Burnout... I hope not!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes we ask too much of ourselves. I often think about what I could do to be better at what I do. I think that would make me better at work but now that I am contemplating on something; it includes the time that I haven't been paying attention to myself. I haven't had a vacation for 6 years. That and a possible burnout in a couple of days is looming. I just hope it doesn't happen.

My nose bled thrice yesterday and I was frantically trying my best to calm down. The condition maybe medical in nature but somewhere, somehow, I was thinking about me taking a break. When and how I would do this remains a question that all of my friends probably am asking.

Now that I'm looking at facebook a lot of times these days I envy my friends who go out often. Although some of them, I don't really know if they have money to spend hahaha. I want to try it out someday. Maybe a whole month out of the country. I need to get to Ireland and visit my brother soon. It would probably be a great trip to see the cliffs and green pastures. I want to see castles and photograph them too. Anybody has a spare ticket to Europe?! Hehehe just askin!


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