HOPE in times of Crisis

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Ever wondered why the Maginhawa Community Pantry has been so successful? It's because they do something that makes sense, don't cheat the farmers, and a lot of good, kind hearted people that choose to help each other in times of need. Although there are thousands of them lining up to fill up their pantries, the help didn't really run out and even the local government noticed, a really good thing.

That little brouhaha over red tagging (by some people that this pantry wanted to also help) was definitely an issue, but hopefully it's been cleared. I wish the support QC is giving the organizer (over security) is enough so that they could still help more people who need it. The good deed has also spread like wildfire in other parts of the country, and I'm so happy that happened. We need to still have HOPE that in some way, we all would get through this no matter how impossible it may look like today.

I've seen some private entities are also lending a hand. Like Pizza Hut who sent 10 whole sacks of rice to the Maginhawa Community Pantry, that's going to benefit a lot of people especially since Filipinos consider this as staple. I hope other organizations, corporations do the same. Aside from that, I hope those who line up only get what they need so that others would benefit from it too. (Although I don't know if this is from the corp or their employees, it still is important to help when you can.)

We can't lose hope even if we feel so burdened these days. There are good Samaritans out there that would still love to do it. We need to look for the opportunity to help in times of crisis, look for organizations that do and share what you can. 

We can.


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