Golden Haven Memorial Properties Sees Promising Growth

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Even though the outlook in the country is not as bullish as projected in previous years, the Philippines and its people still remain optimistic. With the advent of COVID-19 and its effects on our economy, the continuous testing, rollout of vaccination across different regions and hopefully lower numbers of cases in the coming months, should prove to be a good time to continue slowly opening up businesses in the country. The Asian Development Bank sees the Philippines as one of the most resilient economies in the region and with the wheels turning, investors should see growth in different industries including real estate.

Such is the case with investments with institutions like Golden Haven Memorial Parks. With very attractive terms and appreciation value, it would be something that would be good for OFW's, Millennials and business minded individuals as an investment package. With recent 20% per year increase in value, one would be wondering why others wouldn't choose their property that is present in over 30 locations around the country.

If you're an investor, they have lots, columbarium vaults, larger family estates and mausoleums which you can choose from. Combined with above standard customer service for postmortem needs, it looks promising for an investment, especially for any individual who would want to own properties or reach their goals.

As their COO Red Rosales puts it "We would like to encourage investors who would want to achieve Golden Haven's wish to have economic opportunities in the country."

/*Information: Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary of publicly listed Villar group. This is under Golden MV Holdings Inc. which is one of the largest real estate corporations in the Philippines.


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