Celebrities Use It: Beautéderm Launches Two New Products!

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Beautéderm Skin Ambassadors Sanya Lopez, Ruru Madrid, Ria Atayde and Jane Oineza

If you see celebrities, do you often wonder how they take care of their skin? Why does it look flawless in spite of the crazy hours of taping or making a movie, or the heavy make up that they have to wear when in a shoot? It all comes from taking care of something basic, their skin. Beautéderm has always been in the business of doing that and in the past few years, these celebrities have sworn on how effective it is. Aside from the current ones they are using, Beautéderm has worked hard in developing new products to cater to different types of skin and hair problems. Recently, they've launched the new La Voilette Anti-pollution Hair Sanitizer and Acne Loin.

The La Voilette Anti-Pollution Hair Sanitizer comes in two scents, Sunrise Mist and Twilight Fog. It's all natural ingredients create a potent formula that aims to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria. It also is better than using alcohol or sunscreen. This has SymUrban elements which are effective toxin neutralizers so you always feel fresh and clean. This also takes care of your hair strands, keeping it moisturized, lessen sun damage, and prevent hair fall. You can also pair it up with existing Beautéderm Detangle Hair Brush and Beauté L’ Cheveux hair oil too so you don't get your hair abused, and nourish it.

Beautéderm knows you've been wearing those masks for a long time now, and if you're a little too oily, you've probably developed pimples and acne where the mask covers it. Acne Loin is an antibacterial solution that can greatly help in reducing acne in these areas which would be good news for front liners and designated "alays' who are often out to purchase essentials.

Beautéderm President and CEO Ms. Rhea Anicoche-Tan says "It is a must to sanitize everything we hold, touch and wear every time we go out during this pandemic. When we go out for errands or simply buy from stores, we can't just go home and call it a day because we have to protect the people inside our homes. We need to shower and put our clothes in the washer, sanitize our hands and hair, including the masks we wear so we get our family and friends out of harms way!"

If you wish to know more information about these products, make sure to follow @beautédermcorporation on IG, FB or their YouTube channel as they lengthily discuss them there. I'm waiting for my own stash to use at home, we all need that!


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