Sustainability, Powerful Gaming Laptops, Awesome Speakers #NextAtAcer 2023 Global Conference

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

o see what they're offering this year, we listened in to the #NextAtAcer 2023 Global Conference which they streamed at their FB page and YouTube channel. Aside from their recent environmental efforts which has been quite successful in the past few years, this year, they strengthen their goals for sustainability in 2035. To make our world a cleaner and better place, not just about technology, but people.

Jason Chen the CEO of Acer says "As a leading tech company, we will leverage our industry to touch everyday lives. Half a million people now utilize our Vero line worldwide, a green and sustainable product which we continue to produce. Also half of our suppliers now have transformed their businesses to become sustainable, and we want to make this accessible to gamers, creators, and those who are on the go. We want to explore more ways to empower our users, and we are thrilled to showcase exciting new products."

Thin and Light Series

People value time and flexibility is important. The Swift Go is light, in unique colorways, Evo i7 certified laptop that sync with phones, giving you improved productivity. 16:10 aspect ratio, higher performance and improved cooling. It's made from 100% recycled plastic, background blur, fast charging Type C charger, and a stunning OLED display.

The new ACER Halo Swing (wireless speaker) has Google Voice, enhanced base, IPX5 waterproofed, customized LED display with RGB lighting. It's got the right amount of light while preserving batteries.

3D Gaming

SpatialLabs TrueGame comes installed on gaming profiles, giving you steroscoping gaming experience on the laptops. It also now has 3D Ultra, making individual renders for both your eyes giving stunning details and immersive gameplay. You can also customize 3D depth to your preference so you get a better view in selected games each time.

Predator Helios 16 and 18 was also launched, some beefy machines with top of the line 13th Gen Core Mobile processors from Intel. With 24 cores, industry leading technologies, it's going to be a different game on gaming laptops with these on it. It'll be best for streaming, editing and recording in one place. Two times better in rendering, that alone could sell it for content creators like me. You can also sync data on iOS and Android.

The laptops will be pushed into their maximum potential and doesn't heat up because of new designed rectangular heat pipes to heat doesn't stay on the machine. 32GB RAM, 2TB storage, and a really nice display with the new Predator X27U, to good for your games without causing eye strain, and can be used with a KVM switch so you don't have to bother bringing in more cables in the mix. They also have Predator X45, if you prefer a larger display. They also have the new Orion X case, if you want a more powerful case for your hardware.

Looks like things are looking good on Acer's part of the woods. More products that are more powerful, that produces less heat, a thin form factor that can process even more work for you, doesn't that sound amazing? Make sure you watch the replays on Acer's social channels if you're interested!


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