Technology Infrastructure and its Benefits

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Internet has been a mighty tool for economies and marketing strategists alike. People purchase things on line and the convenience you can get from all of these things is phenomenal. Some institutions can even deliver purchased products to your doorstep for free. The value of internet marketing and its benefits has outweighs the problem this medium has brought about in the industry. Harnessing its power is essential so we as a country would be able to perform well in a globalized economy.

The Philippines has a lot to offer; and if we do not try and cope up with the technology standards of our neighbors in South East Asia... there will be a vacuum for raw talented people. Our economy will remain stagnant due to poor network infrastructure and we would not be able to hit out economic goals no matter how much we want to compete with other countries. I would like to have my badge of honor set in keeping a safe but constant GDP growth and have that felt by the people I love in the Philippines. It's the perfect prerogative any leader should have. Now that we have elected a president who promises a better path to economic stability; I wish he takes the time to listen and heed the call for better infrastructure as we face globalization head on! Who's with me on this plan?! Let's go!


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