JOHN LLOYD CRUZ, KPOP Group TREASURE Headline Shopee 6.6-7.7 Mid Year Sale!

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

It's a rainy afternoon and what else do we do but cover another event from our friends from Shopee. It's already June, so during this month, they start festivities by introducing a huge 6.6-7.7 Mid Year Shopping Sale. Of course we had the pleasure of talking to their Country Manager Martin Yun, and the man himself Willie Revillame.

Martin Yu says "Thank you for your unwavering support of 2021 and with exciting milestones and campaigns, we still want to give you more at Shopee. The best brands and prizes have been given away since our past campaigns (2.2, 3.3-4.4, 5.5) and now we are here at the 6.6-7.7 Mid Year Sale. Aside from that, we've got our PayDay Sale happening every 15th of the month. We want Pinoys to be as excited every payday sale the same way as our regular sales. We have been your partner too with ShopeePay wherein you can save money, pay for bills, send money with our partners. We also got SME's digitize their industries through the Tatak Pinoy trade fair for small Filipino businesses. The national food fair have also participated and we've all seen them grow. Shopee Bayanihan frontliner packages was also launched to thank our fronliners by discounting essentials during the pandemic. This time, we will have a supersized 6.6-7.7 Sale."

Willie Revillame says "This is about the TV commercial that we featured for Shopee 6.6 and 7.7 Mid Year. We'll have cash prizes and brand new cars including a BMW X3. We will also have a brand new house and lot plus a lot of cash from Shopee. We will also have Shopee Shake and Pera o Kahon portions with the country's brightest stars in the show. The commercial was really a tedious one because we had to explain to them that we needed to show what is happening to the country, how orders, free shipping and discounts help. We also have been helping a lot of people, even indeginous communities. We're so glad that the regional bosses said yes to the project. This is service to our people, wherever or whoever you are, Shopee will be there. The last thing I purchased in Shopee is a ton of slippers, which I use in my resort in Puerto Galera. Why did John Lloyd appear in photos earlier? Well let's just say I asked him to be in the 6.6 TV special on Sunday. You will see him there! Everybody is watching the show and it is open to everyone, this is what we want to happen. From all walks of life, they can Shopee Shake, win cash and cars, watch Jennylyn Mercado, Glaiza De Castro, and more this coming Sunday. There will be 30mins of AOS that we will take over, almost 2 hours of prizes and happiness which is what Shopee wants in this season. Shopee is part of Filipino life, a household name, if you want to buy something, it's in Shopee and I hope even in the pandemic, you see changes, you see help from the app, you don't need to go out and line up for things you can order online, plus a bonus to you with discounts and free shipping. This is an extension to what we are doing in Wowowin, Salamat Shopee, salamat sa inyong lahat!"

Oh and yes, KPOP boy group TREASURE will also be performing on the show (virtually of course) so there's really a lot to look forward to. Go watch this on Sunday on GMA, they'll be starting 30 minutes off All Out Sundays and the regular Wowowin timeslot. Make sure you're tuned in! 

Thank you for also giving us the pleasure of listening and seeing Barbie Almalbis during the Shopee event. Thank you! Oh I love her!


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