Bikes and Girls

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who hasn't dreamed of their own HARLEY DAVIDSON bikes?! I guess everyone does have that certain urge to own one. It's the machismo and impact of men in leather probably that makes it so sexy. I want one of my own so I am looking for the perfect one now. I want it big because I am not the typical Filipino built and I need more horsepower than the usual bikes since I have that habit of bragging about it too. I need to satisfy my wishes for the perfect one and fit the budget. I also know that bikes and girls fit together perfectly and a biker match would probably be also in the works. I want a lady that would be able to ride with me into the sunset. If they would be able to do that; then that would be great!

I'll be dating one of them soon and enjoy the life I've always wanted. I'm single now and if it comes to a point that this liking to women motor heads would answer my fit to get married too then that is a big bonus! If my friends would pick up the lifestyle I have then I would be glad to help them out too. There are thousands of women we can meet on line that have the same wants and haves right now. I would play cupid and never bat an eyelash for them! After all I'm pretty sure I could get one in a jiffy!


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