I Need A Vacation!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I need a vacation! I think I have been stressed too much lately that I am already getting sick. I am having nose bleeds every now and then and it is getting to me quickly. The break I want to have should be still comfortable. I couldn't stand the heat of the sun. I might pass out in the middle of travel and people might not appreciate passing by the hospital first before we get to the destination. I was thinking of getting myself one of those motor homes I usually see in Florida. That would really be a perfect fit; and it would be all good for my needs. I know there are affordable ones now in the market and I should start by taking the easiest way to find it... on line!

I could imagine pulling this from North to South giving me the best comfortable ride I've always wanted. I wouldn't want to suffer the same fate I had a few months ago where I had to cook until well done under the sweltering heat of the sun just because I needed to get to our home a few hours South of Manila. I almost fainted while driving and I dragged my Mom and Dad along too. That was a nightmare for me! I would never want to drive that way ever again! I need an RV or a motor home fast... do you know where to get one fast?! Let me know!


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imelda said...

u take care bro. take a leave if u must