MARIKIT Artist Management Launch: Promising Talented Actors and MASKULADOS

Friday, January 27, 2023

Meet Jeremy Luis, Charles Angeles, Kyle Ocampo, Barbara Miguel and Angelika Santiago of Marikit Artist Management

Optimistic, promising artists went inside the Cafe Ilang-ilang Atrium in Manila Hotel a few days ago presenting themselves to the press as they launched a new agency called MARIKIT Artist Management.

As the name suggests, it's a Filipino word that means beautiful, pretty, and is easy to remember especially in the entertainment industry. Their thrust is to look, discover and manage artists that have huge potential and give them the opportunities they deserve especially in the PH movie, TV, commercial, music and social media. Aside from getting talents in Manila, they're concentrating more in provinces, especially those who are in Visayas and Mindanao.

Charles Angeles, Kyle Ocampo and Barbara Miguel

Jeremy Luis, Charles Angeles, Kyle Ocampo, Barbara Miguel and Angelika Santiago

Charles Angeles is currently a title holder in his home province, not surprised!

Angelika Santiago has an upcoming horror/suspense film, watch out for that!

Good looking boys Jeremy Luis and Charles Angeles

Yannie Tui, in charge of artist branding. She's also a very in demand stylist!

Barbara Miguel wants to do more contrabida roles

For starters, they introduced a couple of artists that have agreed to forge their careers with them. The gist of their contracts actually include no false promises, but more of the artists growing with Marikit too. This includes honing their talents via workshops and training. The agency is owned and managed by CEO Jojo Aleta and their partners (includes Ms. Melai, Ms. Yannie -who's absolutely crazy talented and in charge of branding, Sir Tristan and Sir Eboy). Mother Jojo (as everyone calls her) says "This is a special evening for us, of course these all didn't come easy. We built this company with God, perseverance, and would like to thank those who have been with us through this journey. This includes our staff who have been my family, you are here to also guide me, together to put up Marikit Artist Management. To our artists, thank you for the trust, love and support, for being with us in Marikit. We are happy to get to share this moment with you, it means so much for all of us. We welcome you to our Marikit beginning."   

She adds "I believe there are a lot of talents in other regions particularly in Visayas and Mindanao. We want to invite them to Marikit and be part of our efforts to penetrate the mainstream entertainment industry. Marikit looks at talent in other places and not just in Metro Manila. This was all done so fast, our name was coined as such because it is simple and unique. Marikit encompasses beauty from the outside, we want to showcase their character, what's on the inside. We want to represent the talented ones, the ones with equipped with skills,  that's our goal."

Artists include internationally awarded actress Barbara Miguel, former child actress Kyle Ocampo, Chinita charmer Angelika Santiago, Starstruck Alumni Jeremy Luis, and pageant king Charles Angeles. They also have on their stable the legendary MASKULADOS (Check out our TikTok video HERE as it's already 45K views) who said that they were looking for management they could trust, and Marikit Artist Management came in at the right time.

Here are excerpts of the Q&A part of the launch a few days ago:

As of now, they are concentrating on increasing their social media presence in order to make them more visible especially to netizens and have limited access to free TV. I like the variety of talents they've got at Marikit Artist Management. It's so refreshing to see how they're giving opportunities to those who are outside of Metro Manila and I can't wait for them to showcase what they can do in upcoming projects. We're under the impression that they have a lot in the pipeline and soon, you'll see these artists on future shows, concerts and just about any place artists are needed. They're still growing so you can expect a few more personalities joining them in the next few months/years.

I too am excited about what they still have up their sleeve because from what I saw during the press conference (including the several tears that rolled down their cheeks), they're destined for stardom. Make sure you follow their individual social media accounts and the official Marikit Artist Management Facebook page because they do update regularly. 

Congratulations and I hope this will be the start of something big for Marikit!


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