Happy Anniversary My D60KREW Family!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was hightime we did a photowalk again or as we had on some of our printed shirts FOTOWALK NA D60KREW! Because we are celebrating our Anniversary this June. Since the threads conception last year, my dear camera (Trish) and I have been buds with the same breeds as with my peers over at the D60KREW. I learned a lot from doing street photography and portraiture with them. I guess in its simplest form, I did have a lot to learn when I started this hobby and what great news to have but get acquainted with people who have been using the gear more than me... I met the D60KREW family when all I wanted was to take decent pictures and I think I got more out of that.... obviously it spurred lots of hot days under the sun and the camaraderie. All that and the fun quirky moments with the other guys and gals of the krew.

Here are some highlights of the Anniversary walk last Sunday:

Cid Estrada, Ryan Liberato, Ardiel Ross Topacio, Valynn Katrine Mag-usara, Francis Cayetano, Bangge Sella-Mahilum, Andy Rodriguez 洪安洛, Ronald Reyes Orcino, Me , Xander Solis, Andrew Alonto and Ms. Bambit. If names are missing facebook probably had something to do with it hahaha!

There were a lot of group hugs that happened. Some of them were really wacky as you might have known. What can we do, we're a happy bunch! If you combine the antics of the good guys and gals of the D60KREW, the long walk or travel would not probably tire you... but the laughs in between will. This walk was sort of a comeback since we held our first one inside the walls of Intramuros. It was scorching hot but we had a lot of fun!

Here's more of my BTS shots:

D60KREW Belle on a Bell Bangge Mahilum

Ms Bambit, Andrew, Geh, Ryan and Xander taking a rest. It was hot and we were tired!

Carlo, Joseph, Andrew, Ryan, Cid and Xander taking a seat on the streets of Intramuros.

D60KREW Noobs Andrew, Geh and Mhacdo. Ryan stands behind them.

D60KREW FOTOWALK NA! Art Topacio and Bangge wearing it proud!

To everyone who made this photowalk happen and to all my buds in the D60KREW....

Happy Anniversary D60KREW!

Until the next FOTOWALK! =)


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Dhemz said...

happy anniversary guys! way to go....love all the pics....:)

salamat pala sa dalaw...great to be here once again!