"Finding Rizal in a Time of Barriers" Premieres on ANC

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

In a time when Filipinos are still confined in the walls of our homes, how do we remember our heroes?

This year marks the 160th birthday celebration of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. As a person who enjoyed the subject and much of the life/teachings of the man who proved that the pen is mightier than the sword, there seems to be little to no information available to Filipinos about what he did in Europe. This June 19, a Rizal documentary is set to premiere on the ABSCBN News Channel and ABSCBN Youtube account. It's aptly called "Finding Rizal in a Time of Barriers" which is conceptualized and envisioned by well known environmentalist, cultural mover and journalist, Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda.

The former Senator had the chance to tour Heidelberg and a little German town called Wilhelmsfeld two years ago. In that place, she met Dr. Fritz Hack Ullmer (who is the great grandson of Pastor Karl Ullmer) who's family hosted our national hero for 3 months in 1886. His lineage (all three generations) had kept Rizal's letters, memorabilia all these years. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Ambassador Theresa de Vega of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Consul General Evelyn Austria Garcia of the Philippine Consulate in Frankfurt and the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila + the men and women from the Office of Deputy Speaker Legarda. With the pandemic making all things impossible for them to finish everything, they came to help make this happen in time for Rizal's 160th birthday this year.

Senator Legarda says "Our national hero Jose Rizal lived in a time where there were barriers on skin color, religion, ideologies and more. He broke though these barriers, and his trip through Germany also earmarked the completion of his most famous book Noli Me Tangere which changed a whole country in the process. He also wrote "A Las Flores De Heidelberg" while studying ophthalmology and lived with scientists and humanists Blumentritt and Virchow in Berlin. You'll also get to know the Ullmer family whome he stayed with for a short time in Wilhelmsfield. The Filipinos need to know about this time in Rizal's life, and we're showing that on the documentary. It will also include stories passed on from his Grandfather Friedrich who was only 14 during Rizal's time. You will also see how special he's regarded in Germany as he remains immortalized in streets, plazas, tons of markers paying homage to our national hero."

This will be shown on the ABS-CBN News Channel this comine June 19th, 2021 which falls on Saturday at 7PM. It will also be streamed simultaneously on ABS-CBN News YouTube channel and the Facebook Pages of the Department of Foreign Affairs, National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Office of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda. Replays will also be done the day after on ANC at 4PM so make sure you catch it at these times.

Happy birthday Pepe!


SARAH GERONIMO and BILLY CRAWFORD Sing "Pusong Pinoy" for Jollibee

This 123rd year of celebrating independence couldn't come at an opportune time as the Philippines just like other countries across the world is experiencing the pandemic.

Jollibee knows how hard it is for you, me, and countless Filipinos around the world so they tapped world class performers Sarah Geronimo and Billy Crawford to perform and sing "PUSONG PINOY" to bring hope, instill resilience and encourage the spirit of "bayanihan" despite the hardships around the world, a mark of what it is to be Filipino. 

Mr. Francis Flores, Country Marketing Head of Jollibee Foods Corporation says "We want compassion to be highlighted in this video, albeit the tons of challenges that come our way, we make it a point to still be happy, full of joy, something that is instilled in our culture despite modern times. It's what's innate, we should be so proud about our "Pusong Pinoy"!"

Sarah says "For me, I think what "Pusong Pinoy" means is being there to help no matter who needs it. The Filipino trait of being of help for others, being strong, loving, big or small, Filipinos are always there to be of service for others." 

Billy adds "We remain humble, even in desperate times. Jollibee gives us joy through "Pusong Pinoy" and let us feel a love that's light and free. It's something that is innate, and priceless."

Check out the video here!

The joy of sharing your heart for others, priceless.

IKEA is Looking For Models, It Could Be You!

The world's biggest IKEA is set to open in the Philippines and what better way to keep the excitement rolling but to get YOU involved. See, IKEA is about to produce a magazine featuring Filipinos on the cover. What's good is that they're looking for FIVE Families, Friends, Individuals that would be on the printed and digital version of the magazine. It will contain not just the brand's milestones, but also inspiration on design that you could also follow. That model they're looking for, could be you.

The family can be the run of the mill Dad, Mom and kids, but it can also be multi generation, LGBT, or any kind of family there is. Well, aside from the usual fun, you'll get Php 30,000 worth of IKEA shopping vouchers to get your dream items from the store. Make sure you like their official channels because they'll also announce the winners there. If you want to audition, CLICK HERE and follow the directions on how to apply.

Don't say I didn't tell you! Because I just did.


Budget Friendly Infinix Hot 10S Says GAME ON!

Well, it looks like Infinix is going to make your payday a little better as they bring their recently launched gaming phone the Hot 10S to an even more attractive price. Shopee is having their Payday Sale this coming June 15th and with that, they're partnering with the retail app so they'll have their own Infinix Super Brand Day on June 15-18, 2021.

This phone has a MediaTek Helio G85 processor which can handle most of your favorite games, a 6.82 inch HD+ screen so you can see the whole picture and watch countless movies on your entertainment library. The phone comes in two variants, one is 4GB+64GB and the other has 6GB+128GB so you do have tons of apps that can run at the same time and never worry about storing your photos and videos if you need to.

Armed with a 48MP camera, 2MP lens for depth and AI lens, it can take great photos near or far. The 8MP front cam is ample for your lovely selfies, it's got fingerprint unlock and can charge 10W so it's quite fast. The battery is a whopping 6000mAh, so you've got juice all day and never worry about getting those priceless moments captured when you need to. Now go arm yourself today if you're in a need for a gaming buddy, and say game on!

Then again, I've never seen this yet perform. I'll see if I can get a review unit handy.


Kathryn Bernardo and Alodia Hints New realme 5G Smartphone?



There are leaks, but there are some really obvious hints of a new 5G smartphone from realme with these two posts from Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo and Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosengfiao. realme as you may know has already copped the #1 spot in sales figures released since third quarter last year and continue to grow despite the pandemic. 

5G structure has already been built in the past couple of years and utilizing it as it becomes available is surely the way to go. But there are only a few phones that are capable of it. realme has of course proven itself in the manners of making it quality, powerful, but affordable. In Kathryn's post, she was just casually telling how she's now started to pick up gaming as a hobby delving into popular ones like Call of Duty Mobile,  Mobile Legends Bang Bang, League of Legends Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile among others. Then Alodia did a screen shot and placed a couple of hashtags signifying #InfinitePossibilitieswith5G and tells Kat that it's going to be exciting from here. Well that to me is a clear indication of a 5G phone we have no knowledge of yet.

Seems to me it's about to happen soon. Better follow their social channels so you get first dibs, or better yet follow @kumagcow so we could hang and talk about it more. Like their previous releases, I hope it's affordable, powerful and of quality.


SAMSUNG Outs Two Entry Level Phones Galaxy M02 and M12

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy M02 and the Samsung Galaxy M12

Looks like Samsung is going to be giving consumers a LOT of choices this year. Recently, they launched 2 new entry level phones in the market and we've gotten to test out one of them, the Samsung Galaxy M12. The other one they launched is the Samsung Galaxy M02. 

Here's our first impression of the new Samsung Galaxy M12 on video:

The Galaxy M12 comes in Black, Blue and Green. It's got a 6.5 inc HD+TFT display, an Octa Core 2GHz Exynos 850 Processor, comes in 4GB and 64GB storage. You can also expand it to 1TB on a separate micro SD card and enjoy hours of social media, streaming and gaming as its got a 5000 mAh battery. It also has Quad rear cameras featuring a 48MP main cam, 5MP ultra wide, 2MP Macro and 2MP for depth of field. The front camera is an 8MP, so you can still take awesome selfie shots with apt amount of details. The phone also has got 15W fast charging capability, a finger print scanner on the side and dolby atmos audio. I have had the privilege of editing photos, videos, recording them as well and it performed at par/even better than other entry level phones on this price range. It did run Mobile Legends and Call of Duty Mobile on it, I've enjoyed several minutes of games before I started browsing social media channels on it. 

The more affordable Samsung Galaxy M02 on the other hand carries a Quad Core MT6739WW processor. It also got a 2GB RAM and 32GB storage for all your photos and videos. It comes in Black, Blue and Gray colorways and has dual back cameras that have 12MP main and 2MP for macro shots. It also has a 5MP front camera which is ample for selfies and taking videos for socials. Currently, the prices for these two land on Php 7,490 for the Samsung Galaxy M12 and Php 4,490 for the Samsung Galaxy M02.

Samsung also has an exclusive #MakeYourMove sale on Lazada so if you prefer the Galaxy M12, it would be best to get it from there. The Galaxy M02 on the other hand can be bought in Samsung partner stores like MX MemoXpress Online, Shopee, Abenson, Gizmo Central, Galleon and Samsung.com. There's lots of things Samsung is introducing soon, perhaps more AIOT devices? Smart homes? They're just starting!


Google Pays Homage to Philippines Today!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

If you haven't been paying attention, Google showed some changes today on its home page as the Philippines celebrate its 123rd independence day by doing a doodle.

The Philippine flag stands so proud with its red, white, blue colors as well as the three stars and the sun which signifies the 8 provinces that fought for independence back in the day. That's so sweet of them to do no? Now go and find it on Google.com and see how it waves on the main page!

But lemme ask you, are we really free?

I thought so.


TECNO Mobile Streamed Success This Month

Thursday, June 10, 2021

I don't know what it is about TECNO Mobile but their recent live streams have all become successful. This includes the recent one called Power Your Game which they did on June 5 wherein they partnered with leading MOBA game, Mobile Legends Bang Bang. With over 30 thousand live viewers and 2 Million views as of recent, it has been the most successful stream from the brand so far.

TECNO Mobile also made sure all their viewers weren't just going to be sitting at home during those hours and got them revved up by showcasing the new POVA 2 Gaming Phone and get them the chance to win tons of prizes which includes over 250 TECNO Mobile smartphones and Mobile Legends Bang Bang skins for loyal followers of their page and brand. The event was hosted by Phaister and shoutcasters Phinesse Lex and Prof B who are well known in the gaming circuit.

What made it more fun was the show game between TEAM POVA (with team members and streamers Ghost Wrecker, Junnie Boy, Kay Ann, Elie Gaming and Hypebits) and TEAM TECNO (who are all from a recent TECNO Mobile Facebook Challenge. TEAM TECNO won in three rounds and was declared winner of the first POVA 2 x MLBB Show Match Championship. It just proves that #TogetherWeAchieveMore.

For those who would love a POVA 2, it's the latest gaming phone from TECNO Mobile and it costs Php 7,990. It's built with a Helio G85 Gaming Processor, a 7000mAh battery (for longer play time), a 6.9 inch 1080P FHD+ screen (so you can play with ease and see sharp videos, photos, and vivid colors!), a 6GB RAM + 128GB Storage (so you don't have to delete photos or videos anymore) and an ET Engine + Game Space 2.0 so you don't experience those lags in-game. For those who love photos, this phone also carries a 48MP quad camera at the back and an 8MP AI powered selfie camera (which is apt for taking photos of other people, and yourself!). Pre-order is now open until June 14, so do so in TECNO Mobile's online outlets (there's one in Shopee), partner stores and kiosks in leading malls nationwide!

If you want to know more, visit their site tecno-mobile.com/ph because I'm pretty sure, they've got more up their sleeves.


ASUS Outs ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo OLED 15

Seeing the new ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo OLED 15 made me drool today. This is indeed the laptop of tomorrow as it is designed for the working man's needs.Built with a 4K OLED HD display and a built in tilting secondary screen on the bottom, it could so much especially for the creatives and professionals who would need more workspace in this day and age.

During the event today, they had premier Wedding Videographer/Visual Storyteller Jason Magbanua (my kumpare hehe) and landscape/travel and architectural photographer Nicco Valenzuela. Thing is, these people live and breathe editing and with the requirements in their industry, they would need something that is powerful and very reliable. The tasks they need to do is no joke as they play around with images and videos that are not only huge, but would need rendering as well. The tilting screen can give you the capability not only to see the whole picture, but lets you multitask. It also displays the most accurate colors which is quite needed in a common day for creatives like us.

The new ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo OLED 15 box comes with manuals, a pen, the actual unit which was unboxed during Jason's portion. He also took time to edit the video they've shown on the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo OLED 15. Technically and creatively it puts a lot of pressure with weddings as he's pretty well known for SDE's or same day edits. Nico on the other hand needs to meticulously edit huge images, put a lot of attention to details and remove things that are not pleasing to the eyes and not see a single speck of it in the output. They already have experience with the first generation of ZenBook Pro Duo but this made them realize it has answered even more of their workloads, it still had so many things to improve and they've done that in the new ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo OLED 15. Performance wise, it's super easy to drag and drop things, it boots up fast, and has an i9-10980HK processor that can take on huge tasks you need to do in it. They have an i7-10870H version with the same 32GB RAM and 1TB PCIE storage and an RTX 3070 GPU which can do a lot in one sitting. The tilting screen makes a lot of difference for Jason and Nico, they an put all the notes, the controls, so they can drag and drop on the secondary screen and put the sequence and titles on the bottom. The display will get dedicated on the output, which is so convenient for them since they can use different software at the same time without worrying where to put it when you're working with something else. It's maximum performance with these hardware. The OLED screen is super clear, blacks stay deep, it maintains the color when it should and also doesn't hurt the eyes even if you look at it for a long time (because it has less blue light).

It also looks like a gem with its Celestial Blue color, you don't have to look like a piece of metal when you're this powerful. It stays stylish just like the other laptops from ASUS. I actually own a VivoBook 14 which has proven so good for work and play, with this much power, you can significantly up the game and do even more because it's the got the hardware you need to get the tough job done in a cinch. The UX582LR-H2002TS (Celestial Blue) costs Php 199,995 (15" UHD OLED / i9-10980HK / 32GB RAM / 1TB PCIE Performance / RTX 3070) and the i7 version costs Php 169,995. It is an investment, a really smart one.

Trust me, I own one. :)


Google Holds Talk on LGBTQ+ MSMEs

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

June is Pride and International MSME Month and with that, our friends from Google Philippines is taking time to honor small businesses that are owned by LGBTQ+ entities and feature them on this yearly event they mount called Pride Conversations. This is so they could share their stories, cherish their wins so the general public and allies would be able to celebrate with them.

As you know, when COVID-19 happened, they were not really spared. This difficulty has not brought them down, it has actually made most of them closer.

Ms. Dette of Google Philippines says "Google is aware of this and they have done Google.org grants for their businesses. We will help promote them through Google My Business and other assets (2 Million Dollar grant to different organizations). Aside from this, we are hard at work everyday to make our products more inclusive and helpful, to become safe spaces, and we thank LGBT Chamber of Commerce as their efforts are very important. We miss the annual pride march, we still have a long way to go but I'm hopeful there will be better days. Please be an ally in thoughts, words and actions. We hope to see you outside soon, stay safe and well!"

Ron of LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce says "Major corporations have a responsibility to share their successes, for sustainable development and giving opportunities for people in the community they are with. This is what our chamber continue to promote, together with out allies to multiply this, to hopefully learn from our speakers stories. Businesses should adopt non discrimination policies, include SOGIE education programs, learn more about diversity, training, promote equitable benefits, provide transgender access, hold company sponsored events and promote positive LGBT+ messages. It does not happen in June alone, but everyday. Happy pride!"

Abby Biyo of Nirvana Hostel and Restaurant Siargao

Abby is based in Siargao. Initially, she only wanted to have a vacation but now is doing a business with her partner. It's the first Kapampangan restaurant in the island, and they love food and cooking. They figured, they wanted to share it to locals in Siargao. They are also part of SIBO (Siargao Island Business Organization), it aims to help other business owners. She shares "Having no clients because of the lockdown at first was depressing, but challenges was a daily routine. We had to change plans, pray, take action, lessen shyness (because no business can flourish with it) as Nirvana is for my family and our employees. We need to generate jobs to help people and extend the blessing to others." They joined weekly markets, added human effort and now they are slowly recovering. Her advise was "Continue what you are doing, don't let the pandemic stop you, make sure what you're doing is what you really want to do and not just because it's a fad. NIRVANA is now open, not just the hostel but the restaurant as well. We now have a bigger dining area and formed different partnerships, this is what we are flourishing."

Sed Aguil of The Food Episode

Struggled work from home setup, Sed decided to go back to the kitchen and found new love for cooking. Now he posts videos online, then friends asked for food, got great feedback feedback from it and now has established THE FOOD EPISODE. He says "The biggest challenge was doing everything on my own, I had no one to do this with. The positive comments from customers felt good and I learned a lot by listening to them. Find the courage to pursue what you really love, it's normal to be scared, but don't let it become a hindrance. Be patient, as it's not a smooth ride everyday, you will peak at the right moment."

Amrei Dizon of Vitalstrats Creative Solutions

Vitalstrats Creative Agency was created a few years ago. When a client needed a receipt, they needed to register as a business, so it was somewhat accidental. They create videos, music videos for indie artists and during the pandemic she says "We had a number of challenges, because our setup was converted to digital and almost all of us had to work from home. We lost a lot of projects since we didn't have events and shoots possible during the lock down. We did digital projects, we adapted to changes and now able to thrive even in the pandemic. Don't be afraid, everything can be learned, embrace your uniqueness because it what makes you great. That's the value of a good team. You have to pivot your services to what is currently relevant. We have openings if you are a creative, we are open for that!"

Nariese Giangan of FFTG Cafe

FFTG (food for the gays) now has a physical cafe, a safe space. Started April last year, when she graduated in culinary school and decided to sell baked goods. She says "The name was really catchy, the LGBT folks were just on it as they felt like "supreme beings", now we have a business and opened it even in the middle of pandemic. When I opened shop, it was already going strong, but we had to close shop again after a few weeks. We had to be in deliveries and do it online. We needed to double our efforts, because at the end of the day, our bills don't stop. I was the only one who bakes, had to sometimes ask family to help out. Anyone can learn the skills, but you have to believe in your product, and know the services that you provide. Know your market and plan your business well and how to promote it not just to the community, but its allies. You have to also develop your products, and never stop dreaming."

They also consign products so if you want to sell your food there, they can accommodate.

Jeoff Solas of Comercio Central, Cooltura Hub, and Fitness Army

I've known Jeoff for a few years since I also cover hotels and restaurants in this blog. He's the head honcho of Think Smarter Marketing Agency and Cooltura Hub.

He shares "I do marketing, branding, press releases even during the lockdown. I have access to a barber shop, do drinks and have had to establish a provincial base here in Bulacan. Cooltura has been a project of mine when I was in the hotel industry, all of these things are just efforts that I put together. Inspired by "kwentong barbero", I came across friends who provided drinks. Initially, I came up with Cooltura Barbers. I have also worked in the tourism industry, but now I had to stay in one place and need to do it online. In order to thrive, I knew I had to know more people in my area, it gave me an opportunity to know people from Bulacan and in exchange give them opportunities, employment, and give the same services of salons and barber shops in Manila in our neck of the woods. If the physical venue of the businesses were challenging, I had to help bring it online. This is a safe space now for more people." His advice was "You always have to encourage yourself, establish a reputation, connect with people, develop new skills but still take care of ourselves. Be resourceful, utilize space, people will tell stories about you if they are happy and feel good about themselves and that has helped us thrive during these times."

Rui Mariano of The Fairygodbarbie House of Beauty

Proud Transpinay Rui owns and operates Fairy God Barbie Aesthetic Wellness and Spa. She says "It started when I won a pageant, sisters asked how they love my hair and skin was nice so while working in Amazing Philippine Theater, I started to put up my beauty and wellness and spa. Now it's on its 7th year, I wanted to help our trans sisters. I wanted it to feel like a home, to build friendships, and now it's a huge community. When the pandemic hit, we need to follow the protocols of the government to close down. It was then when I started selling beauty products together with my sisters, and now it has grown into a branch, basically has grown my business overnight." She shares her secret and says "Be dedicated, committed, know your purpose and your happiness. If you fail or listen to other people, you won't succeed. If your heart is good, the one above knows about it. If you fail plan B, there's a lot of letters left in the alphabet which you can use." which I think was smart. :)

They also held a Google My Business preso after the talk

Now is the time to support local businesses, so always be nice. If they make mistakes, give them time to recover. Spread positivity, celebrate pride, celebrate YOU. Celebrate with the causes they are fighting for, especially on the topic of equality. Support campaigns of the community. If you are an LGBT entrepreneur, be visible. There's a strong community that can support you, educate yourselves in the SOGIE bill, support the businesses and commit to pride. It's not just in pride month, but the whole year. It'll pay off in the long run, kindness is the key, your business will survive with your friends, regular customers, you can inspire people to be more inclusive.

This was definitely a good talk with very interesting people. Thank you Google Philippines for doing this not just for the community, but the public; to keep them informed about existing LGBT+ businesses and shared their successes to others who might go through the same challenges they have gone through. Thanks Google Philippines!


Order Medicine Online via MyPharma

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

These troubled times have made me realize how important it is to teach non techie family members how to communicate, navigate themselves and discern information on the internet. Aside from that, they also need to go to reputable sites if in case they decide to buy essentials and I've been doing this extensively in my household because #1 I'm the only one going out most of the time and #2 It would be easier to have it delivered to my home rather than driving to and from my house (and the hassle of going through all that traffic in Manila).

One of the nicest places to go to is MyPharma.ph wherein over the counter and essential medicines can be purchased all from the comforts of your home. No more long lines, no more unwanted travels, all your medicines can be delivered straight to your door. The company backed by Dygen Pharma which already has an established distribution arm in the country. Best of all, they also have Facebook and Instagram channels so you can simply turn to them in case you get into any difficulties ordering from the site. You may register via https://mypharma.ph/register and create an account, with  your information safe, it would be seamless to get your orders sourced, picked up and delivered to your home which means there's less human intervention, safer overall.

MyPharma also prides itself on delivering orders safely and on time. They also make sure the items are securely packed, with delivery details indicated on the site so you know when your orders will arrive. That's so convenient and really ideal for those who are prefer to be at the safety of their homes like us.

This would be so good for those with comorbidity and need maintenance medicine so you would have less exposure (like me).


The Green Efforts of Personal Collection

At this day and age, it is quite disheartening to know that the Philippines is one of the largest plastic polluters in the world. It's also a little uncomfortable telling you that it's World Ocean Day today (June 8). Personal Collection, one of the pioneers and biggest direct selling companies in the country wants to change that so they've launched A Green Life Is A Great Life movement which bolsters their commitment to environmental conservation by changing to 100 percent biodegradable packaging for their products. Pretty soon, they'll also explore on making the ingredients on their products all organic and natural.

What that means is that their packaging can decompose in a much faster rate than ordinary plastic bottles, which can contribute to biogas/sustainable energy. This is something that the company has given time for as part of their research and development efforts.

As Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc.’s Chairman Willie “Jun” Evangelista, Jr. puts it “We can work for our goals and care for the world we live in. It's a mark of a successful business. We can make the Green Life and Great Life possible for Filipinos. Now, all our dealers and partners have become ambassadors on environmental responsibility because the products they sell are sustainable and made of biodegradable materials. They are part of our efforts, and we'll have more campaigns in the next few months."

This is such a nice move from the people behind Personal Collection. I've always loved their Home and Men's products and thinking about how they've helped the environment through these efforts is laudable. This is good!


Get Discounts and Plant Trees on UNILEVER's Super Brand Day!

Monday, June 07, 2021

It's going to be the 163rd day of the year (164 if it's a leap year) but in the Philippines it's pretty special because we celebrate the country's Day of Freedom (Araw ng Kalayaan). As usual, we can't really go out and make festivities, but I always believe in doing a good deed which at this time and age would be much appropriate.

If you haven't had the chance to do so, well I've got special news from our friends at Unilever Philippines. If you shop this coming June 10-12, you can participate in their cause called LINIS PILIPINAS. You can get 50% OFF their products on Unilever's Super Brand Day. You also get to take care of the planet as they've partnered with Haribon Foundation who does numerous things on biodiversity conservation and proceeds will go to plant trees each time your purchase their products on these dates. 


Tons of sale happening, and it's going to be for a good cause!

You can also use the code LINISPILIPINAS so you can get Php 750 OFF their products or if you prefer, get 15% OFF with every Php 700 minimum spend on their store. Go check out their official store here https://shp.ee/q6f2khc. Now how's that for a celebration? Let's make the country greener. You'll also see a live update on how much trees planted on the app, go check it on those dates!https://shp.ee/q6f2khchttps://shp.ee/q6f2khc


BINI The Launch: BINI On The Runway

Friday, June 04, 2021

I think I have seen BINI perform before but this was a little glimpse of who they are on a more personal level. Blooms (as they call their fans) must be so happy to see their idols tell their personal stories and how they ended up in the girl group.  They're singers, dancers, but during this series, they delved into runway which I adore. Oh and if that's not enough, the one and only Francis Libiran is going to dress them up. He's quite known internationally, dressed Hollywood stars, even did America's Next Top Model for cryin out loud.

They're very pretty, some of them live outside Manila and you could see how dedicated they are judging from the BTS shown in the launch. Clad in PPE's, they got to the studios and were made up, met the designer and started to get to know them. The goal was to combine their talents, to have BINI wear athleisure, different materials, things that could further make them shine and stay comfortable while performing. Sure enough, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna and Sheena looked so nice in metallic, modern, futuristic clothes. Aside from that, they had a different set in modern Filipiniana. With butterfly sleeves in tow, it envibed a more powerful look, something that young Filipinas could wear and enjoy. 

This was still a runway show, but it felt a little different because they had their little dance numbers in between. BINI showcased their confidence, they indeed combined talent and Francis Libiran's work of art. Now what's up on June 11th? I think there's something more up their sleeves, a music video? New music? Perhaps... perhaps. 

I think they deserve it.


UNIONBANK Set to Construct Unionbank Innovation Campus in San Pedro, Laguna

Got off the Unionbank a little hopeful for our country. You see, the bank innovators just broke ground on this new initiative called the Unionbank Innovation Campus. Aside from their digital transformation a couple of years ago and the effective hackathons they hosted through the years,  their digital solutions continue to satisfy their customers needs. Putting this knowledge to a whole new generation of Filipinos is a must and they're putting their brains where their mouth is.

The Unionbank Innovation Campus will be constructed on a sprawling one hectare property in San Pedro, Laguna. They are banking on (sorry I had to say that line lol) their capabilities in research and development, plus their expertise in fields of data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital banking (EON) and their Asian Institute of Digital Transformation which they have partnered with Singapore based Global Learning Solutions.

UnionBank President and CEO Edwin Baustista says "This is our dream, our testament to invest in the future not just in the Philippines but the rest of Asia. This is our thrust in the Aboitiz group and is a major step to become a hub for technology in the region. We want to create the future of banking and it starts with this facility."

The campus will be completed around 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2022, so if you're looking forward to have the know how on everything that concerns these technologies, it'll be best to head down south. News like these just excites me, I hope they have online options (which I'm sure they will) because it's pretty far from my home in QC. I'd like to look at graduate studies if it's going to be part of their curriculum.



Have you had your jab? Yes, the one for COVID-19? If you answered yes, this news is for you.

I've loved going to TGI Fridays in BGC when I have events there but as you may know, we can't go out that much and just start meeting people these days. I'm a bit afraid, and I care more about my family so I don't want to risk the chance and do that. I've got to get jabbed first so I know that I have that extra layer of protection aside from my own health to fight the dreaded virus. 

I got to do that in Quezon City just this weekend and it was a little crazy to book an appointment. I was honestly looking for a specific brand but as medical experts say, the best one is the one on your arm. I'll get my second jab next month. With that, I feel a little confident going out and still follow safety protocols (of course!). Now for those of you who have been able to do the same, TGI Fridays is giving YOU a treat this whole month of JUNE. They aptly call it ARMWARD because YOU made a difference in making sure you and your loved ones are protected and have taken that needed vaccine. What you can get for FREE is one of the most popular items on their menu, the PEPPERONI CRISPS.

If you show the Vaccination Card and a Valid ID, you will get the Pepperoni Crisp Thin Crust Pizza with a minimum purchase of Php 1,000 single receipt purchase. It is valid for dine-in and take out in all TGI Fridays stores in the country. That's practically saving Php 545 which could go to other things you need to buy, or maybe order extra food in the same joint hehe.

Well that's all for now, go get em pizzas eh!


Redmi Note 10 5G Launched in the Philippines

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Xiaomi has marked a 280% growth this year and has been relentlessly working to make it available in the country. They've got 24 Mi Stores, 40 Mi Zones and thousands of point sales branches nationwide. The Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro has also been very successful after their launch a couple weeks ago. Today, they are doing the same with the Redmi Note 10 5G.

It's comfortable in the hand, has classic shiny design, light at 190 grams. It's got a 5000mAh battery, side fingerprint sensor, available in colors like Aurora Green, Graphite Gray and Nightimte Blue.It's got a 48MP camera that can snap good photos, slow motion video, has night mode (*for those low light moments) and has AI Camera 5.0. This also has a 6.5 inch FHD display with 90Hz refresh rate. It also matches what you need for video automatically. The reading mode also makes it easy for anyone to see text, thanks to its 360 degree light sensor which detects the light temperature and brightness. It's got a Mediatek Dimensity 700 processor, pretty powerful for mobile phone tasks. It's also 5G capable, and can accept dual sim on this band. The processor also makes it possible to have 20% higher performance and 40% more power efficiency, so you save power and use the device for a longer time.

You've got lots of things to look forward to in this phone. It's got a flagship 7nm processor, it can last you 2 days of usage. Still supports a 3.5mm headphone jack, NFC, IR blaster, UFS 2.2 Write Booster, a little better than its competitors. The Redmi Note 10 5G costs Php 9,990 (for the 4GB variant) and Php 11,490 (for the 8GB variety). This will also be offered on Smart 5G Smart Signature plans, so if you want to get one that can be paid on a limited cash out, it will be cheaper there. You also get a FREE LCD screen if you purchase one. Want one? Go check out their official site and Smart's postpaid and prepaid offers now. 

Oh and they also launched a new Mi Smart Air Fryer, and an additional Redmi Note 10S, you might want that too. :)