finally opened the new building (which houses several of her brands) and the newly launched Beauté Beanery (a coffee shop) in this location. It's also Beautéderm Corporation's 14th year in the business and this was the opportune time for us to see what they've done with the place. It was absolutely gorgeous from outside!

This is welcome news for the multitude of their loyal customers who have always patronized their skin, body, fragance and health booster products known for its efficacy and quality. This isn't just a business for CEO and founder Rhea Tan because it provides resellers, their distributors and franchisees something that could change their lives. The new building has been 2 years in the making and it was meant to be the main base of operations in the country.

The place was absolutely posh. They had marble and nice tiles, gold fixtures from floor to ceiling. They also had several designer trunks here and there which made it look even better. They also had the BeautéHaus which provides skin services and we were greeted by several of their people, it felt quite welcoming. Since it's also the first time we're seeing this building, they invited several artists to make the event sparkle!

Artists include singer Alynna Velasquez, character actress Ynez Veneracion, internationally awarded actress Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, the gorgeous Jane Oineza, the iconic Ms. Lorna Tolentino, international sensation Darren Espanto, premier broadcaster Korina Sanchez Roxas and the beautiful Bea Alonzo.  There were also several social media influencers in attendance and a lot of media entities from Pampanga, broadsheets, tabloids and bloggers.

Beautederm Execs, Celebrities, Ms. Rei's Mom during the launch

Darren even gave a small song number after being egged by the press

Ms. Rei and Bea Alonzo

The new Beauté Beanery on the other hand concocted several hot and cold coffee variations, also prepared hot food, cakes and pastries. It'll surely be a nice spot for remote work, dates or just usual coffee breaks if you're in the area.

Ms. Sylvia Sanchez also obliged us with an interview about how she feels about being an endorser of Beautéderm and her whole journey. We also asked he a bit about Ria Atayde's recent milestones as the newest calendar girl.

Ms. Rei was very optimistic that this will just be the first of 10 buildings she wants to put up all over the country. I've seen them grow over the years and I'm so happy that a Filipino corporation has achieved so much in such a short amount of time. She had very humble beginnings, her life story is quite inspiring and it teaches you that anything is possible if you put your mind, your heart and hard work into it.

Congratulations to the men and women who have made it possible for Beautéderm to grow where it is today!


MARIKIT Artist Management Launch: Promising Talented Actors and MASKULADOS

Friday, January 27, 2023

Meet Jeremy Luis, Charles Angeles, Kyle Ocampo, Barbara Miguel and Angelika Santiago of Marikit Artist Management

Optimistic, promising artists went inside the Cafe Ilang-ilang Atrium in Manila Hotel a few days ago presenting themselves to the press as they launched a new agency called MARIKIT Artist Management.

As the name suggests, it's a Filipino word that means beautiful, pretty, and is easy to remember especially in the entertainment industry. Their thrust is to look, discover and manage artists that have huge potential and give them the opportunities they deserve especially in the PH movie, TV, commercial, music and social media. Aside from getting talents in Manila, they're concentrating more in provinces, especially those who are in Visayas and Mindanao.

Charles Angeles, Kyle Ocampo and Barbara Miguel

Jeremy Luis, Charles Angeles, Kyle Ocampo, Barbara Miguel and Angelika Santiago

Charles Angeles is currently a title holder in his home province, not surprised!

Angelika Santiago has an upcoming horror/suspense film, watch out for that!

Good looking boys Jeremy Luis and Charles Angeles

Yannie Tui, in charge of artist branding. She's also a very in demand stylist!

Barbara Miguel wants to do more contrabida roles

For starters, they introduced a couple of artists that have agreed to forge their careers with them. The gist of their contracts actually include no false promises, but more of the artists growing with Marikit too. This includes honing their talents via workshops and training. The agency is owned and managed by CEO Jojo Aleta and their partners (includes Ms. Melai, Ms. Yannie -who's absolutely crazy talented and in charge of branding, Sir Tristan and Sir Eboy). Mother Jojo (as everyone calls her) says "This is a special evening for us, of course these all didn't come easy. We built this company with God, perseverance, and would like to thank those who have been with us through this journey. This includes our staff who have been my family, you are here to also guide me, together to put up Marikit Artist Management. To our artists, thank you for the trust, love and support, for being with us in Marikit. We are happy to get to share this moment with you, it means so much for all of us. We welcome you to our Marikit beginning."   

She adds "I believe there are a lot of talents in other regions particularly in Visayas and Mindanao. We want to invite them to Marikit and be part of our efforts to penetrate the mainstream entertainment industry. Marikit looks at talent in other places and not just in Metro Manila. This was all done so fast, our name was coined as such because it is simple and unique. Marikit encompasses beauty from the outside, we want to showcase their character, what's on the inside. We want to represent the talented ones, the ones with equipped with skills,  that's our goal."

Artists include internationally awarded actress Barbara Miguel, former child actress Kyle Ocampo, Chinita charmer Angelika Santiago, Starstruck Alumni Jeremy Luis, and pageant king Charles Angeles. They also have on their stable the legendary MASKULADOS (Check out our TikTok video HERE as it's already 45K views) who said that they were looking for management they could trust, and Marikit Artist Management came in at the right time.

Here are excerpts of the Q&A part of the launch a few days ago:

As of now, they are concentrating on increasing their social media presence in order to make them more visible especially to netizens and have limited access to free TV. I like the variety of talents they've got at Marikit Artist Management. It's so refreshing to see how they're giving opportunities to those who are outside of Metro Manila and I can't wait for them to showcase what they can do in upcoming projects. We're under the impression that they have a lot in the pipeline and soon, you'll see these artists on future shows, concerts and just about any place artists are needed. They're still growing so you can expect a few more personalities joining them in the next few months/years.

I too am excited about what they still have up their sleeve because from what I saw during the press conference (including the several tears that rolled down their cheeks), they're destined for stardom. Make sure you follow their individual social media accounts and the official Marikit Artist Management Facebook page because they do update regularly. 

Congratulations and I hope this will be the start of something big for Marikit!


The Male Form Issues on Stage This April

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Gold Aceron, Nil Nodalo, Jake Cuenca, and Mikoy Morales comprise the cast of D***Talk

Looks like the men will take the stage this coming April as V-Roll Media Ventures and its sister company Trifecta Band Lab does a theatrical production does a run of DIC*TALK. Directed by Phil Noble (who's done several movies and TV shows) this show will tackle mostly the male form, masculinity, manhood, and the male organ. Tickets are out now on TICKETWORLD for shows from April 15, 16, 18-21, and the 23rd.

Performers include multi awarded actor Jake Cuenca, esteemed indie actor Gold Aceron, singer and actor Mikoy Morales, theater actor Archi Adamos plus trans man Nil Nodalo who will be doing the LGBTQIA+ role on the show. Surely this will be something that will be a little uncomfortable for some to tackle, but they will anyway. The show was created by Edwin Vinarao and writers Ara Vicencio, Benj Cruz Garcia. Much of the talk will be relatable, current, funny and less preachy, this will be intereseting to see on stage.

You can liken this to the previous hit show Vag*** Monologues but of course will be talking about the opposite one. Much of which will be no holds barred, very revealing way. Make sure you get tickets at and seats range from Php 2000-Php 3650, this will be at the RCBC Theater in Makati. Go do it!


Garrett Bolden Releases New Album Called "CHAPTERS" Under GMA Music


 Fresh from his stint in Guam doing the Miss Saigon show on the island, Garett Bolden is not stopping his music journey. Right now, he's written and completed his new album called "CHAPTERS" which is under GMA Music. It's a compilation of several covers and a few original songs which he wrote specifically to personify his journey.

Garett says "Ikaw Pala is actually a Kris Lawrence song which was a hit in the early 2000's. Yes I want to have the opportunity to do TV, more theater productions. I want to explore more genres, because music preference of people change too. I want to do dance even if I have two left feet. My album title is Chapters. I would say if I were in one of those chapters, my newest single talks more about my life now. Seeing the purpose of what I'm looking for, my passion, what I love to do and share, it's what I want to pursue and want to realize, to not hold back and have a much clearer vision of what I want to do in music."

He adds "My Clash journey has been my best performance, plus the out of the country work I did for Miss Saigon. When I first heard a song by Kris Lawrence, I was a bit afraid because he has his own signature style into it. I had to put my spin and decided to perform this. Right now, I'm really happy GMA gave me the chance to write more songs and perform it, especially for the Kapuso audience."

Talking about his peers he says "Jeremiah is like a brother to me, he's going to have a concert soon. I too would want to have that experience, like a tour in different cities. That's what I want to do, to go to people and share my music. It is one of my goals this year. After Ms. Saigon, I am auditioning to several productions. I want to pursue other theater work."

For those aspiring to be great singers, Garett advises "I surround myself with great people. I don't put myself in hard situations. It helps a lot to keep the right people around you, to remind you that you can move forward."

Since The Clash Season 1, Garett is thankful that he is given the opportunities by GMA. He wants to do acting work soon and he's really ready for it. Make sure you get his album CHAPTERS available on streaming platforms worldwide. This will be released this January 27, he's also on All Out Sundays and his single is part of Bad Romeo so make sure you listen to that too.


GCash and GRAB Partner Up for Seamless Transactions

GCash and Grab earlier just made things easier as they forge a partnership in all their services.

Renren Reyes of Gcash says "This is another milestone, it's our responsibility to partner with like minded brands to continue to reach more customers nationwide. GCash is now going to be a key cashless partner payment with GRAB. We are excited to make available in transport and food deliveries by linking the GCash wallet with your Grab accounts. This will make your everyday lives better as it is seamless and convenient."

Martha Elaine Borja the President of Grab Philippines says "Good morning, we are really excited to partner together through cashless payments, GCash can now have the payment method as a payment partner on our app. With GCash, we would be able to make it easier for more Filipinos do cashless and secure payments to thrive in a digital first economy. This is a first in the transport and digital payment sector in the country. The grab and gcash collaboration will further improve financial inclusion in the country "

This will be a direct payment option, to link your GCash just select account, payment method, enter your details and link. You can then pay directly with GCash your transport, food and delivery services. It is seamless and convenient. Things will start on February and only going to be implemented in the Philippines.


SPARKLE's Outstanding 1st Year!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

You've seen them all shine and sparkle this 2022 and this year, it's even gonna get bigger as fresh faces and more talented artists join SPARKLE, GMA's talent management division.

According to GMA's Senior Vice President Atty. Annette Gozon-Valdes "I hope to continue leading SPARKLE and be able to meet the demands of the post, to ultimately be of service to our stars and the network!"

Behind her is a powerful team that includes Ms. Joy Marcelo the AVP for Talent Management, Sparkle's Senior Managers Tracy Garcia, Vic del Rosario, Daryl Zamora and countless managers, handlers, producers and specialists who have been making it possible managing the careers of over 300 Sparkle artists. They have been under the one and only star builder Mr. Johnny Manahan who has always been very hands on since Artist Center's rebranding.

In 2022, Sparkle's artists Sanya Lopez headlined "First Lady", Ruru Madrid on the other hand did swashbuckling hero "Lolong", Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose and David Licauco did "Maria Clara at Ibarra", Kylie Padilla did great work on "Bolera" and the one and only Alden Richards did the "Start-up PH" show among countless hit series on the network. These men and women + artists have worked hard to make these programs successful and currently, plans to have an even better performing 2023 is brewing!

Aside from the hit shows, Sparkle artists such as Heart Evangelista, Alden Richards, Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, Julie Anne San Jose, Kyline Alcantara, Camille Prats have had the trust of different brands, both local and international surprising even their own management.

Several events showcased Sparkle's talented stars including the Thanksgiving Gala and Charity Event held mid year. They also launched some of the freshest artists and love teams through Sparkada through their music video during summer. In the latter part of the year, they also did "The Sparkle Spell" where their favorite GMA artists came clad in different costumes impressing people of different demographics, events that all garnered millions of views and reactions. During Christmas season, they gathered at the SM North Edsa SkyDome for the year ender "Sparkle Fans Day: Isang Pasasalamat" where they got to personally thank their supporters in person. Over 70 Sparkle artists entertained 1400 people during that day which included me in the audience. This kept a lot of fans and onlookers glued to TV sets across the country. 
They continued to grow their roster of talents by acquiring new talents and renewing contracts through their Signed for Stardom events. We got to take to a new generation of actors, actresses, hosts, up and coming stars and your favorites. I remember interviewing THEA TOLENTINO, LIANNE VALENTIN, LIEZEL LOPEZ, KIM PEREZ, THEA ASTLEY, DUSTIN YU, PRINCESS ALIYAH, JADE TECSON, SKYE CHUA, HALEY DIZON and MARCO MASA among others. 

Some of the artists got also immortalized at the new Sparkle Wall of Fame which will grow even more as Sparkle artists join in the coming years. Sparkle's social media accounts have also exponentially grown in recent years which includes their YouTube channel and TikTok account that have lead views and follows among entertainment accounts in the country. This is just the tip of the iceberg as they've got plans to work with different digital streaming platforms and international brands with their new world class shows bringing multi awarded actors and actresses from their roster and give them a plethora of opportunities outside the country too. While they continue to hone the talents of their artists via workshops they host, and the different shows they make on the channel, Sparkle is going to continue their successful run to make sure you get a dose of these top of the line shows, titles and concerts to audiences not just in the Philippines but elsewhere in the world!

For more information about these artists and shows, visit their website and their social channels today!


New People, New Programs at Radyo5

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Looks like programming will become a little different this 2023 for Radyo5 92.3FM as they launch new shows and put some of the top broadcasters in the industry on their frequency. True to their tagline of "Ito na ang totoong tunog ng Serbisyo Publiko!" much of the changes they'll be having is the addition of public service centric shows that would cater to different folks which would make sense once you hear their names.

I've been listening to Dr. Love aka Brother Jun Banaag in his previous radio station. Let's just say he starts his program in the evening up to the wee hours of the morning so you have someone to accompany you do your work. He gets the 10 to 12am slot every Friday and talks more about family life, relationships and deep faith hence his moniker Dr. Love. Aside from that, his voice is of legends and very deep which I think is really cool to hear.

Aside from him, the new show Bangon Bayan will be ON on weekdays 4 to 6am hosted by Mon Gualvez. If you miss Cheryl Cosim, she's in the late afternoon show Sagot Kita! which will be from 4 to 5pm to tackle current events and public service. Your favorite FM DJ Laila Chikador on the other hand will be hosting Good Vibes together with financial guru Stanley Chi. This will be on prime time at 6:30 to 8pm. For a bit more help for the Filipino people, there's Pinoy Konek hosted by LGBTQIA stalwart Danton Remoto which will be doing legal, OFW affairs and public service talk from 9 to 10pm.

This has been a welcome addition to the RADYO5 hit shows of Ted Failon and DJ ChaCha, the entertainment show Cristy Ferminute hosted by Cristy Fermin  and also Wanted sa Radyo with your idol Sen. Raffy Tulfo. This is just the start of the year and there's a lot to look forward to on RADYO5, make sure you follow them on their social channels as they update you with even more changes in the coming days.

Congratulations Radyo5!


XIAOMI Price Slash on AIOT Devices Starts Today

Looks like the Year of the Rabbit rings a lot of good deals from your friends at Xiaomi. Much of the offerings are going to be 43 percent off on its original prize. Their phones, AIOT and home devices have already impressed me when I got them last year so I'm raring to have more of this this 2023. Discovering why convenience is important for much of these ain't science, it's common sense.

From January 20 to June 20, 2023
they are offering several of their products with discounts to make sure your life becomes simpler and more efficient. Check out these products if one fits your lifestyle:

Xiaomi Band 7

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is one of the most attractive health bands in this generation. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress tracking and supports 120 types of exercise. The huge 1.62-inch display is lovely, can be always-on, and can be charged fast. It's also very compact and sleek, none of those annoying distracting colors. It used to be PHP 2,499 but now is sold at PHP 2,099.

Xiaomi Watch S1

If you prefer smartwatches, the Xiaomi Watch S1 is a better one. It's got a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, a long battery life, over 117 fitness modes, a dual-band GPS to track your runs and bike tracks, and a good health monitor which you can view on an app. They are also available in black stainless-steel case with same colored straps. There's also one in silver + brown straps and usually costs PHP 10,999. Since it's on sale, it costs PHP 7,999.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

If you prefer a different look, there's always the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active. Best for those who are seriously into sports, extreme ones and those who love outdoor activities. It's got a 1.43 inch AMOLED display, a 470mAh battery which can last for days, and is packed with a heart rate monitor and a blood oxygen sensor often needed in the pandemic. It's also got an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, atmospheric sensor, and ambient light sensor for those who need it. It used to be priced at PHP 8,999 but they reduced it to PHP 5,999 because of the sale. It's the right time to buy it.

Xiaomi Buds 3

For those who are looking for wireless earphoens, the Xiaomi Buds 3 is your best bet. It's got good noise cancellation and sound quality. If you haven't experienced HiFi sound, this would let you experience it. It also can do over 7 hours of playback on a full charge. If you bring the case, it can extend it to over 32 hours. Price is at PHP 4,999 but because of the promo, you can get it for only PHP 2,999. Ain't that a deal?

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro

For the more audio sensitive people, the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro earbuds is best for you. It's got well-balanced audio, capable noise cancellation and comfy fit. This would be good for those who are into watching videos or gaming as it has a more immersive feel. This costs PHP 6,999 but since it's on sale, you can get this for only PHP 3,999 because they can.

Xiaomi Truclean W10 Pro WE

For those who want a clean home, they've got the Truclean W10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum on sale too. It's got a roller brush that can vacuum, mop and clean floors in one run. It also can do corners and edges without having problems in the back as it is cordless. You can get it today for only PHP 17,999 (used to be 27K).

Go to Xiaomi's FB page for more updates and their official stores on Shopee and Lazada!


HONOR Launches TOUGHEST PHONE X9a 5G in the Philippines

Influencers, stars, HONOR's Brand Marketing Manager Joepy Libo-on, their Vice President Stephen Cheng, Country Manager Sean Yuan, GTM Manager Steven Yan, and their PR Manager Pao Oga during the launch of HONOR X9a 5G

It was a short but fun day to witness the launch of the newest phone from the folks at HONOR Philippines, the new HONOR X9a 5G. Although, HONOR has been in the country in previous years, this is sort of their comeback after not releasing phones in the country for years now. 

The supposed strong comeback was met with excitement as they literally had their phone tested in person at the grounds of Taal Vista in Tagaytay City. The HONOR X9a 5G was set through different tests from smashing it into garlic, pistachio nuts (shells and all), walnuts, to being a target by toy pellet guns, smashing with a badminton shuttlecock, drop tests at 5ft, and the piece de resistance, having it be run over by a real deal car.

For starters, it's got one of the nicest phone displays I've seen. With its 6.67 inch 120Hz Premium OLED Curved Display, and a 93% screen to body ratio, those movies, games and videos become a bit more immersive than usual. I've been playing CODM and Mobile Legends on it and it feels absolutely incredible.

I've had several people comment about the back camera placements but I think it was done so weight could be distributed on the screen surface (makes sense?), and if I'd be worried about it design wise, I've seen HONOR put designs on that circle frame which means you've got a lot of options to personalize it, another deciding factor. It's also got a 5000mAh battery which means you can have your phone be used for 2 days without worrying you would run out of juice. It takes around 30 minutes to be charged and that would be so convenient for people on the go. This comes in 2 colorways Titanium Silver and Emerald Green, I like the green one the most but that's personal preference. 

You may pre-order it now for only Php 16,990 and comes with a free HONOR Earbuds Lite worth Php 3,990. Get them HERE!

This would really be best for those who often drop their phones. I'm a clumsy one and if can withstand a beating or a car running over it, then it's best for me. Now go find your own HONOR today.


During Times of Uncertainties: AXA Brings You Home

Monday, January 23, 2023

If there's something that the pandemic has taught us, it's the uncertainty of life. With it still in our midst and in every other country, you've seen the need for financial security especially during these times where people lose their jobs, their loved ones, and scare us with a deadly virus every minute of the day.

People who have insurance surely have had themselves an extra layer of safety from economical stress whether it be life or non life. It was surely there when we needed it, we learned how convenient it was at the most dangerous times. Although uncertainty is still here, Filipinos are starting to look at insurance differently nowadays. We learned to plan ahead, and put importance in investments + insurance.

This should have made sense a long time ago, especially since we're in the ring of fire, in the path of over 26 typhoons a year (and much stronger ones in recent past) and floods have entered cities left and right.

To date, there's only 2.3% of Filipinos spending an average of 26% on insurance. According to the AXA Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Nandy Villar "There's fast growth in insurance services in the country. This can be attributed to the implementation of digital processes during the pandemic. Still, Filipinos seem to be just one crisis away from poverty. It's still an under insured nation."

There's still a lack of financial literacy in the country which is why AXA, aside from being an insurer takes their role as financial advisors seriously. They have trained and qualified people to become partners so you can achieve financial freedom. AXA knows that there are different strokes for different folks, needs change with age and time. Your goals transform into other things including your appetite for investments. Recently, they completed the merger with Charter Ping An which means their portfolio just got bigger, more secured.

To get assessed by the pros, head on to today!



Had a very pleasant and learning chat with Abby Clutario, a very talented singer and musician who recently released a single, a revival of Up Dharma Down's hit song "Tadhana". She's also a part of AltG Records which is under GMA Music. Primarily, she's an indie artist capable of using the Chapman Stick, a two handed string instrument with over 10-12 strings and is quite unique.

Choosing "Tadhana" she says was more of a collaborative decision between her and producer Kedy Sanchez. She's not new to the industry but always had been an indie artist for a little over 20 years, she's so happy that she gets to showcase her music now for an even wider audience.

She adds "Playing with the Chapman Stick made me feel how versatile it is. It can do any genre and sounds quite soothing. It's perfect for the song "Tadhana" as it is a ballad and very emotional. We did the song with the melody in mind so it gets highlighted, the Chapman Stick is uniqe and it can be a good accompaniment to any song."

Abby adds "I think more than the artist, piano is something I love. When I started playing music in church, I started to do other songs by other Filipino artists and instrumentalists. It's difficult to look for material because when I started there was no internet. I played and wrote it mostly by ear. In the new age, I listened to other Chapman Stick players but put my spin into it. There are not much vocals in progressive music, it's like modern classical. Much of the instruments are modern, different sounds and not just plainly piano."

She also says "First, if you decide to be who you want to be, you have to enjoy what you are doing, be passionate about it. Equip yourself with knowledge, if you have the tools and can write, go ahead and do it. It revolves around listening to all kinds of music, it's like when you are starting to read and write, you have to absorb everything and you need to treat it like you're starting from scratch, it's how you will grow. Don't prioritize fame, it's a bonus, but when you love what you do you'll go places. Once you're there, you make something and share it with other people. If they like it, that's just an extra."

Making the song she admits was quite challenging and doing justice to an already established hit song was something she was worried about. Producer Kedy suggested to do it because he knows Abby loves it too.

Currently, the song is on the #5 spot on iTunes PH top 100 songs. This was released just on January 20th and is also on the Spotify Fresh Finds playlist. Go listen to it there or on other streaming platforms because it's quite a cool version. She made it all her own.


NET 25 Gets New Shows: David Chua on "GOOD WILL"

Saturday, January 21, 2023

A new year beckons a new show over at the "Let's Get Together, Let's NET Together" Network NET 25. Aside from the new offered news, current affairs and lifestyle programs, a new sitcom called "GOOD WILL" will be premiered on January 22, 2023 at 4PM. This will be right before the much awaited Korina Sanchez-Roxas show "Korina Interviews" and will be part of the network's weekend primetime block offerings.

David by the way has already appeared on several shows in the Kapamilya, Kapuso, and Kapatid networks so he's no stranger to these shows. It's also his first foray as the lead of the show, and he's done remarkable work in Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune and ABS-CBN's Love Thy Woman.

David Chua will play the character of Lloyd Patawad, born with a silverspoon, this spoiled bad boy (who also had a colorful share of relationships) wants to try his best to reach his own rockstar dreams. This takes a 360 degree turn when his Mom passed, then can only get his family fortune if he gets to do a few challenges set on the will. This sends him to realize a few things (including managing the Good Will resort), and make his life a whole lot better.

Cast includes Devon Seron who plays Sarah (his love interest in the show), Smokey Manaloto,
Kat Galang, Ryan Rems, James Caraan (an ensemble of great comedians), Ms. Marina Benipayo, and a lot of other artists who will be integral in running the resort.

This is produced by ALV Productions, Viktory 8Media and Dark Carnival Productions and will be directed by Ian Lorenos who also did Mano po Legacy: The Flower Sisters. This is also written by Joma Labayen, Don Santella, Kiko Abrillo, Aica Ganhinhin and Motec Migallen. It's also collaborative so the story concept and creative production are done by the team. Expect this to be funny, romantic and hugely good vibes. Again, this will be shown before Korina Interviews, you can always stay to watch the next one on NET 25. 
Make sure you put this on your must watch list!


Everyone plays at "Batang Pilipino Basketball League"

Friday, January 20, 2023

Just got off from the Batang Pilipino Basketball League press conference this afternoon. By any standard, I am so excited about what's going to happen this January 27-28 at 4 different courts in the city of San Juan namely Ronac Art Center, FilOil EcoOil Centre, the San Juan Gymnasium and the Greenhills West Basketball Court in the same area. 

It's a grassroots program initiated by its founders Jun Ebdane and Coach Ron Camara which started October 2020. There's a huge potential in the pool of Filipino youth that still remains untapped and with this program, it'll be an avenue to showcase their talent on the hard court especially in the NCAA, UAAP, PBA and others. They've already held 2 rounds of local games and became champs of their respective regions in order to qualify for this national event. They also have done tryouts for young men and women because they've got separate games for them too. There's also a stark difference with how their version of Basketball is done, because teams must have their players all play once on the court, coaches then can use their best ones in latter quarters hence their tagline "Lahat ng Player Makakalaro, Walang Mababangko!" which means all players will have the chance to have playing time on the court, nobody will be left on the bench.

From a total of 194 different teams composed of 2910 individuals from all over the country, only 500 of them will get the chance to participate in the Finals on January 29 at 4pm. Tickets will be sold at the venue so if you're looking for a place to start for your basketball career, you might just be looking at it.

Aside from that, the league also allows local businesses market their products around venues so they too can earn from the events. Aside from that, they are partnering with the different provinces, local government agencies that help boost tourism in their respective communities to help then grow as a destination. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because they also announced the coming second season which will start around May. So stay tuned for that! 

Meanwhile, here's our interview with them this afternoon as they discussed the challenges they had mounting this league and the upcoming finals where 500 of these athletes will all be flown in to Manila and compete here.

See you on these dates and support your favorite teams! You can also watch it on ABSCBN Sports Youtube Channel and will be streamed live as it happens. See you on the sidelines!