Success Came for Eden at Golden Haven

Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Eden and her awards

Golden Haven has been able to solidify it's industry lead in the memorial service industry. They've got well designed and appropriately themed parks, fit to become places of refuge and rest for departed loved ones and sprawling greenery all throughout their 30 parks across the country. They've been trusted even more by the people who work there.

And as they say, "success comes to those who persevere"; and that line ain't nothing but true for Golden Haven's very own "Tita Eden". Her name is Eden Nario Pallera, a former public school teacher. She left the academe and decided to join the pioneer team of sales counselors for Golden Haven in 1987. She quickly climbed up the ranks with her passion, dedication and commitment. She's also a wife of an OFW, and later asked her husband to join the company too as an agent. It was an opportune time to get their family together, and cherished it. She got recognized in 2005 and was awarded a President's Cup by no less than Golden Haven's Chairman Manny Villar. 

She now is an Agency Sales Director who still contribute to the company's success all througout the years. She also continues to be one of the corp's pillars. They look up to her, an inspiration and is quite known in every branch because of her accomplishments.

She attributes her success with what she learned from their Chairman Villar's "Sipag at Tiyaga" attitude which she implements in every post she gets. These days, she has time to travel and enjoy precious time with family while still managing work. She's very proud about how she was able to get her 3 daughters to school and change their lives. She also wants to encourage those who would want to have incentives of all expense paid trips, much like what she has achieved.

If you wish to become part of it, visit their website or follow their social channels by searching Golden Haven on other platforms. You can also visit their main site if you want to know more.


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