LUIS MANZANO for Santé's Sweet Via

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Philippines sweetest host Luis Manzano just became the face for Sante's Sweet Via. For those who don't know, Santé has been known to manufacture products made from pure Barley grass and has diversified in supplements like Vitamin C, healthy beverage and snacks, bath and intimate care products, oral cleaning and skin care products. People have been raving about the quality of their goods and SWEET VIA is a welcome addition to the roster of their health products.

Luis has been in the industry since his Mom and Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos introduced him on her show decades ago. Shining in his own right, he's noted for his good work in hosting several game shows, entertainment programs and his amiable knack for comedy. His personality outshines stars of his generation, he's very likeable and is the perfect man for the job when you talk about health too. He works out almost everyday and keeps it a point to eat right especially these days when food is just a button away. He knows the value of keeping his body in check and balances it with fun and activity. Luis says "I've got a sweet tooth and it proved nearly impossible at times to enjoy things at home that are sweet and healthy. Now I prepare my own drinks and make desserts with Sweet Via. I also use this because it's all natural, and contains Stevia which is a natural sweetener and Inulin which is a soluble type of fiber. This boosts the immune system and also takes care of my digestive health as it's got probiotics too."

I loved how Luis also talked about his own experiences and shared details of his lifestyle during the event hosted by FTsukie Gomez  on Zoom a few days ago. His attitude towards health and how to make working out a fun experience was awesome as he shared little moments of his life with us online. He also taught us how he incorporates Sweet Via in drinks and food he consumes, to ultimately, make it part of his healthy lifestyle. He did a lot of small jokes in between, but never forget to inspire us, that's why Santé believes in Luis in the first place.

Sweet Via by Santé is available in leading drug stores, groceries, supermarkets, and online via Lazada and Shopee. I have personally used this for my coffee and tea. It has made me enjoy the things I have been loving even before I had diabetes. It's also a nice to know I could have food prepared with this in lieu of sugar which means I'd have options to go and have a healthier alternative than table sugar. It's also low in calories which makes it perfect for those who are maintaining their weight and watching their calorie count. It doesn't hurt to try something this good.


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