Get Protection All Day with Hygiene 24

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

It's so nice to know that there are a good number of products in the market that have been thought of quite well. The pandemic has taught us to be extra careful. Knowing that a single germ, bacteria or virus could spell us getting sick and cause us time, hard earned money, or even our lives, we owe it to our family to take precautions cleaning ourselves, and surfaces at home.

Products like Hygiene 24 make it possible to have an extra layer of protection aside from you doing the regular hand wash. They have hand sanitizers and waterless hand scrubs that would be able to not only thoroughly clean, but fight against harmful germs, provide all day protection, moisturize your skin and handy to carry around. It comes in different volumes like 60ml, 500ml bottles and 4-liter containers. 

This is the handy work of Hygiene Science. This is distributed in the country by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation. Available in leading drugstores and medical supply networks nationwide!


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