When Angels Fall Down From Heaven

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's go back to the wonderful world of photography again. This time I'll be showing some of my shots from the Angels and Demons Photoshoot we had last Sunday. The wonderful people at Digital Katipuneros has shown remarkable themes these past few shoots. I guess the anniversary made everything fall into place. The next ones also had some celebrities on it but we'll keep it mum until I get to shoot them. You know how it works right?

So now here are some of my shots for the Angels and Demons Photoshoot. Please wait for my Demons Set also. Jackie as always has showed her incredible beauty... very effortlessly. This was a joy to shoot so I hope you enjoy em alright?!

Here it is...

As you can see I played a lot with different treatments on the photos and some of them are going to be in layouts too. I would probably come up with those layouts as soon as I finish with Mae's sets. Right now I think I got the hang of doing a fine job with the skin tones. This relatively is a little saturated but it is on the mid ranges so its not as annoying as some other photographers actually do. I did these all with my 35mm and I must say it has performed quite well. I was thinking of doing more head shots but it was being a little repetitive. I have not done what I imagined on a perfect photoshoot yet but hey I think I have pretty great shots right?! =)

Thank you to Jackie and Mae, to our MUA who did a great job on this theme, and of course Digital Katipuneros! Great job guys!



scribbler said...

Really great shots!!

Keep it up! :)

Sendo said...

gusto ko na ng SLR T_T...galing galing ng shots mo..