The Scott Kelby Photowalk

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have been looking forward to this year's Scott Kelby photowalk and it looks like things are getting better. I am waitlisted right now with Ms Bambit the D60KREW lead photog and I have my reservations with the UE Litratistas too. It would be nice for a first activity with them and if you ask me its better if in this case I do it the Red Warrior way. That's the catch line they have on the site and I must say it does fit like a glove. Their path would be in the greater manila-binondo area and since it has been approved I'll try my best to be included in the first 50 that will register for that walk. He must also assign marshals so we know how this whole thing would end up. This thing must be organized as soon as possible.

If I don't end up on the first walk I joined, I'll end up going to another one that is sweet and perfect for the occasion. I haven't met some of the guys but I'm surely going to enjoy it! The subjects are going to be people, old manila and probably some everyday scenes in that area. I remember the walk we had in paco that had so many people in the streets and I got to shoot a part of the esteros that burned down a couple of days after. What is heartbreaking is that over 5000 families lost their homes. =(


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