What if?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Well here's the thing; I've been thinking about getting married. I know I've been a little older than last year but hey it's all good. I'm thinking of all the details now and from the movie I watched this weekend it looks like I'll be in for a ride.

I am unique; and I think I have been for some of the years I've lived in this world. I am no superhero but if I'm going to get engaged in a loving environment I want to get what I want. I don't want those princess cut white diamonds. I think it is just too canny. I want to have something different and probably all about the one I marry. I really am fond of black or blue diamonds by famous brands like Apollo and New Age. I just love how it looks on the high fashion dress I wish to get her on. Does the photo on the side remind you of anything?! Ha-ha!

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Pordoy Palaboy said...

ive been thinking as well...maybe two years from now.. theres a lot of things needs to be considered..