Angels and Demons

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Saturday was extra special. I had a great time with my first group the Digital Katipuneros. DK as we call it was the first organization I got to be with when I started this hobby. I think I also got infected with GAS (Gadget Acquisition Syndrome) from them too because when I saw their gear, it was everything a guy like me couldn't resist. Well that's aside from the fact that I really needed to buy them eventually. Armed with a 35mm lens this time, I proceeded to the photoshoot location in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. We usually have shoots here since everyone is within the Quezon City Area.
This was around noon... well probably 3PM and we met at the amphitheater. I saw some new guys. I admit I haven't been going to DK because of my schedules and other organizations I go to also, but since I already had gone to their first ones the pillars of DK were just like family. I never hesitated to shoot with them since I feel really comfortable. The concept as the title of this post suggests is Angels and Demons. A lady that I shot before was there as an Angel. Jackie was all smiles. She had that same predicament as snow white on a fairy tale. It was perfect though since it was a very dramatic shoot. Under the hot circumstances we were in it was hard to keep composure. We wiped off droplets of perspiration every now and then. But it all went perfect. Even Mae who did the Demon role was great! She was fierce and it was all good to end the photoshoot since I had work a few hours after that. The output?

Here is one of them... =)

Nice huh?! =)


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