The Fountain of Youth at Rodeo Drive!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When I look at myself in the mirror, I do see quite a remarkable good looking face. I seldom complain about the way I look because my friends and family make it a point to praise me every now and then about how young I look compared to my real age. I never tell them unless they already know how old I am. I also have a specific on line age I use for people who continually ask and offend me most of the time. That's going to be another story but if ever I had the chance; I would definitely consider plastic surgery for men. I wouldn't want to look old you know!

I mean who does want to look old in the first place. Maybe those young teens who want to enter clubs. I did that when I was in high school. It changed my outlook in life big time and got me to think about things more clearly. I specifically noticed how people look at me when I was still in my early teens and how it was totally different when I got into college. Maybe the drinking, smoking and partying somehow aged me faster than what I imagined. I can't really blame life itself because I have been pretty abusive a couple of years ago. I drank and partied a lot like there was no tomorrow!

If I visit the US next year I'll make necessary arrangements to meet a world famous beverly hills plastic surgeon. That is the place to be for the procedures that I want to be done anyway! They have the best doctors from reputable schools too so I would not want to worry about anything at all if it's going to be done in these clinics. I would also love to visit Rodeo Drive too for the latest fashion trends. Almost all the fashion houses and brands are there. What more could I ask for?! Well maybe a little beverly hills liposuction would do! Ha-ha! My tummy is getting a little bigger than I anticipated! Are you guys for these procedures or not?! Let me know!

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MinnieRunner said...

That's nice, wanting not to look old; but wanted to get old :)

I am a NO to that though.

John Bueno said...

To both? ^_^

MinnieRunner said...

To procedures :)

John Bueno said...