"I AM TONI" Ticket Issues Explained by Producer

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Looks like January 20 is almost here and rumors are spreading about Toni Gonzaga's concert "ticket sales" are spreading, and this morning, one of the concert producers Joed Serrano released a statement.

The former actor and businessman says "As of January 13 friday at 4:45pm, The  I Am Toni  concert @ the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Jan 20, 2023 has already sold 55% of the tickets." 

He adds "20% goes to the sponsors who pledged their support for their endorser toni gonzaga. Mommy Pinti ordered & paid 350 tickets for her friends, relatives and church mates who ordered from her. Me as one of the producers also reserved some 300 tickets for my friends who ordered from me instead of going to Ticketnet. These tickets are paid. Complimentary ones will only be given to family and close friends. I hope people discern politics and entertainment. As of this date, we still have about 15% of the tickets unsold. You can still buy your tickets & get a chance to watch this very controversial concert. It's a celebration of 20 years in showbusiness & the birthday of our dearest Toni Gonzaga. Let us all unite & be positive in life. Move on & be kind to all." 

"Let us all give ourselves a chance to be good in this world. Smile, lessen negativity in life. If you don't have anything good to say , then might as well be quiet rather than be stressed. See you all on Jan. 20, 2023 friday 8pm at the Araneta coliseum."

It's definitely going to be a good time for all her fans and supporters to show up on her special day to re-live Toni Gonzaga's 20 years in the business. You may get tickets from concert producers and Ticketnet as it's still available online and at the Araneta box office. 


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