The Male Form Issues on Stage This April

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Gold Aceron, Nil Nodalo, Jake Cuenca, and Mikoy Morales comprise the cast of D***Talk

Looks like the men will take the stage this coming April as V-Roll Media Ventures and its sister company Trifecta Band Lab does a theatrical production does a run of DIC*TALK. Directed by Phil Noble (who's done several movies and TV shows) this show will tackle mostly the male form, masculinity, manhood, and the male organ. Tickets are out now on TICKETWORLD for shows from April 15, 16, 18-21, and the 23rd.

Performers include multi awarded actor Jake Cuenca, esteemed indie actor Gold Aceron, singer and actor Mikoy Morales, theater actor Archi Adamos plus trans man Nil Nodalo who will be doing the LGBTQIA+ role on the show. Surely this will be something that will be a little uncomfortable for some to tackle, but they will anyway. The show was created by Edwin Vinarao and writers Ara Vicencio, Benj Cruz Garcia. Much of the talk will be relatable, current, funny and less preachy, this will be intereseting to see on stage.

You can liken this to the previous hit show Vag*** Monologues but of course will be talking about the opposite one. Much of which will be no holds barred, very revealing way. Make sure you get tickets at and seats range from Php 2000-Php 3650, this will be at the RCBC Theater in Makati. Go do it!


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