Kamuning Elementary School Batch 1991 Reunion

Monday, June 21, 2010

*Here's a look back at us 20 years ago*

Hi Classmates! Hi Batchmates! =)

I'm not much of an organizer... but then again it has been ages when we last met (like 20 years!) so I would really want this to push through. I would like to propose a small gathering. Some of us all have something scheduled already so I'm setting this to next month, particularly August 7th... that is a Saturday. It won't be on your family day and it wouldn't be on your day for going out (use friday for that!).

I know most of us are out of the country (hence they won't be there) but some of us are still in QC or nearby places and that's what I want to have organized first. We'll probably be doing it on a restaurant, I don't know if lunch or dinner would be best so I would like to get some suggestions from you guys where we could do this. Lunch is favorable for Mommies and Dinner - evening would be best for us guys + 2 bottles of beer right (of course!)?!

So here's the thing, I would like you to have the whole August 7th reserved for anything that we would do as early as now. The venue will remain "to be announced". As for expenses for food and drinks, chipping in wouldn't be so bad...

I would also like to ask you guys to remain online and check your private messages from time to time... some of you gave me your contact numbers, I'll have you updated there too as much as I can. I hope in this busy lives we have; we can still find time to meet and catch up on stories. This is the time to reconnect with old friends so please reserve that Saturday for us. Get it?! Got it?! Good! =)




nasan ka. lols.

pusangkalye said...

at talagang match pa yung song no? napa-imagine tuloy ako---sana me dim light ako sa room tapos ako lang...tapos gabi---sabay emo emo....syempre lahat ng makakakita nito malala rin nila fun memories of HS and elementary----including all missed chances. hehe

pusangkalye said...

OMG---ang weird. pagka-close ko nung blog mo---tumutugtog parain yung kanta na ---i still have a photograph of you--I kept it all these years...lalala. yung palaa sa kabilang blog . hehe


pero ang ganda ng effect sa emotion ko ha. hehe

Maedenenavarra said...