SOCO Reminiscing

Friday, June 11, 2010

I hope you don't find this a little morbid. I do watch a lot of TV shows and I could not imagine how hard it is to have a job in crime scene investigation. If we do not have these experts checking each minute detail of an incident; we would never have solved most of the murders committed in the country. Justice then would not have been served. I do seldom tell people my wishes in life but I once wanted to get morgue jobs to start off my career in crime fighting. I want to dive in something unknown and get really good at scrutinizing body parts if possible. Imagine a crime solved when they all gave up on physical evidence. Imagine hundreds of families thanking you for giving them justice. That is just priceless!

The thing is; I would like to also put up my own funeral parlor one day. I have some friends who are in the business too and I saw how great their lives had become. If you see the caskets and people they help in grieving and how happy they are when you take care of their relatives who passed on. This is lucrative and if given a chance a career switch might not be too bad at all. Any of you guys interested?! Let me know!



Rah said...

I have my own secret desire to put up a funeral parlor, too. The thing with death is "living."

J said...

Morbid, but hey, that's where the money is. ;-)

Lovita said...

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