SARAH GERONIMO and BILLY CRAWFORD Sing "Pusong Pinoy" for Jollibee

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

This 123rd year of celebrating independence couldn't come at an opportune time as the Philippines just like other countries across the world is experiencing the pandemic.

Jollibee knows how hard it is for you, me, and countless Filipinos around the world so they tapped world class performers Sarah Geronimo and Billy Crawford to perform and sing "PUSONG PINOY" to bring hope, instill resilience and encourage the spirit of "bayanihan" despite the hardships around the world, a mark of what it is to be Filipino. 

Mr. Francis Flores, Country Marketing Head of Jollibee Foods Corporation says "We want compassion to be highlighted in this video, albeit the tons of challenges that come our way, we make it a point to still be happy, full of joy, something that is instilled in our culture despite modern times. It's what's innate, we should be so proud about our "Pusong Pinoy"!"

Sarah says "For me, I think what "Pusong Pinoy" means is being there to help no matter who needs it. The Filipino trait of being of help for others, being strong, loving, big or small, Filipinos are always there to be of service for others." 

Billy adds "We remain humble, even in desperate times. Jollibee gives us joy through "Pusong Pinoy" and let us feel a love that's light and free. It's something that is innate, and priceless."

Check out the video here!

The joy of sharing your heart for others, priceless.

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