Saturday, January 28, 2023

People are extremely excited for the upcoming DIVINE DIVAS: The Ultimate Drag Experience concert that will happen on February 10, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater. The show produced by Fire and Ice Productions and Nathan Studios will headline Rupaul's Dragrace Philippines very own winner Precious Paula Nicole (who by the way is still fresh from her Dragcon UK representation of the Philippines), and equally talented RuPH-Girls Viñas Deluxe (who sings crazy) and Brigiding (a triple threat!).

It was unbelievable to see them perform during the press conference a few weeks ago and hands down, much of what I saw there was already concert worthy. Though during the interview, they promised that what they will showcase on the date will be totally different from what they've performed in bars and other events. They didn't divulge who will be their guests during that time, but we've got dibs on it today.


They just announced that Andrea Brillantes, Markki Stroem, Lady Morgana, Turing and The Golden Divas (from Golden Gays) will be their guests on the show. Rumors say that they will all be clad in drag so it'll be surely exciting to see how Andrea and Markki will be executing it on stage.

Aside from that, Lady Morgana is loved by all. Turing on the other hand will probably do more of her dance numbers which drag race fans around the world actually love. So if you haven't gotten tickets yet, go get them at TICKETNET online or call their number 89115555. Ticket prices range from 800 to 6500, you'll surely love the show!


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