President Benigno Simeon Aquino III

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I went home early because I was tired from gym yesterday and I wanted to watch everything that is in the news. It's the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino. Yes ladies and gentlemen I voted for him. I'm seeing a lot of people, from the President to Jaworski it's all fun!

From Quirino Grand Stand, Times Street, Manila Hotel to Malacanang it was all jumpacked. I saw Charice Pempengco, Lucy Torres, KC Concepcion who are all so pretty. Mikee Cojuangco too was in a terno that is very apt for the occasion. I envy the nice fountain in Malcanang, I wish I had one at home too LOL. Secretary Mendoza and VP Decastro is still inside Malcanang Palace. Jose Ramos Horta is in the Quirino Grandstand together with the other dignitaries. Sharon Cuneta and her husband are in the second row. Gloria is wearing white, very angelic despite rumors she was a former devil in a past life. Gloria is also bidding farewell to press and people inside the palace... this is like her last 5 hours as president. They will probably meet in the Bonifacio Hall the premier guest house in the palace where Noynoy will also take office.

There are boy scouts all around because Binay was a cheif scout. Teves is in the palace, probably because he is part of Glorias cabinet. Wow it is hot in the grandstand and people from Arab countries are there. Vilma Santos and Ralph Recto are there too. The hosts are Jim Paredes and that big lady from the short documentaries. Tito Sotto is on the grandstand too.

Gloria and Noli are talking right now. The whole field in the grandstand is turning yellow as the hours come. Mayor Lim looks funny with all those white hair and modern shades. Charice looks good in pink but her Mom should have worn something formal. I saw the chairs and they look cheap. Ramos is there, I wonder what happened to the short argument via reporters. Magsaysay is also there, and my Mayor Sonny Belmonte. Balsy Aquino looks pretty in yellow. Pinky Aquino is also pretty... I think they are going to wear same dresses. Kris Aquino looks like big bird. I hate the super yellow on her. The other sisters had lighter ones. Ninoy Aquino left the house on a camisa de chino and wore his barong in the palace grounds maybe to prevent lukot or sumthing. Gloria went down the stairs and shook the hand of Noynoy. He did reach for her that time. I think they are now going to plate number 1 to go to Quirino Grandstand. They walked side by side. I wonder what they are going to talk about there. Gloria is smiling though LOL.

I hope someone doesn't get hit with the 21 gun salute. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III must be just not talking inside and it would be so awkward heheh. There are merrymaking on the front of the grandstand. Shalani is wearing yellow too but it looks pretty on her. The helicopter feed on the coverage is horrible. Baby James in in yellow barong and yellow shades, so cute! Cesar Montano and Shine are there too and I must say well dressed.

It looks like we are early. Some people are not seated yet and the presidents are already there. Paul Cabral did a good job but not the one on Kris. Noynoy cleans his lens. Binay rides on his electric jeep. They all stand up for the 21 gun salute.

They are one hour early. Stupid Binay has his jeep on front while Gloria takes her last walk in front of the army. Gloria went off to Pampanga to swear in as Congresswoman. Noynoy went up the stage and prayers were done. Program started. Funny Estrada is on stage hahaha. Charice did the National Anthem right, as a matter of fact it was great!

Ecumenical prayers were given by the Bishop of Zamboanga, I talked to him in Ateneo a couple of months ago. He is one funny guy. Imam and Priest prayed. Looks like everyone is paying attention. Binay and Ninoy are talking, that is great. A start maybe. Madrigal Singers did ANG BAYAN KO. It was very good. Gregoio Honasan was there too, isn't he suppose to be in jail?

Baby James was funny coz he waved to the camera. Joshua was coughing. Songs from Ryan Cayabyab and APO Hiking Society was done... it was very lame but nationalistic. Christian Bautista sang You raised me Up... I wonder why haha. Ahh they are delaying the inauguration because it has to be 12noon for him to be sworn in. Gary, Regine, Nina, and Jed Madela. Noel Cabangon also is there.

Enrile is reading the proclamation for both Binay and Noynoy. They are still stretching so the inauguration starts on time. I guess after Noel sings its already time for the swearing in. OMG who is that ugly naked guy in stage. Ahhh they are igorots pala hahaha.

Stretching with Noel Cabangon is the Philharmonic Orchestra and Ryan Cayabyab. I wonder what the hell they are doing there.

Oh and there goes the inauguration, lasted about 3 minutes. Confetti falls on the field. Noynoy starts his tagalog speech. It was nice overall.

He went to back to Malacanang for some more ceremonies. Then work starts at lunch. I'm proud I voted for him and wish him luck with all the detractors. Let's start working our butt off as citizens of this country, he needs all our help!

=) I'm proud to be a Filipino! =)


The Best: Bed Rest

It's that time of the day where the strong winds and rain pour down heavily on the metro. I cuddled up a bit with my big mug of chocolate and settle down on my bed. Bedroom Furniture like these is really comfortable and I'm sure to get more of them soon. I'm also planning to design another room and I need something affordable without compromising quality.

This is really a place of refuge for me. I think we all spent a quarter of our life in it. I have 8 pillows and want more. I'm pretty tall and I'm glad the bed I have now is as big as it should be. I'm not quite so sure about some of my blankets though because some of them are really short. This is still the place I go to when I need to read a book or press keys on my lap top. It's a great place to escape even in the midst of your own home. I can even do it curling up like a ball with just a t shirt on!

Imagine life without a place to rest after a hard day's work. That would really get your stress levels up and may give you a heart attack in no time. If I were you I would think about the things I buy and consider the ones on line. They would not be popular in the first place if they did not have that many people getting them right? They would be the ones to attest to the quality and help you make that choice if you start renovating rooms like me. I'm going to have fun doing this I'm sure!


People Change

Monday, June 28, 2010

I guess I'm thinking a lot these days. On where I am going with my life and everything else that's in it. My friends from way back... I saw a lot of them this week and I really established one thing; people change.

I am susceptible to change... maybe everyone is. I don't know because I'm not them. I hate being general. I don't even know if this is the EMO thingy I felt a couple of months ago. It's so passe that its too late to even feel that now. Are there EMO's still in existence? Haven't seen suicide attempts in the news lately so I don't know.

Hey guys bare with me a bit ok? I'm a little bit off today so all the blogging rules I implemented then are going haywire. I hope this is a burnout. If that happens to me 6 years worth of non vacation might erupt. That wouldn't be a pretty sight.

I also saw something 2 nights ago that I shouldn't. It could be detrimental to me and the other person. So I'll probably choose to keep mum about it. I wouldn't want to spread rumors. It's the truth but I wouldn't want to start anything like that. A lot of people might see things differently. That person might hack me with a bolo or something similar. It's not valentines yet so I wouldn't want to see red that way LOL.

Change is everywhere, if I didn't see that coming my IQ wouldn't have been 145. MENSA wouldn't have been a part of my future plans. I never thought it is going to be this difficult at this time of the year and it's just June. I'm looking forward to 6 more crazed months after this one.

This is such a lame post I had to let you read it. Ha-ha!


Web Hosts: The Little Choices We Make

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's that time of the year again when everything in my site becomes all temporary. If I don't get to pay my hosting provider this year they will probably take out my site instantly. They would not also hesitate to suspend services if they do not get credited at all. I understand how they feel but if you think about it, do they even ask people about their services? Like anything it's probably not that all perfect. It is tantamount to the success of your web site if you get the corresponding great web hosting provider. I know every web administrator understands how that works.

In the world where everything has been really busy; the last thing you would want think about is how you would need to manually go and pay for your domain purchases. It is troublesome for people like me and I would never want that to happen to other people. Getting a good company on line that can cater to our needs is not a luxury but a necessity. If I wasn't thinking about the other things that I could productively do other than worry about something that should be simple then I could have taken just anything. I know how hard it is to do all these together with managing several hundred people at work. I wouldn't want to suffer the consequences of not doing my job just because I had to make an effort doing things for my site. You all understand me BLOGGERS and web administrator's right?!


Party Like a NOCSTAR!

Oh boy have I been partying hard. I went home a couple of hours ago and I haven't got that much sleep yet. To tell you the truth, I went to around 8 different events this weekend so you kind of get the idea on how busy I got just by looking at the number. But no matter how hard it is I did my best to go to all of them. I need to support my friends and peers of course!

Two of these events I went to last night were notable.... the UE Red Tribe had a small gathering/party; and I'm glad we did get to meet each other. I think I did really miss the guys. Best of all, I got to pay for my shirt since the UAAP season is coming. I will be there on the second day though. Why? Because this year we are not going to have a game on opening day. We will also be battling it out with UST so you kinda know how that will go. Of course we will win because their lineup is not that impressive. I hope idol Paul Lee and James Martinez just do their job well. I'm sure they will.

My peers from Nocturnals had an event last night. Yes I had a blast, and so were hundreds upon hundreds of people who flocked to EIVISSA. It was my first time in that bar. Their crowd? It was a mix. Mostly from C and D but it does the job because the place is nice although there are some issues when it gets crowded... the airconditioning sucks!

But all in all what matters most in that night is the success of my photography org and the corporation we put up. I applaud them all. I am sorry though I wasn't able to help or get a bigger role on this event unlike the others who pulled life and limb to get it that rowdy! It was a blast and I'm so glad it became a successful event!


The Fountain of Youth at Rodeo Drive!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When I look at myself in the mirror, I do see quite a remarkable good looking face. I seldom complain about the way I look because my friends and family make it a point to praise me every now and then about how young I look compared to my real age. I never tell them unless they already know how old I am. I also have a specific on line age I use for people who continually ask and offend me most of the time. That's going to be another story but if ever I had the chance; I would definitely consider plastic surgery for men. I wouldn't want to look old you know!

I mean who does want to look old in the first place. Maybe those young teens who want to enter clubs. I did that when I was in high school. It changed my outlook in life big time and got me to think about things more clearly. I specifically noticed how people look at me when I was still in my early teens and how it was totally different when I got into college. Maybe the drinking, smoking and partying somehow aged me faster than what I imagined. I can't really blame life itself because I have been pretty abusive a couple of years ago. I drank and partied a lot like there was no tomorrow!

If I visit the US next year I'll make necessary arrangements to meet a world famous beverly hills plastic surgeon. That is the place to be for the procedures that I want to be done anyway! They have the best doctors from reputable schools too so I would not want to worry about anything at all if it's going to be done in these clinics. I would also love to visit Rodeo Drive too for the latest fashion trends. Almost all the fashion houses and brands are there. What more could I ask for?! Well maybe a little beverly hills liposuction would do! Ha-ha! My tummy is getting a little bigger than I anticipated! Are you guys for these procedures or not?! Let me know!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

With the enormous success on the first DUSK TIL DAWN last Saturday @ DOLCE SUPERCLUB, Nocturnals Productions Inc. proudly presents the next biggest party in the metro!


The second installment of this epic saga of fashion + party is going to be held at EIVISSA Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

This will be another evening of awesome pop, house and trans music, gorgeous models, fabulous make up artists, awesome fashion designers from Fashion Institute of the Philippines; and our special guest performers from Dirty Room Productions... all in one roof!

If you don't have plans this weekend, you know where to go!

Come join us as we celebrate the second part of NOCTURNALS' Anniversary!

Here we go guys! Let's party hard on June 26, Saturday at 10PM @ EIVISSA Superclub!

Text 0915-816-1444 for VIP table & ticket reservations!

Tickets are sold 150PHP inclusive of one drink! Whatta deal!

Make sure you don't miss this awesome experience... get the chance to be in the greatest party rockin the metro has ever seen!

Be there and dress to impress!

Don't be a couch potato and party where the ladies r'at! Ya hear?!


Art Influenced Me

My recent shots have been published in Issue 32 of DPP. I'm so glad I got in the bible for photographers!

I think I have been extremely artistic these past few months. The thing that I thought I didn't have a niche for just knocked on my door one day then boom! I got my photos published in the photography bible DPP. I was shocked to tell you honestly but then I think I have labored a lot since the day I held my camera. Good things are happening and I hope this isn't the last of it. I have been also doing a couple of digital art pieces along with my photos. I must have been influenced by great ones such as Schimmel, LIBRODO, LUOKO and other great ones here and abroad. I know with more workshops and classes in this field I will surely be better in what I do.

Art was never in my portfolio; but because of the great work I have been seeing on line it must have done something good in my head. This makes me a lot oriented about what path I choose to be in the next couple of years. I'm sure there will be more great masters to encounter and art work that would influence my output in the next photo shoots. Be it in the lines of fashion or the arts I would definitely have to work on it because I want to excel in everything that I do. This is what I am striving for!


Congratulations to NOCTURNALS!

I had a blast! That night in DOLCE Superclub was really unforgettable! I didn't know it was going to be that BIG! Imagine all those models flooding the runway like we had our own fashion week inside the superclub. No wonder the guys and gals had a freakin great time!

The designs were superb as they all flaunted dresses for the gals and shirts - outfits for the guys from Fashion Institute of the Philippines best! I can't believe I didn't bring a cam with me! hahahah major blunder!

I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to my peers at NOCTURNALS for a job well done in organizing and executing this event. I am really really thankful to have met you guys! Without you my Fashion Photography itches wouldn't have been scratched! Hahaha! Any other superlatives/figure of speech you have in mind?! Artists from APL D AP's Jeepney Music was there too so imagine how great it was to see them perform! It was a sight for sore eyes!

That's not the end of it! There will be DUSK TIL DAWN part II on Saturday June 26th at EIVISSA SUPERCLUB! The Nocturnals will bring you a different set of models, make up artists and designers from the best in the industry! I'm so happy to be part of it! be there as we hit the metro with what we know about partying hard!

Better reserve your tickets now!

Call or text 09158161444

Party Starts 10PM onwards.... dress to impress!

Photos courtesy of Mark Banaag. I didn't bring my cam! hahaha!


Insurance Lessons Learned

Monday, June 21, 2010

How can I forget the time when I first got into a car accident? I remember it vividly... that comes together with the argument and big fight I had with the other party too. That was a few months ago but now my insurance agent is hounding me of horror stories. He claims some parts are not going to be paid for. I said "this is what I get for getting mediocre institutions as my insurance provider". I would like to look for a better one just like those in Los Angeles Car Insurance. There is no comparison believe me!

I know that the Car Insurance Los Angeles has is better evidently in terms of coverage and benefits. Everyone needs a reputable one so when the time comes you need their help they wouldn't be the first one to give you problems. I experienced this one already and I did not follow my instincts of getting some information on the Internet first before blabbing about policy indicated in fine print. I learned a mighty good lesson and probably next time I'll get Los Angeles Auto Insurance to be a standard on what I need when I get the next set of wheels ha-ha! That's because I want to make it right! I better call them now at 1-800-475-6840 and get that free insurance quote fast!

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Kamuning Elementary School Batch 1991 Reunion

*Here's a look back at us 20 years ago*

Hi Classmates! Hi Batchmates! =)

I'm not much of an organizer... but then again it has been ages when we last met (like 20 years!) so I would really want this to push through. I would like to propose a small gathering. Some of us all have something scheduled already so I'm setting this to next month, particularly August 7th... that is a Saturday. It won't be on your family day and it wouldn't be on your day for going out (use friday for that!).

I know most of us are out of the country (hence they won't be there) but some of us are still in QC or nearby places and that's what I want to have organized first. We'll probably be doing it on a restaurant, I don't know if lunch or dinner would be best so I would like to get some suggestions from you guys where we could do this. Lunch is favorable for Mommies and Dinner - evening would be best for us guys + 2 bottles of beer right (of course!)?!

So here's the thing, I would like you to have the whole August 7th reserved for anything that we would do as early as now. The venue will remain "to be announced". As for expenses for food and drinks, chipping in wouldn't be so bad...

I would also like to ask you guys to remain online and check your private messages from time to time... some of you gave me your contact numbers, I'll have you updated there too as much as I can. I hope in this busy lives we have; we can still find time to meet and catch up on stories. This is the time to reconnect with old friends so please reserve that Saturday for us. Get it?! Got it?! Good! =)


NOCTURNALS: On our first Anniversary!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today is the day we've all been waiting for. The Nocturnals on it's first anniversary is doing it with a big bang as they come up with this years biggest party right in the heart of Quezon City! Let's let loose at one of the biggest clubs in the metro... come join us in DOLCE SUPERCLUB at Tomas Morato, 10PM onwards!

This is DUSK TIL DAWN.....

How can you resist awesome models, fashion photographers and great designers from Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I know you wanna go! But how you ask?! Just come over to DOLCE tonight and get a ticket at the door. Or if you wanna get hooked up call or text 0915816444. My friends from the Nocturnals would be able to get you reservations and VIP tables as you need em.

Who do you think are the hottest people?! It's Nocturnals. The children of the night will also have some special guests and celebrities so come and join us this evening or else!

Be there or just stay at home looking fat and ugly in the couch, those are your choices! Get it? Got it? Good!

Dress to impress please! =)


Bikes and Girls

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who hasn't dreamed of their own HARLEY DAVIDSON bikes?! I guess everyone does have that certain urge to own one. It's the machismo and impact of men in leather probably that makes it so sexy. I want one of my own so I am looking for the perfect one now. I want it big because I am not the typical Filipino built and I need more horsepower than the usual bikes since I have that habit of bragging about it too. I need to satisfy my wishes for the perfect one and fit the budget. I also know that bikes and girls fit together perfectly and a biker match would probably be also in the works. I want a lady that would be able to ride with me into the sunset. If they would be able to do that; then that would be great!

I'll be dating one of them soon and enjoy the life I've always wanted. I'm single now and if it comes to a point that this liking to women motor heads would answer my fit to get married too then that is a big bonus! If my friends would pick up the lifestyle I have then I would be glad to help them out too. There are thousands of women we can meet on line that have the same wants and haves right now. I would play cupid and never bat an eyelash for them! After all I'm pretty sure I could get one in a jiffy!


When Angels Fall Down From Heaven

Let's go back to the wonderful world of photography again. This time I'll be showing some of my shots from the Angels and Demons Photoshoot we had last Sunday. The wonderful people at Digital Katipuneros has shown remarkable themes these past few shoots. I guess the anniversary made everything fall into place. The next ones also had some celebrities on it but we'll keep it mum until I get to shoot them. You know how it works right?

So now here are some of my shots for the Angels and Demons Photoshoot. Please wait for my Demons Set also. Jackie as always has showed her incredible beauty... very effortlessly. This was a joy to shoot so I hope you enjoy em alright?!

Here it is...

As you can see I played a lot with different treatments on the photos and some of them are going to be in layouts too. I would probably come up with those layouts as soon as I finish with Mae's sets. Right now I think I got the hang of doing a fine job with the skin tones. This relatively is a little saturated but it is on the mid ranges so its not as annoying as some other photographers actually do. I did these all with my 35mm and I must say it has performed quite well. I was thinking of doing more head shots but it was being a little repetitive. I have not done what I imagined on a perfect photoshoot yet but hey I think I have pretty great shots right?! =)

Thank you to Jackie and Mae, to our MUA who did a great job on this theme, and of course Digital Katipuneros! Great job guys!